Acronis Cyber Protect Review and the Best Alternative for QNAP NAS

Acronis Cyber Protect is a trusted third-party utility for backing up a variety of data to a QNAP NAS.

a review on acronis cyber protect

Data, in any form, has always been the biggest asset of businesses around the globe. But it often becomes a severe challenge when it comes to protecting the data. Virus attacks, hardware issues, accidental deletion, and formatting have put thousands of businesses in trouble by putting their data at risk.

Are you afraid of losing yours? On the hunt for a reliable backup and recovery third-party program? Acronis QNAP Cyber Protect should be your number 1 choice. QNAP Acronis backup ensures to protect your data from unwanted circumstances. If this tool does not work well for you, this article presents the best alternative too, namely Wondershare Recoverit.

Part 1. Acronis Cyber Protect Overview

It does not matter if you want to back up the entire computer, partitions, disks, or folders; Acronis QNAP Cyber Protect should be your ideal choice. In addition, this software also enables you to back up calendars, contacts, videos, and images from your mobile phones. Since billions of people worldwide use mobile devices, QNAP Acronis backup can be a helping hand for all of them.

Acronis offers profound support for differential, incremental, or full image backups, and this tool is highly compatible with QNAP NAS. Creating backups of the entire PC and building up a rescue media with this utility is a good approach, which can help you recover your data if your system suddenly becomes unbootable. A few more details associated with Acronis Cyber Protect are presented below.

Developed By Acronis International GmbH
Latest Version Acronis Cyber Protect 15
Latest Release Nov 16, 2022
Supported OS Windows 8/8.1/10/11 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Linux Kernel (2.6.9 to 5.14), glibc 2.3.4
macOS 10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12 to macOS Monterey 12
Mobile: Android 7.0 and later, iOS 12.0 and later
System Requirements For Windows
●   Disk space: 850 MB
●   Minimum memory: 150 MB
For Mac
●   Disk space: 500 MB
●   Minimum memory: 150 MB
For Linux
●   Disk space: 2 GB
●   Minimum memory: 130 MB
Customer Support Highly responsive on live chat, social media, and submission form
Price $85.00 per year (Standard) and $129 (Advanced)

Part 2. Acronis Cyber Protect Key Features

Regardless of the nature of a program; it is always identified by the features it offers. The more amazing the features are, the better the software will be. It does not matter how effectively a company runs its marketing campaign; it cannot survive in the long run if the features introduced are not worthy enough to add some value to the users’ lives. Let’s look at the top features Acronis QNAP offers.

  • Eliminates loopholes in your defense approaches to protect your data
  • Identifies issues and fixes them efficiently
  • Avoids costly downtime greatly
  • Prevents ransomware virus attacks from occurring with MI-based latest protection technology
  • Single console of Acronis Cyber Protect helps you manage all aspects of protection
  • Eliminates compatibility and performance problems
  • Saves your time for managing different tools
  • Cuts unwanted administrative time, and unnecessary expenditure
  • Features 100% secure and easy protection against cyber threats
  • Offers safe data recovery
  • Gathers detailed information of the stored files or data and offers auto-classification for tracking their protection status

Part 3. How to Use Acronis Cyber Protect?

Back up your personal computer to a QNAP NAS by following the super simple steps below.

Step 1: Download Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office from its official website and install it on your system.

Step 2: Now, launch this tool and hit the “Add backup” button. You’ll find it at the bottom of the screen, as shown below.

create data backup

Pressing this button will help you choose particular folders, files, partitions, or disks to create their backups.

select the right files to backup

Step 3: It is time to choose the right destination. For this, tap on the “Select destination” option.

select appropriate destination

Step 4: Now, hit “Browse” to proceed.

browse the right destination to create a backup

Step 5: Provide NAS IP to locate your NAS or tap on the “+” sign.

Step 6: To view the shared folder, click on the “+” sign. You will find it next to your NAS.

