How to Recover Gmail Account

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Gmail is a brand line of Google company, which has been a trust-worthy and popular mail-site for users to perform their tasks. If you know how to make use of a Gmail account, it will definitely bring a lot of benefits. A Gmail account can somehow be lost due to the users' carelessness, or getting access to an email account would be quite complex in some certain cases. According to a recent survey, the most frequent faced by customers while using Gmail is the recovery of the mails.

If you encounter some of the reasons such as forget your username or password, it will be a hard task to log into your account. In this article, we shall offer you a informative description on how to recover Gmail account.

Part 1: How to Recover Gmail Account

Follow the next simple steps to recover Gmail account:

1. Associated phone number or alternative email address

2. How to Recover Gmail Account and Username

  1. Visit the link to get access to the Google Support Team:
  2. In the list showing common troubles, choose the "I forgot my username" option to confirm the one you have to handle.
  3. recover gmail

  4. After that, you will be presented to a new screen. Choose the "Yes" option in the question.
  5. recover gmail account

  6. When you have finished your previous step, a long text will be on the screen, guide you carefully with details on how to recover Gmail account.

Part 2: How to keep your Gmail account safely

recover google mail account

Make sure that you always have a copy of Gamil account and password, written down in your notebook or stored in your mobile phone. On every email page, there is a help centre which offers detailed instruction. You should try looking at it first to see if it's useful or not. Bear in mind to keep your security information up to date. All the personal information like phone number or alternative email address should always be active so that you can be contacted easily. On the Internet, there is a lot of help. Typing your problem and ask for the Internet users to help is also a great idea.

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