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How To Fix Windows Memory Management BSOD Error?

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

The Windows 10 memory management BSOD error is the most common type of memory management error. It is also known as Windows 10 stop code error due to its capability to cease all regular functions of the system. In the Blue Screen of Death, the message will contain text stating that the PC ran into a problem and need to restart.

So, today, we will discover what is this memory management BSOD error in Windows 10 and how it can be resolved.

Part 1: What is Memory Management BSOD?

Computer memory is a familiar concept for users. It stores temporary and permanent data in RAM or ROM, respectively. And when there is some problem with the memory management, you will see the error message on the blue screen stating the error as MEMORY MANAGEMENT.

In simple words, BSOD Windows 10 memory management error is a critical memory management error that forces all processes on the system to shut down forcibly.

Part 2: What Causes Memory Management BSOD?

To understand the Windows 10 BSOD memory_management error, we must know about the causes of this error as well. It includes:

As you can see, the problem with any of these components could cause system failure if it is not appropriately handled. So, we will go through the fixes to eliminate this error as soon as possible.

Part 3: How to Fix Memory Management BSOD Error on Windows 10?

Like we mentioned earlier, to fix the BSOD memory_management Windows 10 error, we can try the methods given in this section.

1: Update the Video Card Driver:

The first thing that comes into mind when the memory management BSOD error on Windows 10 appears is a faulty system driver. An outdated video card driver will cause more troubles than you realize. So, it is recommended that you update them.

Step 1: Go to the Device Manager and select Display Adapters. Right-click on the video card driver and choose to update the driver.

memory management bsod update video card driver

You can make your mind up whether you want to update the driver or let the system update them manually. Once the drivers are updated, the error will likely be resolved.

2: Run a Disk Check:

Sometimes, corrupted data or volume could also lead to Windows BSOD memory_management error. Luckily, this problem can also be resolved using the Command Prompt. Run a disk check on the volume and see if the problem is fixed.

Step 1: Run Command Prompt as administrator and specify the location. We suggest that instead of specifying a volume, it will be better if you run a complete disk check on the system.

Step 2: Type the command as chkdsk c: /f and hit the enter key. CMD will show you that the command can't run as the volume is in use by another process.

Note: The parameter /f checks for logical issues only, to check physical errors as well, use the/r parameter.

Step 3: Type "Y" as CMD asks you to schedule the volume check when the system restart and exit the window. Restart it immediately, and CHKDSK will fix the error.

memory management bsod check disk

3: Perform Windows Memory Diagnostic:

Whenever you run into Windows 10 BSOD Stop Code memory management error, using the Memory Diagnostic utility is essential. We need to check if the system RAM is working fine or not. Whenever we reboot a system, this utility runs automatically in the background and look for errors. It also logs the scan to a text file for analysis. To perform the diagnostic, you must follow the steps below:

Step 1: Type Windows Memory Diagnostic in the search bar. Before running the utility, make sure that you have saved important documents.

Step 2: As you are trying to fix the Memory Management BSOD error, choose "Restart now and check for problems" option to proceed.

memory management bsod memory diagnostics tool

Let the utility run, and when the process finishes, you will get a report for the diagnostic. In the report, you can review what is causing troubles in the memory management system.

4: Check Newly Installed Software & Hardware:

One of the quickest memory management BSOD Windows 10 fix is checking the newly installed software or hardware.

Step 1: Open the Settings Panel and select Update & Security Settings. Click on the "View update history" to review which software or hardware is recently updated or installed.

memory management bsod view update history

As you find the list, review which software or hardware is most likely to be the culprit and delete it from the system. Hopefully, it will fix the memory management error.

5: Check for Virus:

One thing left to do to fix the Windows memory management BSOD is running a scan for viruses or malware. The steps you can follow are given here in detail.

Step 1: Open the Windows Defender Security Center on your system. Choose Virus & threat protection, and click on Advanced Scan.

memory management bsod virus and threat protection

Run a full scan of Windows 10 and see if there is any virus or threat that is interrupting the memory management. Remove the Virus, and the problem will be fixed. Besides, you can learn how to fix the error in this article.

Part 4: Recover Lost Data after Fixing the System Error with Recoverit:

Once we have fixed Windows 10 BSOD memory management error, we need to make sure that the files inside the system are intact. However, users often end up losing files while fixing such errors. But no more worries as Recoverit Data Recovery software is here to rescue your files. It is the ultimate solution for all kinds of data loss scenarios. Whether it is the lost partitions or memory management errors, Recoverit supports data retrieval from worst situations like system crash.

Here are the key features of the software that makes it remarkable for data recovery:

deleted data recovery

Recoverit Data Recovery - The Best File Recovery Software

  • A wide array of format support for all kinds of files, including images, videos, archives, audio files, emails, documents, and many others.
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Here is the step-by-step guide to using the software when you lost files due to a BSOD error in memory management.

Step 1: Get Recoverit:

Visit the official site and click on the "Download" link for the software. Finish the setup of the software on the system and launch it.

run recoverit

In the main interface, you'll have to specify the location where the files were located. Select the location and press the "Start" button.

recoverit interface

If you don't specify a location, the software will run a scan of all storage devices connected with the system.

Step 2: Scan Results:

The moment scan initiates, results will start to appear on the screen. In the left side panel, you can change the way results appear by choosing File Path or File Type.

operations during scanning

There is a "Pause" and "Stop" button for the scan in case users find the files before the scan finishes.

Step 3: Select & Restore:

Wait until the scan finishes and then start selecting the files. As you select the files, don't forget to have a preview to ensure that they are intact.

preview recovered photos

Then, hit the "Recover" button, and you will have your files back on the device. However, while you are recovering the files, make sure that you don't save them in the same location as before as it causes data to overwrite.


Now you know several ways to fix BSOD stop code memory management error on Windows 10. So, the next time when you run into this error, it will be easy to resolve. And if you lose some files while fixing it, then the Recoverit Data Recovery tool will come in handy to get your files back.

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