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Ever happened to process the windows backup and an error message appear on screen i.e. windows backup will not complete? Or in other case, the last backup did not complete successfully windows 10. This article explains the system failure behind this error.

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I am doing a windows backup with a system image and it is being saved onto an external Seagate hard drive. Every time I do the backup, it says that I have files that were skipped and that the backup did not complete successfully. I looked at the files and they were located on drive F, and I don't even have a drive F on my computer anymore. Also, when I go to the hard drive, it says the backup and system image take up no space at all. 0 bytes. How can I get my computer to do a successful backup?

When you click on that start backup option to proceed the process, sometimes the system fails to initiate the backup and you get an error message on screen i.e. either window 7 back-ups will not work (if using windows 7) or the last backup did not complete successfully windows 10 (if using windows 10). Mostly this backup error issue is related to windows 7 and 10. This error may be due to the issues related to the storage location i.e. external drive or even with the system failures. This article is going to explain all the reasons and solutions.

Creating backup for your data to make it secure is essential and protects it from any data loss due to system crashes. Sometimes due to space issues, the backup fails to work but that can be solved by removing unimportant data. If still you receive an error i.e. windows backup will not complete then that has something to do with the storage media or the file that has targeted for backup. Virus or malware attacks, file corruption or if the file is inaccessible then the system cannot proceed with the backup process. In this article, you will get to know all the reasons behind the incomplete backup proceedings along with the efficient solutions to fix this technical issue. Here are the topics that would be discussed in detail.

Part 1: Problem of Windows Backup Did Not Complete Successfully

As mentioned above, it can be the storage media i.e. external USB or the hard drive with partition corruption or bad sectors, it can be the file/folder targeted for backup, it can be the corrupted file, it can be the inaccessibility to the particular data for backup which can cause the error i.e. windows backup will not complete or if you are working on the new backup then you can see the message i.e. the last backup did not complete successfully. All you have to do is to click on the options button and view the details of the error in the event log.


Part 2: Causes of Windows Backup Did Not Complete Successfully

As mentioned earlier, there is a certain reason that causes the last backup did not complete successfully or windows backup will not complete error. This can be due to the technicalities related to targeted storage media meant to store backup data, the data itself, or the file systems. Here are some of the possible reasons for the error message.

  1. Bad sectors or partitions selected as locations for storing the backup data
  2. Corrupted external hard drives
  3. Timeout issues while transferring the data to USB or external hard drive
  4. File targeted to be backed up is corrupted or inaccessible
  5. Virus or malware attacks
  6. Potential I/O device errors

All the above-mentioned reasons will hinder the process of backup and in this time if the system crashes due to any potential reason, you will face a data loss.

Part 3: Free Methods to Solve the Problem

Once you find out the actual reason causing backup failure in your case, the next step is to find out the solution to fix the issue and to proceed with the process of backup to avoid any data loss. Here are four of the effective ways with which you can solve the problem i.e. windows backup will not complete for free.

  1. Check disk and fix command on both the backup source drive and the destination drive. Run command prompt i.e. chckdsk C: /f to investigate the C drive. In C drive, select the partition and click on the option of properties> tools to go for the option of Error checking.
  2. Make sure the backup drive is well connected to your computer. Any loose connection to the device will hinder the process of data transfer and leads to a timeout. This timeout will potentially stop the backup and you will receive the message i.e. windows backup will not complete. For this, you can check the status of your connected external drive in disk management.
  3. Run a full scan of your computer with anti-virus software and delete the untrusted files. For this, you can use powerful anti-virus software to rule out any potential virus or malware attack corrupting the files or file systems targeted for backup.
  4. Delete old backups or volume shadow copies and then try the backup again. This will release the space for the nee backup and the system will not confuse between the identical folders.

If all these fail to work, then the only solution left is to use third-party backup software.

Part 4: Backup with Professional Backup Software

When you left with only one option to use third-party backup software to deal with error i.e. the last backup did not complete successfully or windows backup will not complete, then AOMEI Backupper professional is your deal to crack. This software is apt in creating successful backups in no time. Here are some of the salient features related to the software.

  1. It backs up system state, disks, partitions, folders, and files and shows up with one-click system backup and restore.
  2. It facilitates automatic backup for files and file systems i.e. backup for specified files daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  3. It helps you with a facility of full incremental and differential backup for the scheduled tasks.
  4. It provides you with an opportunity to clone the systems, disk, and partitions to undergo the process of data duplication on other devices. Using this facility, you can create the data duplicates on other devices or directly on SSD.
  5. AOMEI PXE Boot Tool is a kind of facility provided by the software that helps to proceed with the universal restoration of computers over the LAN.

Now here is the stepwise procedure that could be employed for using the software to deal with backup issue i.e. the last backup did not complete successfully or windows backup will not complete.

Step 1: Download and launch the software on your device. In the main interface of the software, select the option of Backup.

Step 2: In the menu of backup, select the option of Disk backup. It will include the whole drive for backup.


Step 3: Now select the source disk. If you dealing with the system backup then the software will automatically include the source disk.


Step 4: Now select the particular location where you want to save the backed-up data.


Step 5: Click Start backup to continue. If you want to schedule the backup, you can go for the option of Schedule to configure.

Hence, if your system fails to complete the backup, then by now you know the actual reasons behind the error. It can be anything i.e. the storage media corruption, bad sectors, file corruption, time out errors, or inaccessibility to the files targeted for backup. Sometimes I/O device errors can hinder the process. In this regard you can run the command prompt, you can check the connection of the device with the external drive selected as the destination for storing the backup data, you can run the anti-virus software to rule out the virus or malware attacks corrupting the system or you can delete the old backups to avoid the identical folder conflict. Another way is to use third-party backup software. This article introduced the AOMEI backupper professional in this context. It is a powerful software that runs the backup file by file. It is a reliable software that is way faster and secure for use.

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