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How to Sync SharePoint Online to File Server?

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Jan 24, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

SharePoint is the world’s most well-known collaboration and document management system. If you want to manage, store, and organize crucial business documents, then Microsoft SharePoint can be the right choice for you.

This tool helps you to make all business documents or files secure and confined from getting overwritten and erase from the system. It includes web-friendly as well as handy product features and also offers robust security infrastructures to its users.

To know more about this software and How SharePoint sync online file server, read the below guide.

Part 1: What is SharePoint?

It is a web-based document management platform. The framework of SharePoint is really flexible; mainly, it helps people to save data and transfer information to the entire businesses.


The best part is that users can make an intranet or internal internet structure which also works like other websites for specific departments. Along with this, users also have centralized, secure space and can access, share, and edit documents.

Further, it contains a versatile set of technology that is put together with Office 365. With this tool, all corporations, whether small or large, can avail themselves of its benefits.

The foremost functions of this tool area as follow:

Here are some other functions of SharePoint that benefits your organization

It brings a collaboration of all important tasks to the table so that every team member can look for the imperative information.

It fetches context around the folder itself by keeping a record of versions of the document. For instance, in a traditional folder, there is no running version history for every document. On the other side, in SharePoint, there is more information about the File or folder.

SharePoint put together all the data in one central place so that every employee can quickly find out the information they need to start their work. Just post the message on SharePoint, and everyone can access it from their place only.

It is designed with a motive to get the organization into a central point where each staff can collaborate. This is particularly important for those firms which are not connected geographically.

It allows personnel with the capacity to connect with each other through a portal to work together all the time. Collaboration promotes improvement and creates a culture that produces creative ideas in the organization.

Part 2: How To Sync SharePoint Online With Local File Server?

Do you need to share or backup your folders from a local file server? If yes, you can surely sync SharePoint online with the local file server.

Here are the steps that you can follow to sync SharePoint online with a local file server, such as sync SharePoint files to OneDrive.

Select file to sync in SharePoint

Note: If you want to backup your important data, then you can use the Wondershare UBackit. It is a safe and secure tool that can restore and backup your data in no time.

Part 3: People also Ask

Q: How to Sync SharePoint File to OneDrice?

A: If you want to keep your OneDrive or SharePoint sites on-premises, you would like to sync the SharePoint file to OneDrive. Follow the following steps to sync files between SharePoint and OneDrive:

Sync OneDrive file

Sync OneDrive files

Q: How to Sync SharePoint File to Computer?

A: Follow the steps given below to learn how to sync your SharePoint files to computer

Go to SharePoint site

Sync SharePoint to computer files

You can access all synced SharePoint folders even offline. All the changes that you make offline will be automatically synced once you are online.

Final Words

We hope that from the above article, you have gained enough knowledge about SharePoint. Now, you can easily sync SharePoint online with local file servers. Further, you are able to sync SharePoint files to the computer with the help of the above methods.

For secure and safe backup of data, you can also try UBackit. Try it once!

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