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What is a STOP Code of a Computer?

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: Knowledge Center • Proven solutions

If you are wondering what STOP code is, how it affects your computer system, how does it look like, then keep reading. All such kind of questions will be answered in this article. This article has been prepared so you can understand and take precautionary measures well in advance to avoid any such Stop Code error. Once you go in depth you will learn about STOP Code, its appearance to recognize it and some resolutions if your system gets encountered with the blue screen stop code error.

So, sit back and keep your focus on this article to learn what STOP code error is?

Part 1: Introduction of STOP Code

STOP code is also known as the blue screen of death (in short BSOD). It is a critical situation when the operating system completely freezes due to a severe hardware or software error. A blue screen will be displayed with several codes on it; this is known as the STOP code. This code can be in turn analyzed to sort out the actual cause of this massive error. STOP codes are quite complex situations as it might take several hours to fix them and get your computer back to its normal state. So, in this article, we will talk about everything you need to know if you ever encounter this problem on your computer.

If you dwell deep into the issue, you will realize that there are many occasions that result in STOP code error. For instance, Software/ Hardware installation error, disk driver corruption, Hardware incompatibility or system error, BIOS error, Windows software or drivers are not up-to-date.

All this and many more such issues result in STOP code error that either hinders access to the system or cause sudden system shutdown/crash.

Part 2: What Do STOP Codes Look Like?

STOP code will usually appear on the Blue screen of death once your system has completely crashed. They are usually formed in the hexadecimal format and will always begin with “0x”. For example, if your computer has crashed due to a driver issue then, you will be shown a STOP code of “0x0000007B”. This, in turn, will signify that it is a driver issue that is crashing your computer. You can also write the STOP codes in short type notation. This is done by removing all the zeros after the “x”. For example, 0x0000007B STOP code can also be written as “0x7B”.

What do blue screen error stop codes look like

Part 4: What Do I Do With a Bug Check Code? How to Find STOP Codes?

A computer can display many types of error messages and each one of them is unique and has a specific meaning. Similarly, blue screen STOP Code has its own specific meaning and significance which can be used to detect the error that is triggering the issue. If you have a Bug Check report it means that there is a serious issue with your device hardware that needs immediate attention.

You can find a complete list of STOP codes on the web and also what they signify. You can use this information to sort out the main reason behind your error and fix it.

Some of the commonly encountered STOP codes are:

Actually, the list goes on, so you can take the help of Microsoft website to search and find STOP Codes.

You can click on the link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/debugger/bug-check-code-reference2

Also, to identify Stop Code in system BlueScreen, you can take the help of this image

identify blue screen error stop code

In the screenshot above, the marked part reflects the Stop Code error. This way you can identify a particular error. Post identification of the error, to know more about that error code you can visit the Microsoft website link.

Now, there are many situations where the user fails to note down the STOP code that caused the error in his case. All computers are configured to restart immediately when they hit the blue screen so, if the user isn’t fast enough then he might miss the code. In that case, there are certain methods that might help you to get back the code that caused the problem. Some of them are:

  1. When your Windows will restart from the error, it will show that it has recovered from a major flaw and will show you a bug report. This report might contain the STOP code that caused the error for you.
  2. You can also find the blue screen STOP Code from “Event Viewer” that will be available under the administrative tools. Once you have reached that window, search for the events that happened at the same time when your computer crashed. There is a high possibility that the STOP code has been stored in that tab.

How to fix the Blue Screen Error

So, let us discuss some possible fixes that might help you to fix your crashed system. You need to remember that the process might be quite lengthy depending on the STOP code that crashed your computer. Here are some quick remedies to get rid of the STOP code errors:

To do this, visit the Control Panel > the Programs >Programs and Features

You will see a list of installed applications, there you can see which one is new or old, and thereby you can uninstall the one recently changed/installed/updated.

uninstall application to fix blue screen error

using system clean manager to fix blue screen error

overclock BIOS result in blue screen error

Here is what you need to do:

These were the most common yet the most efficient ways to fix blue screen STOP Code. Now, let us move on to the last part of this article. By the way, you can learn how to fix stop code 0xc0000001

Thus, in this article, we have discussed everything about STOP codes, what they are, when can you encounter them and also how to fix a computer that has hit blue screen STOP Code. So we hope that you now you have ample information about STOP codes and you can handle them effectively with the methods above. Do share your thoughts if you encountered a STOP code error and how you handled it.

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