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Data Recovery involves scanning any storage device to retrieve deleted or damaged data. This is useful in such a case as when your hard drive is damaged by fall & break or water but although it is malfunctioning, it is still readable. If anything wrong occurred during the scan process, please read the tips below to troubleshoot it.

When Recoverit finds a file system track, after scanning it will show it as a partition no matter the file system is intact or not.

If it finds 10 file system tracks, it will show 10 partitions. But some partitions in your system are hidden, so you will find some partitions that are not shown on your computer explorer.

These files without correct file names or folder structures must be found by RAW Recovery, which is much reliable and useful while the file directory info of lost files has been damaged.

If the recovered files with correct file names cannot be opened or they cannot be found by file names or folder structures, please check every file with random names to get lost data back.

If the file system is intact, the folder structure could be restored.

If the file system is incomplete or corrupted, all files will be in the Raw Files folder and lose their original names.

Files in the RAW Recovery are found over the file extensions and file characteristics, so they lose original names and dates.

When a file is deleted, there will be a free data space. You still have a chance to scan your lost data and recover it. But if you keep entering data to the same disk, the system will store new data into any free space randomly.

Once the free space is filled up with new data, the original data is covered and erased forever. The data recovery software can't scan the original data, let alone to recover it.

Please save all recovered data to a safe storage device to avoid data loss again.

If the program stop working or get frozen, we have to check the program as well as the storage device. Please kindly check by following the below steps:

1. Check the scan is dead or not (Sometimes is just very slow but not frozen).

Please close other applications including antivirus and firewall to free up more memory space. Usually, this will speed up the scan.

2. The scan process stops responding

  • Please pause the scan and select the files to recover them. If the recovery prompts Recovery Failed or the recovered files are all 0KB, you need to keep running the software, then disconnect the drive and reconnect it. After that, please try to save the files again.
  • It's also suggested to change a much more powerful USB cable to make sure the connection of the drive is always stable during the scan. It's recommended to use a USB Enclosure which has its power cable to connect the drive.

3. Recover data before the errors happen

4. Check whether the hard drive has hardware issues.

Bad sectors on a hard drive will prevent software from reading the drive normally and usually result in a frozen issue.

Please check if the hard drive contains some bad sectors or other physical errors.

This error is mainly caused by an unstable connection during the scan or the failure occurred when our product tries to read the sectors on your hard drive. Please follow the steps below to fix it:

Safely remove your storage device and reconnect it. Please make sure not to close our program when you try this method.

Switch to another USB port or change a new cable.

Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the reason that causes this issue:

For your reference, the deep scan can be completed in around 10 to 12 hours for a 1-TB healthy hard drive in general conditions. If your scanning time is in this time range, please wait patiently and do not stop the scan in the middle of the process.

For some reason, the hard drive is disconnected from the computer, especially for external ones. To fix this issue, please change a new cable to do the recovery again.

Your hard drive contains a serious physical error (such as bad sectors, bad tracks). Please use a professional tool such as HDTune to diagnose your hard drive. If the diagnosis shows a physical error, you may need assistance from a local data recovery lab.

  1. Please confirm whether your disk and computer are well connected;
  2. You can try to replace the USB cable and USB interface, and then continue scanning;
  3. You can use third-party disk tools to check if your disk is in good condition;
  4. If the problem persists, you can pause the scanning progress and select the scanned file for saving and recovery.

If your Mac is running macOS 10.15 and the above version, please check if the Removable Volumes option is selected, you can go to Security & Privacy to set it up. After that, please restart the program to scan your data.

Due to the special discontinuous (fragmented) storage principle of the video, a large number of fragments are generated in video storage.

Advanced video recovery adopts a discontinuous storage video recovery solution, which may require two sequential disk reads, and a small number of random disk reads, so it will take a long time.

This solution is mainly to solve the problem that the video cannot be played after recovery caused by discontinuous storage, which will improve the quality of video recovery.

The unsourced files are the files that have already existed in your device, but was no longer have their original names, sizes and time stamps. But they may be exactly what you need.

Recoverit 10 can identify your mobile phone when you connect it to the computer, but this program is designed to recover data on desktop. You can use Wondershare Dr.Fone to recover lost data in you smart phone.