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[2024] The Best Free Flash Drive Recovery Software

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: USB Recovery • Proven solutions

When the data files get lost from flash drive, the first important thing is you should not save any new file on it, or it will cause the data overwritten. You need to get a powerful flash drive data recovery software to help you retrieve data back.

The USB flash drive device gets damaged or corrupted; all it will cause data loss. Before you try to fix the damaged flash drive, you can still get your data files back, which stored on the drive. On this page, you can get download the best free USB drive recovery software; it can quickly recover lost files from a flash drive.

Tip: Make sure the USB flash drive connected to the computer can be recognized, and the USB data recovery software can scan it. What if your device can not be recognized, you can follow the guide learn how to fix USB flash drive not recognized in Windows.

Part 1. The Best Free Flash Drive Recovery Software -Recoverit

Recoverit Data Recovery is a powerful free flash drive recovery program on the recovery software market. It can recover any data files from a flash drive device, and the software supports to deep scan the device to search your lost files. Check more specific features as below and recover your data back.

The USB data recovery program can be easy to recover deleted files from USB flash drive on Windows and MAC. Undeleted files from a formatted USB device, restore files after virus-infected USB, or any other data loss issue from USB flash drive.

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Part 2. How to Recover Lost Files from a Flash Drive with EASE

Download and install Recoverit Free Flash Drive Recovery software on your computer. The following steps will work on a Windows computer; if you are working on a Mac computer, you should download Recoverit Mac Data Recovery as below and follow the similar steps to process. Also, connect your flash drive to the computer and detected.

Step 1. Select the thumb drive

Launch Recoverit USB Recovery on your computer. To recover files from a USB flash drive, you need to select your flash drive, which detected on the computer, and click the "Start" button to starting scanning.

recover files from flash drive

Step 2. Scanning the pen drive

Recoverit Free USB Stick Recovery will start to scan the flash drive device, which is quick and thorough. You can find the data present the pen drive show up gradually.

free flash drive recovery

Step 3. Preview and recover files from a flash drive

After the scanning, you can check all recovered files. It supports preview of some recovered pictures, videos, audios, and files. Select your files and get them back by clicking "Recover" button.

flash drive data recovery

With the pen drive data recovery software, you can retrieve your lost data from the flash drive effortlessly. Download and try it to recover your data back for free now.

Part 3. The Most Common Reasons for Flash Drive Data Loss

Data files get lost and are frustrating. In this part, we list all data loss symptoms, and you can check all that in case your data will be lost from the USB flash drive. Except follow the next tips to avoid data loss, the more useful way to keep your data safe is back-up. You should do a back-up for your essential data files regularly.

Free Flash Drive Data Recovery

The majority of the hardcore PC users presume that flash drives are more reliable when compared to hard drives. The flash devices do not contain any sorts of moving parts. It is vulnerable to damage and even data loss under any situation. As a result, PC users should take precautions to block flash drive data loss.

1. Overheating: Brand new expensive flash drives could manage temperature ranging between -13 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the least costly USB flash drives are prone to heat damage. Persistent heat could degrade the solder; dislodge essential parts, thereby leading to permanent damage to the USB connectors. Note that camera cards are also susceptible to overheating at any point in time. In typical cases, a USB drive operates well in standard room temperature. If the storage media is found to extremely hot, then it is suggested to detach the drive from the USB port immediately.

2. Hard physical impacts: USB flash drives contain flimsy and delicate USB connectors. The default camera cards cannot handle extreme pressure. If a flash drive is inserted into the PC with force, the connectors might get damaged, thereby making it difficult to access the data. Therefore, the user should handle the flash drive with extreme caution. Do not apply enormous pressure both during insertion or unplugging the thumb drive. If you happen to damage the device, do not experiment to repair it. Instead, contact a professional data recovery company to resolve it.

3. File Corruption: When a PC is in the process of transferring information to a USB flash drive, it has to be 100% complete without any sorts of interruption in the middle. The desktop PC will not be able to complete the task if a computer program is found to be crashed, power failure, or inadvertently unplugging the device while transferring the data. It might end up in file corruption.

4. Unintentional deletion of files: A USB flash drive should be formatted to be compatible with various computer systems. File deletion is a common problem in the eyes of data recovery companies. A computer user presumes that a copy of a specific file already exists. Sometimes one may even execute accidental edits that overwrite crucial information.

5. Data Loss due to malicious software: Various harmful and deadly programs, including Trojan horses, viruses, worms, could invade a USB flash drive. Most of the computer users take advantage of a flash drive to get access to many PC's. The removable media is the ultimate portal for the entry of malicious programs.

Part 4. Tips for Keeping Data Safe on USB Flash Drive

Both privacy and security are some of the significant factors to be considered by a computer user. They need to be aware of the imminent dangers of their private information, including password and login details being disclosed to the outside world. With the advent of a USB flash drive, the users can now store an ample quantity of crucial data. However, quite a few USB flash drives do not guarantee adequate protection and security. The stakes are high since either a thumb drive can be stolen, or it might end up in the wrong hands as well. A USB flash drive is suitable to store temporary data or transferring of data.

Protect Data on Flash Drive

No worries, there are few feasible ways to secure your data on your USB flash drive to prevent further data loss. Five essential tools could encrypt the files and, at the same time, guarantees additional security and protection by safely hiding the files on a USB flash drive.

USB thumb drives are undoubtedly one of the top preferred devices to store data due to its remarkable speed, size, and durability. These are some of the best ways to recover files from USB flash drives. However, ensure that you safeguard the USB flash drive by carefully going through the tips as mentioned above to prevent data loss and file corruption—download Recoverit Free Data Recovery as below and back to Part 2 of flash drive data recovery.

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