Different Ways to Fix Missing DLL Files

Different Ways to Fix Missing DLL Files

If you are struggling to fix missing DLL error, this article contains all the tested information that will help you to fix your missing DLL file.

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Many computer users stumbled upon these messages like 'Missing DLL files'. You may reinstall Windows to avoid the message popping up again, but it kept coming up each time when you restart the computer. Then how to fix missing DLL files?

Runtime errors are the most common Windows errors that you will encounter. Runtime errors on your computer can come in many different forms. Different types of runtime errors depend on different causes.

Missing DLL Files Error Messages You May Meet

  1. " The .dll file is missing."
  2. ".dll file not found."
  3. "This application failed to start, an important component .dll is missing. Reinstalling the application may fix the error."

Reasons for Missing DLL Files

Why missing DLL errors are so common? As you can guess, the most common "missing or not found DLL errors" occur because of missing DLL files. Well, there are many reasons for DLL error, but the main reasons for missing DLL files are as below.

1. Mistakenly deleting a DLL file

This may happen when a program is uninstalled/installed or you have tried to clean up space on the hard disk.

2. Overwriting DLL file

A recent application installation sometimes overwrites an existing DLL file with an incompatible or invalid DLL file.

3. Malware Infection

A malicious program has deleted or damaged a DLL file.

4. DLL file is corrupted or crashed

A bad installation of a program corrupted one or more files causing the .dll errors.

5. Hardware Malfunction

Malfunctioning hardware such as a bad hard disk drive damaged the data on the drive, caused the .dll file error.

The Best Ways to Fix Missing DLL Files

Fix1. Run System File Checker

If you want to fix missing DLL files or to fix the corrupted errors by your Windows Operating System, the safest way is to run the System File Checker. The System File Checker (SFC Scanner) is the tool from Windows itself that can be used to replace/fix missing or corrupted system files.

To find your crucial missing files or the DLL files on your computer you need to follow the steps listed below:

Step 1 – Go to the "Start" menu button and right-click on it. Now choose Command Prompt (Admin).


Step 2 – Now you need to Enter the following command and then press the Enter button:

Sfc /scannow


Step 3 – Once you are done entering the command, you have to wait until the process is completed. (This process may take a while as it will scan your whole computer to detect the errors)

Step 4 – Now once the above process is completed, you have to restart your computer.

Step 5 – Finally, you need to check whether still, your DLL file is missing or not.

Fix 2. Run DISM

This solution is almost similar to the first one. We use DISM (Deployment Image & Servicing Management) tool when the SFC Scanner fails to repair system files or find the missing DLL file (that we need in our case). Let us know.

Step 1 – You need to run "Administrative Command Prompt", by right-clicking on the start button (as shown above).

Step 2 – Now, you need to enter the following command into command the Command Prompt and then press "Enter":

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth


Step 3 – Once you are done with the above process, you need to wait for a while until the process is completed.

Step 4 – Once the process is completed, restart your computer.

If the SFC Scanner didn't work for your problem, DISM will surely work for you. But even this DISM tool fails to fix missing DLL, you will have to fix it manually by yourself.

Fix 3. Re-install the software

If you are facing this error because of any installed software or application, all you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1 – First, uninstall the installed software (that is giving you're the error) from the control panel.

Step 2 – Restart your computer.

Step 3 – Reinstall the software.

Step 4 – Go to the official download page of that software/ application and then download the setup file.

Step 5 – Once you have downloaded the setup, install it properly.

Reinstalling the software will fix missing DLL error and the missing files. If your software offers the "repair" option, you need to choose that first and check if it helps.

Fix 4. Copy DLL from another healthy system

A lot of times many software are developed to run on the older version of the Windows, so it may require a specific version of the Windows to run the DLL files. If the above remedies have gone futile for you, try to copy the DLL file from the systems in which that software is running perfectly. Replace the copied DLL file in your computer by pasting it in the proper Directory and check whether this method works for you to fix missing DLL error.

Fix 5. Download a DLL File Manually

If the above solutions didn't work for you, the last option is to download a DLL file manually. It will be better for you if you check the software's official website for missing DLL files. A lot of times there are chances to get your missing DLL files on the original website.

If you're still unable to find the original DLL file and you cannot fix missing DLL error, there are a couple of websites listed below from where you can download your missing DLL file.

**Please note: Remember to investigate properly if the website is genuine or not before downloading any DLL file.

Recover Lost Data Caused by Missing DLL Files

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