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How to Restore Backup Photos from Google Photos? 3 Effective Ways

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jan 24, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

Google Photos is an amazing way to store your valuable images and videos in the cloud. This is how your photos and videos become accessible on any device and at any time. Also, you can share them with your friends and families at any time.

To ensure your images are stored in Google and are accessible, it is better to install Google Backup and Sync on your devices. This ensures that your images are safe and secure on the Google cloud solution. But there are chances that you may lose your photos from Google Photos. In case you accidentally delete a photo or video, those are in the trash for 60 days before deleted forever.

Are you wondering how to restore backup photos from Google Photos? If yes, then you can retrieve images in different ways before they get deleted permanently.

Backup and restore photos from Google Photos

In this article, we will discuss the different and effective ways to recover backup photos from Google photos.

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Why Did Your Photos Disappear from Google Photos?

Google backup or Google photos allow you to store all your photos, videos, and multimedia messages on a single Google account. You will need your Gmail account sign-in for Google backup.

Do you know that every Gmail account offers 15 GB of cloud storage space to store the data? And, Google backup is the virtual backup hard drive that you do not have to hold physically to access your Google Photos.

Almost everyone has an account on Google who uses Google Photos to back up their photos as well as videos. But, sometimes the data from Google Photos get disappeared due to many reasons some of which are as follow:

If your photos get deleted due to an accident or other reason, check the following section to recover Google Photos backup.

3 Effective Ways to Restore Backup Photos from Google Photos

The problem of "Google Photos lost all my stored photos" is very common. If you also encounter the same issue, then worry not. Keep on reading the following solution to restore lost Google Photos data.

Method 1. Recover Google Backup Photos on PC

If you use your system for Google Photos, then you can recover the photos on PC with the following steps.

to Google account

Search for images in trash folder of Google Photos

This is how you can restore the deleted images and videos from Google Photos.

Method 2. Recover Google Photos Backup on Android and iOS Device

The process for recovering deleted images in Google Photos on Android and iOS is a little different from the PC method.

Select images from trash to restore on your device

Select images from trash of Google Photos to restore

What If Your Photos and Videos are Available in Trash

Have you searched everywhere on Google Photos for your images and videos but unable to find them?

If yes, the possibility is that the time has been over sixty days since you accidentally delete the photos. However, you can recover those photos if they are important to you. In case you have only deleted the images from the Google Backup but not deleted them from recycle bin, recovery can become easy.

Note! Restore the Google Backup in some other safe place from time to time so that you cannot lose any photo or video.

For this, you can use a third-party tools like Wondershare UBackit.

Method 3. Backup Photos in Advance to Prevent Loss with Wondershare UBackit

To prevent the loss of photos, it is best to backup photos in advance with a trusted tool like Wondershare UBackit. It allows you to backup all your data, including Google Photos, in a few minutes. The best part is that you can install and launch Wondershare UBackit on Windows or Mac to backup or restore the Google Photos. The setup is quite easy and quick, as well.

Features of Wondershare UBackit

How to use Wondershare UBackit for Google Photos Backup?

choose backup source

choose backup destination

set automatic backup

Final Words

We hope that from the above article you come to know about the reasons for lost photo backup from Google photos. If you lost Google backup, then use the best way to restore backup photos from Google Photos.

When you are in search of a trusted and quick backup solution, don't forget to use the amazing backup - Wondershare UBackit. It can help you to back up your Google Photos and videos in advance so that you have no worries to delete Google Photos to free up space.

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