Step 7: Choose a specific folder you want to use as your destination for backup creation. Once done, tap on “OK.”

choose a folder as a backup destination

Step 8: The new window will ask you to provide your NAS credentials. As soon as you provide it, hit the “Connect” button. Tapping on the “Test connection” button will help you ensure you have entered the correct credentials.

login to your nas account

Step 9: Navigate to “Options” for the settings configuration, e.g., notifications, backup schedules, backup scheme, etc.

backup settings configuration

Step 10: It is time to hit the “Back up now” button to initiate the backup process.

initiate the backup process

Once the files are backed up, you can recover them from the “Recovery” tab. In case of multiple backups, you can select the desired one from the dropdown menu.

recover backed-up data

Though the steps are 11, they are pretty simple and convenient to follow.

Part 4. Alternative to Acronis Cyber Protect Backup

Apart from Acronis Cyber Protect Backup, UBackit NAS Backup tool can also backup your disk to a QNAP NAS. You can choose to backup the files to another local disk, external disk, or NAS server. All kinds of files are supported to backup with Wondershare UBackit, such as email, video, image, word document, excel files, etc. And this program offers backup schedule that enables you to set automatic backup.

Simple steps to backup files to QNAP NAS

Step 1. Go to Backup section from the sidebar, and select File Backup that enables you to backup specific file to NAS server.

file backup

Step 2. Select the files you want to backup to the NAS server.

select files to backup

Step 3. Select the NAS Server as the backup destination and click Select to get the backup process started.

recover backed-up data

Step 4. Wait a few seconds or minutes to let the process complete. Then you can find the backup files in the target NAS server successfully.

complete backup

Part 5. Acronis Cyber Protect Performance and Efficiency

This tool makes it easy for every single user to manage multiple tools at the same time to ensure great cyber protection with one console. The best thing about Acronis True Image QNAP is that it highlights and fixes data-related problems in no time and prevents your machines from facing costly downtimes.

Acronis Cyber Protect has been serving more than 5 lac businesses across the world. At the same time, it is equally beneficial for individual users to create backups and recover data if the system is unbootable. This is why over 5 million individuals trust this utility. This tool is ideal for remote work environments and mobile devices.

Talking about efficiency, QNAP Acronis backup software eliminates unnecessary costs and cuts extra administrative time, making protection management seamless. Another appealing characteristic of this utility is quick recovery. The recovery time is as low as 15 seconds only. When recovering files, folders, or other similar data from a storage device, this program installs suitable drivers for the hardware equipment, thereby reducing the recovery time greatly.

The efficiency of this third-party tool is not only limited to creating secure data backups and performing safe recovery, but it also offers a convenient way to get the whole job done. Hence, your data backup and recovery becomes fast, smooth, and 100% safe.

Part 6. Acronis Cyber Protect Price and Plan

Acronis have kept the buying process pretty simple and easy, unlike its many competitors. It has made only three plans - Free, Standard, and Advanced - for the different needs of users. Let’s look at the pricing and features added to each plan.

Feature Description
Free $0.00 A 30-day backup and recovery trial with limited features
Acronis Cyber Protect Standard $85.00 Cyber protection, backup, and recovery for small and medium-sized environments
Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced $129.00 Advanced data protection, cybersecurity, backup creation, and recovery for big IT environments

Price becomes a primary concern for many people worldwide. This is why they focus on choosing a budget-friendly tool to proceed with. As far as the pricing plans of Acronis QNAP are concerned, they are costly compared to many of its close competitors. This is where it lacks behind.

Let’s talk about Wondershare Recoverit - the best alternative to Acronis Cyber Protect. Three different plans for this recovery tool are available. You can buy the essential program for 1 computer for $69.99 per year, whereas the standard version with the computer crash recovery feature is available at $79.99 per year. If you talk about the premium version of Recoverit, it costs you $99.99 for 2 PCs for the whole year.

Comparing the pricing policy of both Wondershare Recoverit and Acronis Cyber Protect, you will clearly see that the second tool is more expensive than the first one.

Part 7. Acronis Cyber Protect User Reviews

Customer reviews always play a key role when it comes to determining the real credibility of a third-party utility. The user feedback says it all transparently. People using a specific tool share their personal experiences to let others know about how that program has responded to them.

The same is the case with Acronis True Image QNAP. Make sure you go through the customer reviews of this backup and recovery tool before you buy it for yourself or your company. When exploring the experiences of previous users, you will see mixed reviews.

Though many people are super satisfied with what QNAP Acronis backup tool provides them with, some users do not seem happy with its functions. This may be confusing for you if you have never used any similar tool before. Let’s have a look at a few user reviews.

