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How to fix blue screen 0xc0000005?

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Aug 05, 2023 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

If your Windows system is facing the issue of blue screen 0xc0000005 and you are confused with the error message that appears on your system screen, don't worry. This article is made only to assist users like you. Read it completely to come out of this disturbing situation and have a normal working system back.

Part 1: What is the error code blue screen 0xc0000005?

The error code 0xc0000005 has always been one of the commonly encountered errors by users with the Windows system. It is caused by various issues and can be faced during any situation. We all know that personal computers and laptops are mainly used for storing data. The error code of Oxc0000005 affects the data of the personal computer and laptop in both a direct and indirect way. Hence it is really important to look into the error code of 0xc0000005 as soon as possible as it will be a threat to your data.

Let's discuss the causes of the error code of 0xc0000005 and various solutions to prevent the error 0xc0000005. We assure you that whenever you happen to face the error code blue screen 0xc0000005 this article will be a great helping hand for you and your loved ones.

Part 2: Cause of the error code blue screen 0xc0000005?

The error code of blue screen 0xc0000005 is mainly caused when the user tries to run or install a program that is not supported or assigned to the location that he is trying. When the error is caused or occurs on your personal computer and laptop you will receive any one of these following messages from the system;

Some of the other reasons due to which the error code 0xc0000005 can be caused are faulty RAM, virus infection, registry issue, DEP function, incorrect system security system, corrupted drivers, etc. Most of the time, the cause and issue of the error code are unpredictable and is difficult to find out. The error code of blue screen 0xc0000005 seems to be difficult and complex but the steps and solutions to solve this error code are easy to follow.

Part 3: How to fix the error code blue screen 0xc0000005?

In this section, you will learn a few solutions to fix the stop code. We have a few techniques to sort out the problem within a few minutes. Let's go through them one by one with a detailed explanation. Each solution may differ in ways and techniques but will certainly help you in many ways. So, feel free to do the below process as discussed.

Solution 1: Scan the virus continuously

In many cases, the viruses or malware will be the main cause behind the stop code and some antivirus software may not be adaptable to the operating system. We cannot blame the performance of antivirus too. Probably, some serious virus will affect the whole program system in the personal computer. If your laptop or personal computer is affected by the virus then you might get the error code abruptly. It simply stops you from working on the computer. You may take it as a sign of virus or malware.

To stop the virus activities, you should run the scan completely. After the scan is complete if the viruses still exist then you will get an intimation of the files which were affected by the virus. Without any hesitation, delete them and format your computer. If you were using an antivirus make sure you update it whenever required.

Fix the error code blue screen 0xc0000005

Solution 2: Find out the registry information. You may need to repair it under the concern of stop code error:

Repairing the registry means that there is a situation of poor handling of the laptop or personal computer. This might result in corrupted files under the registry and is called a single point failure.

Let us discuss with a detailed example to understand the concept of repairing the registry.

If you want to install the new update over the old one and you might have failed to delete the previous one, then it's an issue. This is so as you could get the corrupted files in the registry. To get out of this problem, you should uninstall the previous software or delete it. If you fail to, then you are bound to get the stop code once if the registry gets the corrupted files.

How to repair registry files?

At first, you have to cross-check all the entries without any interruption. If you find anything invalid or corrupt then delete such entries. However, if you are new to repair the registry then follow the guidelines given above.

Repair registry files to fix the error code blue screen 0xc0000005

You can download the tool from https://ssl-download.cnet.com/Registry-Repair/3000-2086_4-10372101.html. Thereafter, install the tool and choose to scan the system that will check and repair if any registry issue is found out.

Solution 3: Do not fix corrupted RAM by yourself!

Many users have complained that the bad memory of RAM is the actual cause of error code. If you try to add a new RAM to increase the performance, (but somehow it got corrupted) then you might get the error of stop code. So, just remove the RAM and restart the personal computer or laptop. Once done, check whether you are still getting the message of stop code or not.

Fix the error code blue screen 0xc0000005-solution 3

Note: Once you decide to take the RAM out of the laptop or personal computer, shut down the computer and only then remove the RAM.

However, if you still get the error code then you have to follow the below solutions.

Solution 4: Check Proxies

In some cases, if you just check the proxies and you can easily find the way to get rid of blue screen 0xc0000005. Here is how you can enable and disable the proxies.

To start with, from the startup menu> go for Internet options> there click on connection tab> visit LAN settings> then you can make changes in the proxy server.

Check Proxies to fix the error code blue screen 0xc0000005

By the way, you can also learn more solutions to fix the blue screen of death error.

Video Tutorial on How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Error in Windows?

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Part 4: How to recover data if you lost data after the blue screen 0xc0000005?

A very important question for everyone must be what to do in case you suffer data loss due to error code blue screen 0xc0000005. We agree that may end up losing your valuable time looking for the solution. Hence to save time and resolve the stop code issue without losing any data, you must choose the best software in the market. One such software that we would like to recommend is "recoverit" from Wondershare. This software is specifically designed for all computer data loss related problems and you are sure to get the desired result within a few minutes.

Simply download and see the magic of recoverit. We are sure that you will admire the software. So, shall we begin to understand the steps to get back the data which is lost unfortunately by blue screen 0xc0000005?

file recovery

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    1. The very start is to download the recoverit software and install it on your computer.
    2. Once you have completed the above step, you will see the main window. You should choose the system crash data recovery and start to create the bootable media.

recover data from the error code blue screen 0xc0000005

    1. The bootable media as shown below will help you to retrieve the lost data. You can create bootable media when the Windows fails to start up. In that case, you can create bootable media. Tap on the start button.
    2. Here, you can choose the bootable media drive as you wish either a CD/DVD or USB. Now move on to select the create button.

choose bootable media drive for recovering data from the error code blue screen 0xc0000005

    1. Whether you choose the CD/DVD or USB and an alert message will be displayed in the type of pop up window. For this process, you will have to format the drive and take up the important data if you have in the drive.

formar drive for recovering data from recover data from the error code blue screen 0xc0000005

  1. Thereafter, allow the process to complete and do not interrupt in the middle. If you end up interrupting then you will have to start the process from starting.
  2. Once the bootable media created either in CD/DVD or USB then it will ask you to follow the guidelines such as:

1) You have to adjust the settings of BIOS to start up the CD/DVD or USB. Restart the laptop or personal computer and then select the BIOS key.

2) If you use the CD/DVD then insert it into a laptop or computer. The next choice will be USB and do the same.

3) Finally, you simply have to restart the laptop or computer.


So to conclude, we have analyzed the ways and techniques to find out the causes of blue screen 0xc0000005 and also how to handle lost data scenarios using recoverit. If you still think that you need to technologically sound to follow the steps, then you are wrong. All the guidelines listed for each process in the article are simple and easy to follow. Just make sure that you do not skip any step in between. Follow it to the tee. Thus, going ahead there is no need for you to spend your valuable time searching for solutions to stop code 0xc0000005. Isn't it?

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