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Having a lovely moment is beautiful and might be impossible to relive. However, when those moments are captured in a digital form like in videos and pictures, then you can view those moments and relive the moments. Well, the good thing is that those files can be kept for eternity and viewed over and over again. But what happens if all of a sudden, those captured moments become corrupt and inaccessible? A sensation of loss will most likely creep up in ones’ stomach, right? It is for situations like these you should know how repair corrupted JPEG online. There are more than a few programs to repair jpg online but from several online reviews, JPEG repair tool from stellar phoenix is one of the best and top most reliable programs to repair corrupted JPEG online.

Part 1: Repair Invalid JPEG with Stellar Phoenix Photo Repair

Stellar Phoenix JPEG repair tool is one of the most reliable programs that can put an end to the situation of corrupt photos saved in JPEG or JPG formats. It is a smart program commercially available unto users on both Mac and Windows. It has a simple yet concise user interface with all necessary buttons and functions visible and easy to use. The program was designed with a complex algorithm that makes it possible for it to repair corrupted JPEG online from storage devices such as an SD card, a USB or pen drive, Media storage devices or a Hard disk irrespective of the cause of corruption. Making use of the program is quite easy and it performs an in-depth scan of the select storage device where the corrupt JPEG file is located and it tries to repair the file in just a few minutes. It can also perform a batch repair or extract thumbnails of files that are to be repaired.

Some of the key features of Stellar Phoenix JPEG repair tool include:

Part 2: How to Repair Invalid JPEG from Stellar Phoenix Repair software

As earlier stated, the Stellar Phoenix repair tool is an easy to use program. Below are the steps on how to use this tool to repair corrupted JPEG online using this program.

Step 1: Download and Install Stellar Phoenix JPEG repair Tool

Before this program can be used, you need to download the software. It is available for both Mac and Windows Operating systems, so be sure to select the right operating system when downloading. Once the download has been done, the installation is pretty much as straightforward process making use of the installation wizard and following its prompt.

Step 2: Activating and Updating Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair tool

Stellar Phoenix program when installed come as an evaluation or demo version with limited functionality. In order to make use of the full functions of this program, you have to launch the software as a demo version. On the home screen of the programs, click on the “Activation” icon at the top of the user interface and activation dialogue box would be displayed, simply click on the “Activate” button to buy the product online. Once your purchase of the software has been confirmed, an activation key would be sent to your provided email address. You can now type in the activation code in the previously opened dialogue box and click on activate to upgrade your software to a fully functional Stellar Phoenix repair tool.

activate the photo repair tool

Step 3: Add a Corrupted Image File

In order for you to repair corrupted JPEG files, simply run Stellar repair for photo software on your personal computer. On the home screen of the user interface, click on the “Add file” button located at the centre of the screen.

add a corrupted image file

You will be immediately welcomed with an explorer page from where you are to select the corrupted JPEG file that you intend to repair. After navigating to the location of the file and selecting the files, click on “Open”.

select a corrupted image file

Step 4: Repair corrupted JPEG file

Once the files have been added to the interface of the software, you can select the file you want to repair from the imported ones by clicking on the checkbox to select them. After checking the right boxes or simply click on the “Select all” option, click on the “Repair” button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

repair JPEG file

After the successful completion of the repair process, a “repair complete” notification would be displayed, simply click on “OK” to exit.

Step 5: Advanced Repair

There are situations where a picture has been severely damaged and might be difficult to repair by the simple repair process here is where the advanced repair comes in. To use the Advanced Repair option, click on the option when it appears in front of an unsuccessful repair file.

advanced photo repair

On the Advanced repair dialogue box, click on the “next” and then select a sample file from your storage, that is, a file with the same format as the one being repaired and also created from the same device. Once this file has been selected, “Check the “Apply to all JPEG of Same Format” and then click on “repair”

Step 6: Save your Image

Once all your files have been repaired, you can now save them to a location on your personal computer. To do that, first, go to the button called Save Repaired Files, select a desired location on your computer and lastly, click “OK”.

Part 3: Why Invalid JPEG Happened?

It is a painful discovery to find out that your photos cannot be accessed again due to an error or the other. There are quite a number of reasons why a JPEG photo can flash the “Invalid JPEG” notification in the face of any user. It is important to know some of the reasons so as to avoid and prevent its reoccurrence in the future. Some of the causes include:

Part 4: Tips to avoid invalid JPEG file happened

In order to avoid the occurrence of an invalid JPEG file on your devices, here are a few take home tips that can keep you from encountering this error.

  • While making a transfer from an external storage device, ensure that transfer has been successfully completed before pulling out the external storage device. It is advisable to safely eject all external storage devices that have been plugged into a personal computer before pulling them out. This helps to prevent broken and incomplete transfer and at the same time extend the life of your external storage device.
  • Most of the invalid JPEG file can be caused by the presence of a virus, malware or spyware present on your personal computer or mobile devices. Ensure that you have a strong anti-malware software installed on your PC and that you update it from time to time. Avoid downloading from websites that you feel might be unprotected and might have the ability to infect your PC with malware.
  • Another useful tip that can help keep JPEG pictures safe is by compressing or archiving large picture collection into a zip file. Archiving of JPEG files can help prevent them from most viruses and also keeps the file as a whole entity.
  • Ensure that your pictures and every file on your personal computer or devices are well organized. Each file or collection of the picture should be in separate folders and in safe folder locations on your PC or device to avoid mistakenly deleting these files.


In this article, we have been able to ascertain the fact that JPEG repair tool from Stellar Phoenix is the best tool available to repair corrupted JPEG online. It might not be a completely free tool but it sure is worth the trial as it does what it was designed to do just perfectly i.e., to repair JPEG online or offline.

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