A user review on G2 “It is the best recovery solution for larger enterprises. This software offers backup and provides the Al-based malware protection units. The best thing about Acronis is that it enhances productivity by decreasing the TCO rate. You will get one license, one management, and one agent with Acronis software.”
A user feedback on TrustRadius “Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud allows us to deliver an all-in-one solution to the SMB marketplace, focused on preventing bad things from happening. Even if they do, the offsite and offline backups help us get our customers back online quickly and with minimal disruption, making a security incident an inconvenience or annoyance, not a catastrophe! Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is great to work with, the agents don't impact user performance, support is excellent, all in all a great experience, and would highly recommend it to other MSPs and MSSPs looking for a best-in-class solution to support their clients.”
A user review on Gartner “We were extremely impressed with the feature set and looked for Acronis Advanced Cyber Protect to be an all-in-one solution. Having used the product for the better part of a year, we find it does some things extremely well, but there are some fundamental problems which have negatively impacted our experience.”
A user feedback on Capterra “Together with the Hyper-V agent you always need some further "local" agents for Exchange or SQL. With this agent installed the VM shows up twice (one from the local agent and one from Hyper-V agent). This confuses the user and it gets worse when it comes to agent updates - there the one machine can show the actual version where the other remains on the previous build.”

Part 8. Acronis Cyber Protect Pros and Cons

Just like many other backup and recovery utilities, Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office comes with a number of advantages equipped with a few cons, as listed below.


User-friendly and attractive user interface

You can create both cloud and local backups

Features file synching

More backup options than many other competitors

Protects your data against malicious URLs and ransomware

Offers support for full disk backup creation and restoration

You can use this software for 30 days without even providing your payment information

100% detection rate, and high performance with 0% false positives

24/7 customer support services

7-day money-back guarantee


Some users claim that disk-cloning feature does not produce fruitful results

Middling malware blocking and phishing results are not satisfactory

When uploading data, the program gets a bit slow

Part 9. Best Acronis Cyber Protect Alternative - Wondershare Recoverit

Have you given Acronis QNAP a try? Unable to get the outcomes you are actually looking for? On the hunt for a more robust and user-friendly program to perform safe data backup and recovery? Make sure you select Wondershare Recoverit. It is a spectacular utility to get your lost or deleted folders, files, partitions, and other data back.

Why Try Wondershare Recoverit?

There is a long list of reasons why you should try using this program and why more than 50 million people worldwide trust this software. A few of the amazing facts associated with this third-party data recovery tool are as follows.

  • 500+ recovery scenarios
  • Data recovery rate of 95%
  • Fast, secure, and precise recovery
  • Easy-to-use interface that appeals to every user
  • More than 1000 file formats are supported
  • Supports over 2000 storage media
  • Award-winning software a number of times
  • 35+ patents
  • Available in 15 different languages

Apart from the above-listed features, Recoverit is available in more than 160 countries around the globe. Furthermore, customer support is truly awesome and remains available 24/7 for all users. In addition, the integration of the advanced recovery feature has enhanced the reputation of Wondershare Recoverit to a great extent. Keeping these fascinating features in mind, millions of people are big fans of this tool. Be the next one.

How to Use Recoverit to Recover Lost Data from the NAS Server?

All you need to do to recover your data with Recoverit is to follow the 3 steps presented below.

Free Download

For Windows Vista/7/8/10/11

Free Download

For macOS X 10.10 or later

Step 1: Download this utility on your system and install it right away. Done? Open the software and click on “NAS and Linux.” Then, press “NAS Recovery.”

nas recovery with recoverit

Step 2: Now, the tool will search for the detectable NAS devices. As soon as this search gets completed, you will see the available devices under the “NAS Servers” option.

search for nas detectable devices

It is time to select the device that contains the lost or deleted data.

choose a device with the deleted data

Now, establish a remote connection by providing the information asked on your screen. Then, press “Connect.”

connect the nas device remotely

After creating the remote connection, Recoverit will start searching for the data to be recovered. You can look at the bottom of the screen to monitor the scanning progress (4% in this case).

scan lost data with recoverit

Step 3: The best part of using Recoverit is that if you have found the file you want to restore and the scanning is still in process, you can stop it immediately. Now, the program will enable you to preview the file before you get it back. It saves you a decent amount of time.

preview before you recover

Browse for the appropriate path and save your recovered data from the NAS server. Don’t forget to ensure the path you have chosen this time is different from the previous one where you lost your stuff. It is a must-remember.

choose the right path to save restored files

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Files from NAS Server?

