4 Easy Solutions To Delete Downloads From Any Device

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There are several times when things we have downloaded are too embarrassing to have or just no longer of any use, these unwanted files take up valuable space and thus people jump towards deleting these downloads for good.

If in the past you have had trouble removing the things that you have downloaded from your device, then we have come here to your rescue. Here are 4 easy solutions that can help you delete downloaded files on Windows.

How to delete downloaded files on Windows

Let's face it, most of us use Windows at home and in office. It is one of the easiest operating systems to work on. But if you have been having issues with deleting items or files on Windows, here is a step by step guide to making sure that you can get rid of those files and items forever.

Step 1. Get to your downloaded items first!

First thing first, you need to go to the folder that stores your downloads. That is quite easy to access, all you have to do is press the button with the windows symbol on it along with the button marked "E".

Once you are in the folder, you need to search for the item or file that you want to delete.

How to delete downloaded files on Windows

By default, the files that are downloaded are moved to the folder marked as "Downloads". But this is not true in every case, sometimes, the users can place the files in other folders also. In that case, you need to locate the files using the search programs option.

Search to delete downloaded files on Windows

Step 2. Delete selected files.

The next step is fairly simple, you can either drag the files that you want to delete to the recycle bin or you can right-click on the file and select the Delete option.

Delete download files to recycle bin

How to delete downloaded files on Mac

Step 1. Access the very folder that stores your downloaded files!

How to deleted downloaded files on Mac

The folder that stores the downloaded files by default can be accessed in two ways, you can use any you find more fitting and convenient.

1) Access the download folder via the Dock. You can simply click on your desktop, then press the tab marked "Go" and then move towards "Downloads".

2) Access the folder containing the downloaded files from the sidebar using the Finder Window.

But if you have changed the location of the files that you have downloaded then you need to search for the file, in general, using the name of the file to get hold of it.

Step 2. Download the disk image file also

Click to delete mac downloaded files

An important thing to remember is that on MAC, the programs are downloaded as Disk Images, even after you have downloaded the programs these disk images remain on the computer, taking up huge amounts of space. So, when it comes to programs, uninstalling them is only half the game. Uninstalling the program should be accompanied by removing the Disk Images also. This will free a greater amount of space.

Step 3. Take the files that you want to delete to the trash can.

Once you have located the file, you can drag the file to the trash can or just right click on the file and then press delete.

Mac delete downloaded files to trash can

How to delete downloaded files on Android

Step 1. Download a file application manager.

There is a huge range of file application managers available online. These application managers can easily be downloaded and then operated on devices that run on android.

Some of the most widely used application managers are:

1) ES File Explorer

2) Astro File Manager

How to delete downloaded files on Android

Step 2. Next, locate the files using any of the managers.

Once you have installed the application manager, (for the sake of understanding lets explore with the ES File Explorer), you need to open it. A screen will appear having all the files on the phone, you need to locate the folder marked downloads. Once you open the download folder you will be able to view all the files that you have downloaded on to your mobile device

Use file manager to delete downloaded files on Android

Step 3. Just press delete!

Once you are in the folder and you have located the file that you want to delete, all you have to do is press delete.

Locate the downloaded file to delete

How to delete downloaded files on iPhone/iPad

The first step is to locate the files that you want to delete. In iOS you want don't get to see all of your downloads in one location. You have to access the file that you want to delete using the application that is used to handle them. Once you have the file to view, all you have to do is swipe the file and the delete option will become visible. Press the delete option and that will be the end of that file for good.

Problems when deleting downloaded files and their solutions

a) At times the files cannot be deleted because they are in use, a pop like the one shown below appears. Fret, not just close the file and then repeat step number 2 just to delete the files again.

Delete Downloads From Any Device

This can be a cause of great annoyance especially if you want to delete all the files quickly. One has to go back and check where exactly the file is open and then force it shut.

b) People cannot find the items that they want to delete.

IOS is a very complicated system. Unlike windows, it is not so easy to locate the files on this system as it is to locate them on windows. To get around this issue, people can simply have their phone jailbroken. Once its jailbroken you can then install application managers and manipulate files the same way they are manipulated on android systems.

c) At times iOS won't let you delete your songs.

This is one issue that can be resolved by simply deleting the song from the iTunes folder. Once that song is deleted from there it won't appear on your mobile iOS device either.

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