5 Best Outlook OST Recovery or Repair Tools 2020

5 Best Outlook OST Recovery/Repair Tools 2020

Looking for the best Outlook OST recovery tools in 2020? You will find that out in this article; so go nowhere as you learn about the 5 best OST recovery tools you can choose from.

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OST files in Outlook are very important as they store important data offline so that the user does not have to depend on the network connection to view his/her files. This goes to say that it is important to learn about tools you can use to recover OST in Outlook any time your files get missing.

This article is here to help you do that. You will learn about not just any OST recovery tool, but the 5 best tools in 2020. Also, you will learn how to use the amazing Stellar Outlook Repair to fix any corrupt or broken OST file you may have.

Part 1: What is an OST file in Outlook?

An OST file in Outlook is an offline file that is utilized by Microsoft Exchange Server to enable users access and use their mail data or messages even when they do not presently have access to their mail server. The acronym OST stands for Outlook Storage Table.

OST files are open to being used as storage for a local copy of every data on the user’s PC. Furthermore, whenever the user accesses his/her mail server, the saved items become automatically synched, no matter the changes made to them. Thus, OST files are useful for situations where network connectivity is unreliable or limited.

The difference between OST and PST files is that the OST files are attached to your mail’s configuration such that you cannot open these files or even back them up individually.

Part 2: 5 best Outlook OST recovery/repair tools 2020

The following are the 5 best-recommended tools you can use for Outlook OST file recovery and/or repair in 2020:

1. Stellar Outlook Repair

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Repair corrupt, damaged, or broken Outlook OST files in 2020 using the professional Stellar Outlook Repair tool. This tool not only repairs damaged Outlook OST files, but it also supports the recovery of all lost mail items to your satisfaction. Its key features are discussed below:

2. KDE Tools OST Recovery Tool

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This is another tool that you can use to recover password-protected, highly encrypted, damaged and corrupted files on Outlook. Do not worry about system compatibility because with KDE tools for OST recovery, you can restore files in all versions of MS Exchange Server and Outlook, as well as Windows.

Consider the following features of this tool that has made the top 5 list:

3. SysTools OST Recovery

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The Systools OST Recovery is a tool that has been endowed with such advanced features that make it very capable of fixing your corrupt offline Outlook file, i.e. OST. These features are enumerated as follows:

4. MailsDaddy OST Recovery Tool

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This recovery tool is known for maintaining accuracy while recovering your lost OST files. Because it has been created using advanced features and algorithms, the MailsDaddy OST recovery tool is also capable of retrieving files of OST format into other file formats. With this tool, you can be assured that your data will not get lost during the repair or recovery process. The features of this tool include the following:

5.Kernel OST Recovery Tool

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This is a highly-known solution to the problem of Outlook OST files missing. It is perfect for retrieving the data files in your mailbox, as well as to save recovered data in different formats which you can use in different devices and different situations. You can install the Kernel OST Recovery tool on any Microsoft Operating System and go ahead to enjoy the following features:

Part 3: How to recover OST file with Stellar Outlook Repair

The stellar Outlook Repair tool is an expert, yet simple to use repair tool for Outlook files. This tool recovers files with speed, depending on the size of the file. After recovering the files, the tool arranges the files based on categories that would make it easier for you to find and preview. It also serves as a converter because it enables you to export the Outlook files into different formats such as HTML, EML, PDF, RTF, MSG, etc. Want a guide on how to use this tool? Follow these steps:

Step 1. Add Corrupt File

Using the “Find” or “Browse” option, add the corrupt OST file unto Stellar Outlook Repair interface

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Step 2. Repair File

Now select the “Repair” option to get the ball rolling on your file repair and watch the progress bar to see how it is going

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Step 3. Preview and Save File

Next, have a preview of your repaired files and then click to save the repaired files. Note that the lists of files are displayed on the left pane, while the files’ details and contents are displayed on the middle and right panes respectively.

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Click the button “Save Repaired File” which is located under “Home” on the menu bar. This will save all your repaired and recovered OST files.

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The Bottom Line

In summary, this article has shown you what the OST file in Outlook is and what it is useful for. Also, you can now confidently choose the best OST recovery to use in getting back those lost files. Still, wondering? A good recommendation to add to the list is Recoverit Data Recovery, another wonderful expert tool that can handle any scenario of lost files you may have. So, give it a try today.

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