[2021] Methods to Undo Deleted Files on Windows

How to Undo Deleted Files on Windows?

On this page you can learn how to undo delete files on Windows computer with Recoverit undelete files recovery software.

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How Do I Undo a Delete Files on Windows

Accidentally deleted files from computer hard disk, all lost files will go to the Recycle bin folder, for this case, you can use the "Undo Delete" or Ctrl + Z option to undelete all lost files back. Another case is after deleting files and emptying the Recycle bin folder, the files got permanently deleted from computer hard disk, for this data lost scenario, how do you undo deleted files on Windows computer?

Don't worry! You can follow the next solutions to retrieve all lost files back, undo deleted files on Windows computer, restore deleted files from the Recycle bin folder, recover permanently deleted files from the recycle bin with Recoverit Data Recovery software.

The Easy Solution to Undo Deleted Files on Windows Computer

Solution 1. The Ctrl+Z Function to Undo Accidental Deleted Files

A lot of people don't understand the importance of this simple command "Ctrl+Z" which can undo any previous instantly deleted files. While you accidentally deleted a file or folder on the computer hard disk drive, you can retrieve the files back by click "Ctrl+Z". Or you can right-click on the location it will pop-up a list option and click "Undo Delete" to get your files back.

undo delete by click ctrl+z

Solution 2. Restore from the Recycle Bin to Undo Deleted File

While you accidentally deleted files from the computer, these files will go to the Recycle bin. You still can restore your deleted files from the recycle bin directly, what if you emptied the recycle bin you will need to get a deleted files recovery to help you.

Steps on undoing deleted files from recycle bin:

Step 1. Go to the "Recycle Bin" location.

Step 2. Find your accidentally deleted files or folders, select the file, and right-click on the "Restore" option to undo deleted files.

Step 3. Also, while selecting the files or folders, you can click "Restore the selected item" on the navigation.

Step 4. All the deleted files will go back to the original location which the files stored before.

recover deleted files from recycle bin

While you accidentally deleted files from the computer hard drive, you can easily get them back from the recycle bin or just click "Ctrl +Z" to retrieve them back. If the files got permanently deleted or lost, you need to get the powerful deleted files recovery software to help you out. Follow the next steps to get your permanently deleted files with Recoverit Data Recovery

How to Undo Permanently Deleted Files with Recoverit Data Recovery

Recoverit Data Recovery is the most useful deleted file recovery software. It can easily help you undo accidentally deleted files, or recover permanently deleted files from the computer and the emptied recycle bin. It can also recover deleted files from external devices like USB flash drive, SD memory card, or other storage media.

Step 1. Launch Recoverit Data Recovery program, select Recycle Bin folder, and Next.

select recycle bin folder

Step 2. The deleted file recovery software will start scanning and searching lost files, the process will take for minutes.

scanning lost files from recycle bin

Step 3. After the scan, you can check all recovered files and preview some recovered files. Select your files and click "Recover" button to get all data files back.

preview recovered files and retrieve back

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Follow the above solutions to undo deleted files from your Windows computer, get download Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac, it can easily undo any deleted or lost data from Mac OS. But the most important thing is before you delete any files please make sure the files have a backup and think twice.

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