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How to fix blue screen 0x0000007f error?

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

Want to know why your system faces the blue screen 0x0000007f error due to which you are not getting direct access to the system and its files? Then you must read the guide below in the form of this article. This will help you diagnose the issue with all the possible solutions.

So move on to read ahead and know how to fix this 0x0000007f code of BSOD.

Part 1: What is the error code blue screen 0x0000007f?

Many of you Windows users may have faced this unique 0x0000007f error. Hence, I am sure you would agree that the blue screen 0x0000007f error in simple terms stops your Windows OS from working. Well, this is a grave issue and shouldn't be ignored.

Although we will discuss the reasons in detail in the section, here are some reasons that may cause this error. For example installed hardware which includes motherboard failure, RAM, or issues of the overclocking system. The error code 0x0000007f is related mostly to the installed hardware and is not a problem that is caused due to any software hiccup.

Here is a list of operating systems that are prone to the error code 0x0000007f.


Part 2: Cause of the error code blue screen 0x0000007f

As stated above, some problems or issues in the installed hardware is capable of causing the error code 0x0000007f. This can include motherboard failure, mismatched memory modules, a fault in RAM (Random Access Memory), and issues of the overclocking system.

1. RAM Module Failure

RAM is important as it is responsible for storing important data in the system. When RAM fails or is affected the error code of blue screen 0x0000007f occurs. This happens in Kernel Mode Trap. The solution for this is to change the RAM to the other slot of the motherboard. Put only one RAM and check for error at the time. If not try it in some other system. It the error code exists then it will be shown on the other system. Now run a diagnostics which is given by the manufactured company.

2. Mismatched Memory Modules

200, 266, 333, and 400 MHz are the normal speeds of the memory modules. A system has two memories one of the module 200 MHz and the other 400 MHz. The mismatch of this error can produce the stop code error. To solve this, install memory modules of the same speed and match instead of mixing it.

3. Faulty Motherboard

Failure on the motherboard's contents can result in the stop code error. For this, you should swap the motherboards and run diagnostics on it.

4. Overclocking of the system

When the speed of the system clock is increased to increase speeds, it leads to the error code. To solve these issues set the speed of the system to the normal speed.

Part 3: How to fix the error code blue screen 0x0000007f

Let's discuss some of the simple and easy to follow steps that can act as a great and effective solution for this error code of blue screen 0x0000007f.

Solution 1: Restart the computer or laptop:

Whenever you receive the error blue screen 0x0000007f you should reboot the computer. Sometimes, it may fix the problem automatically. So, try it once without hesitation.

Solution 2: Scan the virus.

The main cause that is responsible for producing the error code of blue screen 0x0000007f is viruses. Although antivirus software is installed to protect the system from antivirus, some viruses are capable of easily escaping the software if you have not gone through a full system scan.

When this kind of virus or malware affects the system you will find the presence of the error blue screen 0x0000007f code in your system. The solution or step that you need to follow to solve this issue is to do a full system scan. When you are done with the scanning you will get the details of the file that the virus has affected. Now the last step is to delete that particular file and to format the system.

Note: The main part here is that you should never fail to update the antivirus software with the latest updates.

Solution 3: Remove new applications which just installed.

In this case, if you added any new applications such as software or hardware(faulty), hard drive and applications should be removed at once and then reinstalled. But before, removing the application backup data and shut down it properly. Accidentally, you may lose the data so be cautious while removing the hard drive.


Solution 4: Find out the information registry

The need to repair the registry occurs only when the personal computer or laptop is mishandled or handled improperly. This results in more possibility of creating corrupted files when faced with the registry. When a user tends to update old software with a new one, he may fail to delete the old software before beginning the process of updating it which results in corrupted files. To prevent this registry issue, you should delete or uninstall the previous version of the software before installing the updated or new software. If you skip or fail to do this step then you might end up receiving the stop code because of the corrupted files in the registry. For solving this, you have to check the entries first. Then delete the corrupted files. Thus you can repair the registry using some Registry Repair tool.


Solution 5: Try to change the hard drives

There may be many cases such as corrupted hard drives or few may not be compatible with your system or hard drive might be outdated etc. So, have a look at each case and find out the real consequence.

Solution 6: Reinstallation of Windows might help you!

Some end-users use the operating system which is available in the unauthorized shop or from an unauthorized website. It won't be applicable in all circumstances. So, it is better to reinstall or change the package of Windows and get the Windows operating system from an authorized website only.


Solution 7: Ignoring the corrupted RAM

Bad RAM can also be a factor to cause the error code. Imagine you added new RAM to increase the performance of the system, there is a high possibility for it to result in stop code error 0x0000007f. To prevent this issue, you must remove the RAM and restart the system. However, before removing the RAM you should shut down the system. Then you are good to go.

Solution 8: Try to increase the space in hard drive.

You might also get the blue screen 0x0000007f due to low space on a disk. To overcome this, you can delete the files which are unwanted such as games, videos, and unwanted applications. Or else, the better solution is to increase the space in hard drive without hesitation. In the future, it will also help you to run in many circumstances.


By the way, you can also learn to fix the blue screen of death 0xc0000005 error.

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Part 4: How to recover data after Losing data in error code of blue screen 0x0000007f?

There are certain occasions where due to the blue screen 0x0000007f error code system faces data loss. Thus causing huge trouble for you and your important saved data/information. In this case, we have a solution called Wondershare's Recoverit tool. This software does a commendable job of recovering back the lost data due to any system failure issue such as blue screen 0x0000007f.

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    1. Download the recoverit software
    2. Once you are done with the downloading and installing process you will come across the main wizard. You have to go with system crash data recovery then you should begin to create the bootable media.


  1. This bootable media will be of great use. This plays a vital role in retrieving or recovering the data that were lost. You can go for this method when the windows fail in starting up. You should click on the "start" option.
  2. From here, you will be able to choose the bootable media to drive purely on your own decision. It should be of formats such as USB, DVD, or CD. Then tap on the "create" button. Then you are ready to go.
  3. After choosing the bootable media formats such as USB, DVD, or CD you will receive an alert message which you will find popping up in the window. To complete this process you should format the drive and this helps in getting the necessary data that you have stored in the drive.
  4. Now you simply should wait till the process gets completed. Wait for it and make sure not to interrupt it. If so then the process should be started all over again.
  5. Once you are finished in creating the bootable media follow these steps:


That's it, folks! We have listed out quite a few solutions which you can assist you to end the blue screen 0x0000007f error issue. Also, you can use recoverit software to get rid of the data loss issue that may have occurred due to the blue screen 0x0000007f. We assure you that all the information shared above is based on experience and user review. Therefore, use the methods step by step and get rid of the annoying 0x0000007f error.

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