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How to fix blue screen error 0x00000024?

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Jun 12, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

If you are also dealing with the blue screen error 0x00000024 and want to know how to fix the issue, then all your worries stop here. This article is formed in a way to go through every phase of blue screen error 0x00000024.

To fix the blue screen error 0x00000024, it is essential to understand its root cause. This particular error, also known as a "STOP 0x00000024" error, usually indicates a problem with the NTFS file system - a vital part of Windows operating system that helps in managing files on a hard disk. When this error occurs, it can be quite frustrating as it may prevent you from accessing your system or important data. In the following sections, we will explore some effective solutions to resolve the blue screen error 0x00000024 and get your system up and running smoothly again.

You will also learn various ways to tackle it and how to cope up with data loss situation. Stay tuned for the article.  Here's how to fix a blue screen of death:

Part 1: What is the blue screen Error 0x00000024?

0x00000024 Error is commonly called blue screen error which usually occurs in Windows operating systems, especially Windows XP. This error occurs as soon as the Windows OS gets started. It is the indication for unresolved issues in the NTFS file of the computer. Windows PC may face trouble to start if it faces the blue screen 0x00000024 error problem. As the system will face complexities in booting, users may feel it difficult to access the data. In addition, Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal is also a common blue screen code.

However, this issue will not remain permanent if you know the right solution. It is also known as Bug Check. It is a common error message on Microsoft Windows.

description of blue screen Error 0x00000024

Part 2: What causes Fix blue screen error 0x00000024?

Many things may lead to a blue screen error. It may arise due to faulty drivers, corrupt system files, memory leak, and hardware issues. Depends on the system's settings, files may change from one location to another. A blue screen error may rise by any reason like malfunctioning components to device drivers with faults. You may be wondering there are quite a few causes behind this blue screen error. This error is the usual indication for the problems in the NTFS System's file which is very important for PC as it helps the system to read and write the drives. When this blue screen error 0x00000024 occurs, the windows cannot process a hard drive file or the applications which depend on it.

General Methods to Get Rid of Blue Screen Error:

When you face this blue screen error problem, check these things at the initial stage.

  1. Boot into the safe state to check whether if the error clears out itself.
  2. Booting to recovery disk to make the automatic repair.
  3. Revert the system to earlier restore point.
  4. Recovery Method - Since by using the common methods, there are ways to clear this problem, start to use them.
  5. Upgrading Windows OS - You can upgrade current Windows OS which in turn solves the Blue Screen issue.
  6. Reinstall OS - Insert Windows OS boot disk and install OS by formatting the hard drive.

Part 3: How to fix blue screen error 0x00000024?

If you want to fix the blue screen error, then you just need to follow the steps given below:

    1. Use CHKDSK

Hard drive issues are the most basic reasons for problems like the blue screen error 0x00000024 on the computer. Hence, it is essential to check for integrity when you are trying to solve these kinds of problems. When you try to check and repair errors on the hard drive, this command will work out.

      • Click on Start on the Windows bar and then choose run.
      • Type cmd in the blank field and choose OK.
      • Type "chkdsk drive:/f".
      • Press Enter to confirm.

Use CHKDSK to fix blue screen Error 0x00000024

    1. Update Corrupted Drivers

While you face blue screen error, it is important to check for the possible corruption made on the drivers in the system. If the PC suffers from the problem of this kind, it is certain to perform several measures to make the drivers turn to its normal life. There is a guide to update corrupted drivers on PC. Below are the steps:

      • Click on 'Start Menu"> Select "Device Manager"
      • Right-click on the mouse to look at the errors of the hard disk drive.
      • Select the "Check Now" button available in the error checking section.
      • There will be an option to automatically fix the file system errors. Click on it.
      • Start the process.

Update corrupted drivers to fix blue screen Error 0x00000024

  1. Clean the Registry of Windows

The registry is the most basic reason for any kind of error including BSOD 0x00000024. It is the commonplace which might be affected by most defects. People may not have enough ideas about the registry and the important functions in the PC. It provides the basic process information to Windows. It is important to be aware of the registry as it may break down at oftentimes. Therefore, it is important to maintain it properly. If the computer has problems in any of its components, look at the registry cleaner. It is specially created to resolve the errors in registries.

clean the registry to fix blue screen Error 0x00000024

Video Tutorial on How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Error in Windows?

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Part 4: How to recover data if you lost data after blue screen error 0x00000024 happened?

To recover the lost data due to blue screen error 0x00000024, use the tool called "recoverit". Today, in most businesses, this tool has vast applications. With the advancement in technology, you can even shift the deleted files with this tool. It can recover the deleted files from the hard drive of the computers. Among several data recovery tools, this "recoverit" tool serves its best and it can cater to the complete needs.

How to Recover Deleted Files Using Recoverit?

A quick reference of recoverit: Before attempting to recover the deleted files, be sure to download this recoverit software. By using the recoverit software you can find out the scenario under which the data loss has been done. It is necessary to use the recovery solution following it. Initially, it starts tracking the location where the files have been lost. The presence of few options will help you to achieve this in a better way. A quick scan will get initiated automatically.

There will be various options available to choose from, in the following steps the process will get cleared. Let us follow the detailed step of recovering data using the recoverit:

file recovery

Your Safe & Reliable Files Recovery Software for Blue Screen Error

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step 5 -recover data due to blue screen Error 0x00000024

step 5 -recover data due to blue screen Error 0x00000024

step 8-recover data due to blue screen Error 0x00000024

So any interruptions should not be progressed. If you use a USB or CD/DVD please don't interrupt the process.

  1. Once if the USB or CD/DVD has formed up the bootable media then you will get the proper guidance to get back the lost data after blue screen error 0x00000024.
  2. You have to follow few steps after forming up the bootable media. Here are the followings:

Recover data due to blue screen Error 0x00000024

Note: By using recoverit, we have retrieved lost data after the blue screen error 0x00000024. It is very simple to access and no knowledge of technology is needed. Try it once and see the difference.


What's the bottom line? We have assured that all the above steps are functional and then brought to your notice. We solidly recommend you use recoverit which is an all-around solution provider and helps you to get immediate solutions to any data loss due to blue screen error 0x00000024. So, save your time with no more searches and no more confusion! Choose the right solution to make your problem go away.


  • What does a blue screen mean?
    The blue screen of death, or BSoD, is a type of error message that appears in the form of a blue screen on your Windows XP. However, it doesn’t mean your computer is dead. Instead, it signals that the system has run into a serious error that it can’t fix itself. You need to fix the issue. When you do, your computer will be back to normal.
  • Is the Blue screen of death dangerous?
    When the blue screen of death appears, your computer is trying to protect itself from the error. If your Windows XP detects a critical error, it shuts all processes off to avoid permanent damage. BSoD can be dangerous because it notifies you of a serious threat to your system and urges you to fix it.
  • How do I check my blue screen error?
    If you want to check which blue screen error has appeared on your Windows XP, you can do it using Windows Event Viewer. Right-click on the Start icon and select Event Viewer.
  • Does the Blue screen mean the hard drive has failed?
    While hard drive failure can cause the blue screen of death, it’s certainly not the only one. Numerous other reasons can cause the blue screen error to appear on your Windows XP.
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