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10 Free File Shredder Software Programs

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Recover Files • Proven solutions

To keep our data safe and protected, we use different kinds of file shredder tools. Since shredding gets rid of selected data, it is highly used by people to remove a piece of information from their system forever. Even though there are all sorts of file eraser applications out there, not all of them provide the desired results. To help you, we have come up with this comprehensive post. Read on and be familiar with the top 10 file shredder software programs that will come in handy to you on numerous occasions.

Part 1: Why You Need a File Shredder

There is a vital difference between the deletion and the shredding of data. When we delete data, we make it harder for someone else to discover it, but in reality, it still retains in our system. Since the data isn't overwritten at that time, anyone can retrieve it by using a data recovery tool.

This is where shredding comes to save the day. It erases specific data permanently by overwriting it with the machine code of 0 and 1. The specific erasing of these data files is also known as file shredding and is performed by a file shredder tool. Therefore, if you have a file eraser program, then you can get rid of your content permanently without letting any recovery software retrieve it.

Part 2: 10 Free File Shredder Software Programs

Now when you know the importance of a file shredder tool, you can easily use it to get rid of certain files forever. To start with, you can take the assistance of these handpicked file eraser tools.

  1. Eraser
  2. WipeFile
  3. Freeraser
  4. Secure Eraser
  5. Free File Shredder
  6. PC Shredder
  7. File Shredder
  8. Hard Disk Scrubber
  9. CyberShredder
  10. Stellar BitRaser for File


Eraser is an open-source file shredder tool that is also freely available. You can use the tool to wipe an entire drive or simply pick a kind of data files that you wish to erase. Besides that, you can also perform a scheduled deletion of data with its advanced settings. The tool has different kinds of eraser methods as well that users can pick. As of now, it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.





Even though you can use WipeFile to shred selective data files, it is mostly used as a file eraser for portable devices. It has an easy to use interface that also allows its users to "queue" the data files they wish to delete. It has also integrated some advanced cipher algorithms.





If you are looking for a quick and easy file shredder solution, then you should certainly give Freeraser a try. Freely available, it can be used to erase the respective data file by a simple drag and drop method. You can choose to install the software on your system or simply get its portable version as well.




4.Secure Eraser

As the name suggests, Secure Eraser provides a safe and reliable file eraser option. The tool is freely available and has included several data eraser algorithms. Even though the application has a free trial that provides basic operations, it will keep reminding you to download the full version.



Secure Eraser

5.Free File Shredder

Free File Shredder is another popular data eraser tool that can be used without any trouble. It comes with lots of features that can be used to delete selective folders or wipe an entire disk. It also supports a drop and drops feature as well.



Free File Shredder

6. PC Shredder

PC Shredder is a sophisticated file shredder that is designed specifically for the Windows system. It is a lightweight and freely available tool that can erase the data of your choice seamlessly.



PC Shredder

7.File Shredder

File Shredder is another freely available tool that can be used to get rid of your data files permanently. It has an easy to use interface that also supports the drag and drop option. Additionally, the tool has several advanced features for data erasing.



file shredder

8.Hard Disk Scrubber

Hard Disk Scrubber is undoubtedly one of the most widely used file eraser programs out there. It has lots of default deletion algorithms that users can pick or can simply design their patterns as well. The tool can also be used to get more free space on the disk.





Developed by CyLog, CyberShredder is a lightweight file eraser tool that will meet your basic needs for sure. It can be used to remove selected files and folders on your device by simply dragging and dropping the items of your choice.




10.Stellar BitRaser for File

Halt your quest for the best file shredder at Stellar BitRaser for the file. The tool provides a wide range of data eraser algorithms for users to pick from. It can be used to wipe an entire disk, external storage unit, or perform a selected deletion of data files. You can simply right-click the files you wish to delete and get rid of them instantly. It can also be used to delete system traces, applications, Internet activities, and more.

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Internet Activities

We have listed both file shredder as well as file eraser tools in this post. While file erasers can wipe an entire drive in one go, file shredders are mostly used to erase selected files and folders. Since most of these tools are applicable in both situations, you can use them as per your needs.

Now when you know the pros and cons of most of the leading file shredder tools, you can simply pick the one that appeals to you the most. Out of all the provided options, we recommend going with Stellar BitRaser for the file. It is one of the most advanced file eraser tools and will certainly meet your requirements.

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