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Sync Laptop and Desktop in Windows 10/11

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

Q: How to sync laptop and desktop in windows 10/11?

"Computers and laptops have been in my use for quite a while now, but I'm striving to know the methods for syncing my videos and photos because the storage of my hard disk is also running low in space. However, it is also essential to sync files because it enables you to secure your valuable data at one place. I wish to go through efficient methods to sync my HP laptop and desktop. Furthermore, I want to know why most of the people sync laptop and desktop. If there is any way to sync my settings in Windows 10, I need to know the simple method. The laptop that I'm willing to sync has very important data on it."

People think that syncing laptop and desktop in windows 10/11 is something very hard to do. In real life, you just need the right methods to do that. In this guide, you will have some simplest solutions to sync laptop and computer windows 10/11. Furthermore, you will surely be pleased with the reason of why people sync laptops. You will also be given the method to sync settings in Windows 10/11. Just make sure you have full focus on the guide. The method mentioned in the guide is widely used by people all around the globe.

Part 1: Why You Need to Sync Laptop and Desktop in Windows 10/11?

Thousands of people using computers and laptops want to sync them in windows 10/11 operating systems. There are always some reasons behind it. You need to look into those reasons to get an in-depth study of your scenario. You need to be aware of the reasons for syncing any of your devices. There are some features that Windows 10/11 has to offer you for syncing laptops and desktop. Before going to that, these are some of the reasons why you need to sync your laptop and computer in windows 10/11;

  1. The first prime reason is that you can use the same settings on both computers. This surely saves your time as you don't need to manually enter theme customizations, browser options, etc. Syncing a laptop and computer aids you in managing your professional and personal life on computers.
  2. In this busy era, everyone wants their work to be done automatically. No one has the time to copy and paste everything for sharing files. So, syncing a laptop and computer allows you to keep frequent-used files up to date on two PCs without the repetitive work of copy and paste.

Part 2: How to Sync Laptop and Desktop in Windows 10/11?

Windows is surely advanced enough to give you the features of sync, but you need to make sure that you study every one of the utilities in detail. That surely aids you in studying your situation properly. You may use a laptop or computer for any company. All you need is windows 10/11 and its sync settings option. First, you will be given the method to sync the settings between a laptop and a desktop. Afterward, you can surely follow the methods given below to sync files between desktop and laptop;

Case 1: Sync settings between a laptop and a desktop

In this first method, you will learn how to use the windows 10/11 sync setting option to sync settings between two or more devices. These are the steps to sync settings between a laptop and a desktop in windows 10/11;

Step 1: Firstly, you need to turn on your laptop or desktop. Now, go to start> Settings> Accounts.

Step 2: Furthermore, you are required to click on your account and then sign in with a Microsoft account instead. Give your Microsoft account the required information and sign in.

Step 3: Moving on, you need to click "Sync your settings and turn on the switch to sync settings. If you want to restrict something from syncing, you can disable any individual settings.

Step 4: Once you have followed the above steps, turn on your other device, and implement the same steps on that device to sync settings between the two devices.

Case 2: Sync files between a laptop and a desktop

We have discussed syncing settings between two devices. Now, we will be learning to sync files between a laptop and a desktop. However, there are two ways to conduct this task. One is to use Windows built-in utility and the other is to use third-party software for your ease. Follow the methods to sync files between a laptop and a desktop;

Method 1: With Windows 10 sync center

Windows 10 sync center can help you sync the information between two devices. You can surely utilize the windows 10 sync center to sync files and information between your PC and offline files that are saved in the folder of the network server. However, the sync center is prone to display multiple types of issues like "Enable offline files greyed out", "Always available offline missing" and many others. To enjoy vast features without any troubles, you need to follow the next method.

Method 2: With UBackit Data Backup

To fulfill the deficiencies of the sync center, you need to utilize UBackit data backup which is the finest available syncing software in the market.

Wondershare UBackit

You can utilize the professional version of UBackit as it provides complete and reliable PC backup and restores strategies for any of the windows version. Backup Scheme, Dynamic Disk Backup, Dissimilar Hardware Restore, Automatic Backup, etc. and many other diverse and useful features are available. Not only this but the software also allows you to an auto-backup external drive when it is the secondary connection. The software is compatible with almost every operating system. There are a vast number of functions that this software contains. You can conduct incremental or differential backup for the scheduled task, this software allows you to set backup schedules as daily, weekly, monthly, or even non-stop. You are quite aware of the features now. Utilize the steps to get the benefits from the software;

Step 1: First, download UBackit data backup on your computer. Then, launch it. you need to choose the option "Create New" and then "File Backup".

file backup

Step 2: Here you need to select the files or folders you want to sync. And click Select to continue.

select files to backup

Step 3: Now, choose one drive to save the backup. You can save it in the local drive or external disk. Then, click Select to start the backup process.

select backup destination

Step 4: Once the process is completed, you will find 3 options at the bottom of the backup file. You can set an automatic backup plan by clicking the Schedule button. Then UBackit will sync the files automatically next time according to the settings.

automatic backup settings


When it comes to sync, there is no better software than Wondershare UBackit. You can surely utilize the professional version for multiple other features.

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