Free Download

For Windows Vista/7/8/10/11

Free Download

For macOS X 10.10 or later

Comparison of Acronis Cyber Protect and Wondershare Recoverit

Both tools - Acronis Cyber Protect and Wondershare Recoverit - are good for data backup and recovery. But certain features set them apart. First of all, Recoverit offers support for more storage devices and file formats than QNAP Acronis backup software. Another important thing that adds more value to the credibility of Recoverit is the number of registered patents, as presented in the table below.

Similarly, the availability of Recoverit is more diverse compared to Acronis True Image QNAP. Apart from that, the active users of Recoverit are ten times the Acronis QNAP. Moreover, the data recovery rate of Wondershare Recoverit is the highest in the market, whereas Acronis data is not available in this regard.

One more thing that creates a solid impact is customer reviews. For Recoverit, almost all reviews are positive, whereas the feedback available on Acronis Cyber Protect is mixed. The customer support for both tools is simply superb and responsive. When it comes to supporting different languages and cost-efficiency, Acronis QNAP wins the battle. Look at the table below for a detailed comparison between both programs.

Acronis Cyber Protect
Wondershare Recoverit
Developed By Acronis Wondershare
Latest Release Acronis Cyber Protect 15 (Nov 16, 2022) 10.5.0 (Dec 14, 2022)
Supported OS Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, NAS Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS
Supported Storage Devices USB, SSD, HDD, Memory Card, Cloud, FTP Server, SMB Share, Thunderbolt, and a few others 2000+
Supported File Formats Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS 1000+
Supported Languages 26 15
User-Friendly Interface
Safe Recovery
Efficient Recovery
Regular Updates
Support for Mobile Devices
Computer Crash Recovery
Registered Patents 28 (Overall by Acronis) 35+
Data Recovery Rate No Data Available 95%
Available in Countries 150 160+
Free Trial Available Available
Active Users 5+ Million (Individuals), 500,000 (businesses) 50+ Million
User Reviews Mixed Mostly Positive
Award Winning Utility Yes Yes
Price $85 per year (standard)
$129 per year (premium)
$69.99 per year (unlimited for 1 PC)
$79.99 per year (unlimited for 1 PC for crash computer recovery)
$99.99 per year (recovery and repair for 2 PCs)
Customer Support Highly Responsive Truly Amazing
Money-Back Guarantee 7 Days 7 Days

Part 10: Acronis Cyber Protect FAQs

Well, it offers two reporting types, i.e., service usage reporting and dashboard reporting. The first reporting type provides users with the actual data usage for all services. On the other hand, customer service activities are tracked by the dashboard and widgets reporting.

If it is done due to the connection error, the agent will help you resume the back. But if the backup fails due to reboot or system error, it will be resumed from where it faced the interruption.

If you are working with modern servers, it will consume up to 500 MBs of your system’s RAM, whereas CPU consumption will only be 3% to 4%.

It is better to free up at least 15% of the disk space to back up your data efficiently.

Acronis QNAP backup and recovery software is available in 150 countries and customer support remains active 24/7 for all the regions.

Final Verdict: Is Acronis Cyber Protect Worth It?

QNAP Acronis backup tool (formerly known as Acronis True Image QNAP) is a good data backup and recovery utility. It supports a variety of storage devices, like USB, HDD, SSD, memory card, etc. One thing that users don’t appreciate about this software is that it is costly compared to its potential competitors.

Wondershare Recoverit - the best alternative to Acronis QNAP - is a budget-friendly data recovery software that features the highest recovery rate in today’s market. Unmatched features, competitive price, high performance, and quick scan supported by a money-back guarantee assist in gaining customers' trust. This is why Recoverit happily announces its family of more than 50 million happy and satisfied, active users.

Free Download

For Windows Vista/7/8/10/11

Free Download

For macOS X 10.10 or later

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