Different Methods to Open an Invalid or Corrupt JPEG Photos

How to Open an Invalid or Corrupt JPEG Photo

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Opening an invalid or corrupt file could be tough if you do not know how to go about it. It could get tougher if you don’t have the right tools.

What comes to your mind when you click on an image and it pops up a sign that tells you that it is either invalid or corrupted? Well, first guess will be a sinking whirlpool grows in your insides. You might even wonder what you must have done to technology that it decided to deal you a blow at that instant. The whirlpool will get large if you try to access the invalid photo in some other way and you still cannot.

Now there’s just something you shouldn’t do while in this situation. What is that you may ask? Do not freak out. It doesn’t help you get your files open. Rather than panic, take in deep breaths to prevent you from going all haywire on whatever device that you are trying to access the photo from. Getting distressed will only lead you into more trouble and what trouble could that be? You could cause more damage to your photos by consistently pressing buttons to see which one will do the trick of restoring your photos. So, calm down, and if you are with your system follow these steps to try and open the invalid photo on your system.

Part 1. What Are Invalid or Corrupt JPEG Photos?

Ever encountered an unknown JPEG format error while trying to view a picture within JPEG format? What was your reaction exactly? Super freaky or just a toss of the hand in the air and hope for better pictures? Well, different people react to the loss of pictures differently. Now the error message that popped up while you were trying to view that picture means that there is a problem somewhere. However, this problem has made that picture invalid or corrupt. Now for some normal people, that error message means less than it does to a professional photographer or even a graphic designer. If you are in any of these professional lines, loss of those pictures might affect your business and client influx. Now some of the causes of this error message include:

Now you know why your photo is invalid, so what’s the next step? What do you do? There are different ways you can go about repairing your invalid Photo to ensure that it opens again. Let’s take a look at how you can do that.

Part 2. How to Repair Invalid or Corrupt JPEG Photos

About ten or more ways could be counted for photo repair and repair purposes. We would be looking at four different ways that you can repair your prized pictures.

1. Restore JPG file from backup:

Most of the time backup is your best bet when such things as picture loss and corruption hit you. If you constantly back up your files to an external drive or cloud storage and it happens that some of these files are corrupted sometime in the future, you can easily go to the external drive or wherever you backed it up and restore them. You will even find out that you wouldn’t panic so much when you have back up.

2. Convert JPG to another format:

This is one method that might help you repair your file if it is not severely damaged. Your invalid photo will possibly become accessible in a different file format. You can decide to change the file format to a .bmp format by clicking on the file and selecting "Save As" in the name field. This changes the file extension to a different file format and then click on ‘save’. Try opening the new image and see if this method has helped you in any way.

3. Download the JPG files again:

Sometimes error messages pop up for files that are not properly downloaded due to interruption or site issues. This corrupts the JPG files and so makes it inaccessible. So the one thing you can do in this case is to download the photo again from the same source and check if it would have this same error message issues. It does, you can check other sites as that particular site might be corrupted.

4. Use repair software with Stellar Photo Repair Software:

This software is called a third-party software as it is only introduced when you cannot salvage your photo using the previous methods listed and other methods that exist. Using third-party software is a very efficient way of restoring your pictures if they are corrupted. Nevertheless, ensure you use reliable software in order not to damage your photos further while trying to repair them especially if it has a virus. Whatever software you use should be efficient enough to retrieve and fix corrupt JPG images shot with any camera, repair files from SD cards, and any other form of media storage.

The Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is the most efficient repair software for your pictures as it also repairs the visual features of the pictures if it turns out to have been damaged. It does this by extracting the thumbnail of the image in question therefore giving you the exact image that was inaccessible due to corruption. Stellar Photo Repair Software has a friendly user interface that is straightforward and easy to use. This will help you repair your photos comfortably at home or anywhere else. It does as much as repairing inaccessible JPG images with a corrupt header, ones with invalid or unknown JPG marker, ones with missing SOS marker, ones with corrupt JPG data, and those with invalid files structures.

The following are the steps for repairing your invalid or corrupt photos using Stellar Photo Repair Software.

Step 1 Go in search of Stellar Photo Repair Software and download it into your system. Install the software once the download is complete and allow it to launch.

Step 2 Now insert your storage media where the photos you intend to repair were stored and proceed to run the software. On the user interface click on the Add file option and select which file that you intend repairing.

Step 3 The software will pop up all the selected files in the next screen. You can decide to click on "Select All" to select all the files listed there for repairing or you can remove some files from the list if you wish to.

Step 4 Click on the "Repair" button to begin the repair process on the files you’ve earlier selected. After repairing is done you can go to the preview pane to preview any file. This helps to check for inconsistencies.

Step 5 Once you are through with the preview, click on the "Save" button to save the repaired files at any location of your choice. And voila, you now have access to your photo again with its original form and quality.

repair files

Now so many other ways exist with which you can get back your invalid file such as:

When all of these doesn’t still restore your invalid photo, then it means that the damage is deep. Remember, the only way out of this dilemma is using the most efficient photo repair software which is globally preferred, and whose steps for the repair process are listed above. Now ensure that you take precautions to safeguard your photos from going invalid either from corruption or deletion.

Keeping your storage device away from harsh conditions and going for the storage devices with the best quality is a sure way to protect your photos. Protecting your beautiful memories from corruption is far much better than waiting to repair corrupted jpeg photos online anyway.

However, if it happens, Stellar photo repair has got your back. This is because it will not only repair your pictures by returning it to its original state before the corruption but will also allow you to save the repaired photo to any location of your choice. It will also save the extracted thumbnail of the repaired photo in case the issue of an invalid photo rears its head again.

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