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All You Need to Know about iPhone X Live Wallpaper

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

"I recently bought the iPhone X but I realized the live wallpapers are not working. How can I fix wallpaper on iPhone X?"

Live wallpaper can make the activities on your iPhone quite enjoyable while eradicating boredom amicably depicted on every home screen. You can access them either by using the wallpaper apps from your iPhone or download iPhone x live wallpaper from computers. The first option doesn't offer a huge number because of space constraints.

Hence, many users prefer to download their wallpapers and sail amidst numerous options at will. And the process is also easy, let's see how to download that adorable wallpaper for your iPhone X.

iphone x wallpaper

Part 1: How to Download Live Wallpaper to your iPhone X

If you want to enhance your mood as you criss-cross from one corner to the other, then you definitely need wallpapers on your phone. Wallpapers will not only elevate your mood but will make your phone personalized for the better. And since you cannot get enough iPhone x wallpapers from your gadget, simply pay attention to the following steps. They'll unlock your potential to change your iPhone wallpapers with colorful and crisp designs.

Step 1. Find wallpaper source

This is the originating website from where you want to extract your wallpapers. Select the website then browse for the appealing design for your iPhone model or according to your taste.

Step 2. Download the wallpapers

Using a detailed downloader program, copy the link URL of the wallpaper you need to download and paste it on the program. Then click on the 'Download' option and let it run through.

Step 3. Save the wallpaper on your computer

The final step is to save the downloaded wallpapers on your device. Right-click on the downloaded image and select the 'Save image as' option. Select the desired folder on your device to which the downloaded wallpapers will be redirected and saved. Remember to give distinctive names to your wallpapers for easy retrieval while in need of use.

iphone x wallpaper 1

Part 2: Where to Download Live Wallpaper for your iPhone X

Since downloading wallpapers for your iPhone X is the best option, it's high time to check out which popular sites give the most amazing and gorgeous wallpapers for free.


Papers.co is among the sites that give you the option to select your wallpaper size. Furthermore, it has tags and filters that make wallpaper selection pretty easy. It is not only popular for iOS but Android and Windows OS devices as well.

iphone x wallpaper 2

iPhone wallpapers

Its beauty is in the random browsing of your desired wallpapers. Likewise, you can spice up things by customizing your collection and holding in place only what you love. It is amicably easy to use with few steps to your final download.

iphone x wallpaper 3

iDesign iPhone

With iDesign, you get to choose from whatever category that pleases you. Be it cartoons, 3Dimensional, holidays, cars, or architecture wallpapers, the choice rests on you. Furthermore, get over 10,000 images for your comfort.

iphone x wallpaper 4


For artful wallpapers, Poolga got you sorted. Its developers are working day and night to bring you well-designed artwork as wallpapers. And being hand-picked, Poogla's wallpapers will offer you something distinctive.

iphone x wallpaper 5

Part 3: iPhone X Live Wallpaper Not Working. How to Fix It?

If you recently bought an iPhone X but realize that you can't install your wallpapers then probably it needs some fix. Sometimes, Apple iPhone x wallpaper doesn't work immediately. But don't worry as these fixes will sort out any underlying issues.

Restart your iPhone

This is the first option to fix any iPhone x live wallpaper not working issue. It will close all your phone's programs running on the system and give it a fresh start.

Change your phone's live wallpaper

Some wallpaper takes a lot of space. If you've started with animated wallpaper and it doesn't work, it's time to change and test the waters. Set still wallpaper and see whether it now works. If not, try the next option.

Check the low power mode

In an event that you enable the 'low power' mode, it will temporarily disable some features once our phone's battery starts going low. If this is the case, you need to disable low power.

Disable the Reduce Motion

If your phone is running on 'reduced motion' then the animated activity is certainly slowed down and live wallpaper won't work. To solve this issue;

Seek Help from Apple

If the above solutions don't bring forth an answer, it's probably your iPhone X that has manufacturer's issues. Seek help from Apple and get the advantage of their after-sales services.


That's all we had for in the quest to fix wallpapers for iPhone x not working. The solutions are pretty easy to follow and you don't need to be tech-savvy. And you now know how to download live wallpapers right to your iPhone. Take the challenge and peruse over the numerous websites to download your live wallpapers.

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