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5 Comprehensive Solutions for Data Recovery Online Free

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

No one likes to deal with data loss and oftentimes when data is truly lost recovery can be difficult and expensive. There are some solutions however that are free that can help you to recover your data and get back to work. Here are a few solutions for online data recovery software that is truly free and easy to use.

Part 1. Is Data Recovery Online Free Possible?

We have all seen advertisements that boast "online data recovery software free," or "recover deleted files online free." Just because we have seen these advertisements does not necessarily mean that they are true. In some cases these software programs and targeted ads make it seem like you are going to be able to recover every single file you have ever lost for free when in fact, they get you to the last step of the process and ask for payment. It is possible however to find quality programs online that do allow you to recover your data for free.

The key is finding a solution that is viable and that does have reviews and other data to back up any claims that are being made. For those that have cloud-based backup storage, this is not even going to be an issue as these forms of data backup are free and do genuinely work. When looking for an online data recovery tool you want to look for real customer reviews, a step by step explanation of the process, and a website that does not ask for payment.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Files Online Free

There are a few different options when it comes to the recovery of files online without payment. Knowing what programs are out there and what programs are possible for use can help you determine what is going to work best for you.

1. Google Drive Data Recovery Online-

Your Google Drive is a great place to store data but from time to time you may find that you have deleted a file and want it back. You may notice that a file you were using was deleted, you may be missing certain files, or you may need to restore files that were moved out use. There are three easy steps to restore your files from your Google Drive Trash.


Step 1: Go to drive.google.com/drive/trash

Step 2: Right-click on the file that you deleted, these files are going to be located in the trash can and when you do right-click on it, a drop-down menu should appear.

Step 3: on the drop-down menu select "restore". After you select restore, the file should then be moved back into normal use.

If these steps do not work or you have deleted your Google Drive account, you can contact customer support and they may be able to help recover your data and get your files back on your computer for your use.

2. DropBox Data Recovery Online-

With a service like DropBox, recovering deleted files or lost data is not all that difficult as most files are not going to delete completely per se, but rather are going to become hidden. Since DropBox is mostly online and the files are stored online, they are not going to be completely deleted. Here are a few ways to recover lost data on DropBox.

Step 1: you first need to click on the trash icon.

Step 2: Then, select the deleted file you want to recover, they are going to be in grey.

Step 3: You will then need to select the restore button.


As with Google Drive, if you have files that were deleted long enough ago that they are no longer in your trash or that they are harder to access, you may be able to contact customer support to find out where those files are and to see if they are recoverable at all.

3. OneDrive Data Recovery Online-

for those that use OneDrive, the Microsoft online storage option, it is important to note that lost files are not the be all end all for this online drive. OneDrive is online based so these files are going to be rerouted and hidden rather than fully deleted.

Step 1: the first step is to go to the OneDrive website through your Microsoft account.

Step 2: you then need to go to the recycle bin

recover from OneDrive

Step 3: Next, you should select the files that you want to restore

onedrive recycle-bin

or select the personal vault option so that you can see all the items that have been moved to the vault so that you can restore from there as well.

onedrive file recovery from recycle bin

For those files that have been lost due to the corruption of the computer or that have been deleted long ago than 30 days, you may need to contact customer support to see if there is an option when it comes to restoring those files.

4. Tips for Data Recovery Online-

When it comes to data recovery there are always going to be a thousand different options and opinions on how to best recover that data and what might have caused it to be lost, to begin with. Your data is precious and there are a million reasons that you might lose data. Some of the most common causes of data loss are accidental deletion or corruption of the computer or the file as a result of a virus or other outside factors.

No matter what caused the deletion or the loss of your data, you are likely going to want some sort of recovery so that you can get your data back to a usable state. With problems like accidental deletion, the process of getting your data back is far simpler than if the data is corrupted or the computer has a virus of some sort. Each online drive or online data storage solution is, of course, going to have a recovery process that is a little bit different than one another but all are rather simple.

In terms of what data can be recovered, most data can be recovered to a certain extent. One of the biggest issues that you come up against data recovery is the corruption or the changing of the file after it has been restored. Data files like word documents, emails, and other files that contain words and data may be changed around a bit when they are restored but they are most likely going to be widely used. With photo files, the file may not be readable or usable on your computer when it is restored. In most cases, the vast majority of data is going to be recoverable if you do take the time to find the right recovery option for your particular file and for the place that you are trying to recover it from.

Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Files Offline Free

So what happens if you want to access your deleted files offline? There are some great options when it comes to offline file recovery and they are as follows.

1. Restore Files from the Recycle Bin-

This is a relatively easy process that we have all had to do from time to time when something gets accidentally deleted or when we delete and instantly regret it. The recycle bin is located on your desktop or you start menu and is a receptacle for all the files that you are deleting from your computer while offline. This collection of files is only going to be a first stage deletion, they are easily retrievable until they are permanently deleted when the recycle bin is emptied.

Step 1: first, select and open the recycle bin


Step 2: Next you select the file you want to restore or you choose the restore all option and then click. This will send the file back to its original location and will make it accessible to the user again. This is an easy process that works with nearly any file and that also does not change the file. This is something that can be done in a matter of seconds and that can help you to get your files back without having to be online.

2. Recoverit Free Data Recovery

there are other options of course and a program like Recoverit is a great option. This is a true option for those that want online file recovery free, online recovery software, or online file recovery free software that can then be used to recover your files on your machine.

Recoverit Data Recovery allows you to recover a wide range of files from still photos to video and audio files and so much more. The interface is easy to use and navigate and makes full recovery of your files easy and fast. It supports the most common file types and allows for fast and easy recovery to your Mac or Windows computer so that you can get back to using your files with ease.

Now, launch the Recoverit software on your computer so that we can begin the recovery process.

Step 1: the next step is to choose the location where you feel that the lost data might be stored. Selecting something like the hard disk drive will give Recoverit access to that drive so that it can scan and see if there are any hidden files there.

select a disk

Step 2: the next step is to allow the program to scan that location and see if the file can be found. you can then preview the files that have been found to make sure they are the file and that they are the fil you want to recover and use.

scanning for your lost data

Step 3: Recover your files

preview and recover your files

You can also use Recoverit to restore items from your recycle bin, from an external drive by connecting it and from a computer that has been crashed. To use it with an external device you simply connect the device then follow the same steps listed above. With a crashed computer the steps are also the same you just want to select the "Recover from Crash Computer" option when you open the Recoverit software.

Recovering from a non-bootable computer- for this process, you are going to want to select the create a bootable drive by inserting a blank cd or a USB drive then select the creative process. This will then allow Recoverit it to recover the data and save and reformat it with the help of downloaded firmware so that you can then access it later. No matter what you are working to restore or recover, Recoverit has an easy to follow interface that is going to walk you through the process step by step to recover your data.

3. Tips for File Recovery Offline-

recovering data offline is not as difficult as it may seem. By following the simple steps that have been outlined here you can recover nearly any data that has been lost. With offline data recovery, the most common cause of data loss is accidental deletion. You can get your data back if you take the time to find the right data recovery software if needed and that you are paying close attention to the overall recovery process.


Data is precious and being able to recover it after the deletion or after loss is a very useful skill. With online recovery programs that are truly free like Recoverit or just taking the time to find specific recovery tools for your drive, you can get your data back without much work and with very little hassle.

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