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How to Delete Partition Force Protected in Windows 10/11

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May 16, 2024 • Filed to: Recover Files • Proven solutions

The alert regarding, "Delete partition force protected partitions" arises severally in a computer user's life. Disk management forms a critical portion of a computer user's tools. It helps to optimize storage resources and efficiency together.

Disk partitioning allows you to manage disks with an upper hand concerning what stores where. Most importantly, it will enable a user to tweak more on privacy and access files/folder access rights.

At times, you may require reinstalling Windows 10/11 without altering any application software or files. In such circumstances, that's where existing disk partitions get wonderfully helpful.

Let's dig deeper.

This write-up will help you grasp the handy list of ways to delete protected partitions if you are on Windows 10/11 OS.

Part 1: What Is A Protected Partition, and Why Can't I Delete It?

First, it's the explanation of a protected disk partition. And it is as the name suggests. Disk partition protection denies access to deletion and altering of data in the protected partition.

Disk management is strong enough for virtually every preferential tweak. But partition protection counters that. It allows free computer usage while a user makes and implements their rules regarding that.

cmd console diskpart partitions

It's within a partition that files and folder locking takes place. Some data folders can be hidden or outright barring editing rights to unauthorized users.

For administrators who run servers, disk partitioning is standard, and it allows them to maintain data folders/files that are redundant.

On the other question, several cases arise regarding why deleting a partition protected drive gives you the trouble:

For one case, some versions of Operating Systems like Windows XP do not support partitioning of disks.

Therefore, if you mount a partitioned drive, you can only access protected partitions in Windows XP.

The second case involves errors existing within an already partitioned drive.

Thirdly, disk partition protection may arise from admins creating multiple partitions manually.

Part 2: How to Force Delete Partition with Force Protected Parameter in Diskpart?

Diskpart only raises an error alert for protective reasons. Therefore, the only route to allow Diskpart to be aware that you understand the implications.

You do that by changing the instructions to the computer.

In detailed notes, in place of the "delete partition" command, you type in the "delete partition override" instead.

Heads up Warning: Once you delete a partition using Diskpart, you cannot recover the contents with ease. Therefore, ensure you exercise overly cautious while deleting a protected partition.

cmd console diskpart

Follow the steps below to effect Force Deletion of a Protected Partition with Diskpart (Delete Partitions Force Protected)

Step One. Press your "Windows + R" keys.

run dialogue boxrun dialogue box

The run Dialogue box will pop up. In its blank command typing placeholder, type in the word "Diskpart."

Proceed to hit your enter key.

diskpart console

Step Two. Type in the following command "list disk" and press "Enter."

The command will show a popup with all the disks currently attached to your PC.

cmd diskpart partitions

Step Three. Key in the command "select disk" and proceed to press "Enter." Next, select the exact disk containing the partition for deletion.

Step Four. Type in the text "list partition" and proceed to press "Enter." You'll be able to see all the partitions within your selected disk.

Step Five. Type in the command "select partition" and hit press "Enter." Lookup and identify the one you target to delete from your partition list.

Step Six. Type in the following words "delete partition override" and press the "Enter" key. Diskpart will proceed to force-delete the partition you've targeted to override with a parameter.

Part 3: How to Use Recoverit to Recover Data from the Force Deleted Partition?

In any case, you may force delete a partition, only to realize that you have useful information in it. Lucky for you, you can always recover the lost data with Recoverit partition recovery software.

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Lost Partition Data?

Recent Videos from Recoverit

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Recoverit covers you either as a MAC or Windows operating system user. It's an excellent software for helping you with recovering partitions.

Besides, it covers you for partitions with the following filing systems on Windows: FAT NTFS, HFS (+X) Ext2, or Ext3 under Windows.

Process of Recovering Lost partitions (Applicable for Windows or MAC)

Download Recoverit Partition Recovery solution software.

Recoverit allows you to select a recovery mode. In our case, it's the - Lost Partition Recovery.

Select a location to launch your scan. Pressing the Start button allows Recoverit to launch a scan for your lost partition.

computer data recovery

Bear in mind that the scan will take a while, so be patient enough.

computer scan

Lastly, preview the partitions recovered with data file listening appearing on a left pane. (It corresponds to the file formats within your lost partition)

word preview

It's best to save the whole recovered partition on a safe device. That way, you'll avoid overwriting it with time after deletion upon flagging you with the error -(delete partition force protected).

Summing Up

Computer disk management requires users to delete protected partitions at one time or the other.

Under default circumstances, operating systems deter the deletion as a matter of protection of data.

You can follow the steps listed in this article to overcome the challenge. However, what happens if instances need to recover an already deleted partition?

You have an excellent opportunity to recover any lost or deleted partitions using data recovery software. My best recommendation is Recoverit Data Recovery.

Next is a link to a video that will guide you on every step to use Recoverit for Partitions recovery.

With Recoverit Data Recovery, you get one tool to help you out on many and equally applicable instances.

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