How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos with Ease

This article we'll introduce the best video recovery software to help you recover deleted or lost YouTube video files.

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How to recover deleted or lost YouTube videos? Looking fot the best solution to help you recover deleted YouTube videos on the channel? On this page, we will show the best easy ways to help you recover all deleted YouTube video back.

YouTube is one of the most popular videos sharing platform for vlogger online. A huge number of videos get published and shared on their website every day in all sort of niches, reaching millions of people all over the globe. Out of all these YouTube videos, a significant number also get deleted every day. You might have encountered this problem, there are available options to help you recover deleted YouTube videos.

About YouTube Videos Deleted Issue:

Basing on the terms of YouTube usage, any video may get taken down if it violates one of the rules and regulation of the website. Here are three common causes of videos deletion:

  • 1. Copyright strike. Copyright issues are rampant in YouTube, especially when you use music or videos that are previously owned by a third party. They can claim ownership of it and strike your video as a copyright violation. This is an offense that has a legal basis and should be carefully taken into consideration before uploading a video that may contain copyrighted material.
  • 2. Privacy complaints. Sometimes, a third person or party will file a formal complaint that the video contains privacy violation. If the content endangers the person in any way, be it revealing their address or other personal information without their consent, that person has the right to ask management to take down your videos.
  • 3. Content issues. If the video has content deemed non friendly or promotes abuse, the management has the right to take down the video without warning. The uploader is then usually asked to edit the video to make it more user-friendly and appropriate for viewing of all ages.
  • How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos

    Deleted YouTube videos can still be restored, and here are some of the methods to do so:

    Method 1. Retrieve Videos from

  • 1. Head over to the email account you used to register on YouTube and seek the email with the upload information of the video that got deleted.
  • 2. Highlight and copy the video’s link.
  • 3. Open and type in
  • 4. On the search bar, paste your copied video link and select Browse History.
  • 5. The page redirects you to the upload history of that video with the exact date it was uploaded, archived on the site. Click on it.
  • 6. You will then find all the information plus the video file of the YouTube video you uploaded.
  • 7. Download the video file and upload again.
  • Sometimes, this solution would fail. Go on and check the method as below.

    Method 2. Help Support

    You can also try to send email to the managing team of YouTube to ask them to restore your video upload. If you are a YouTube Partner (more than 10,000 views), you can reach them more easily using these steps:

  • 1. Sign in to your YouTube account and find the Help link found at the bottom page.
  • 2. Select Need more help and then go to Get creator support.
  • 3. You will then be met with selection regarding the category of the issue. Select Email Support.
  • 4. Additionally, you may have to click on the link labeled “Contact the Creator Support Team”.
  • Method 3. Restore Videos from Backup

    If you have any backup, then you can restore the deleted YouTube videos from the backup and upload them to your YouTube channel. Go to your computer hard disk drive or other storage and find out the videos before uploading.

    If you do not have a backup all videos on your computer and get deleted, you can get a powerful Video recovery software to help you retrieve all videos back. Follow the method 4 as below, recover deleted videos with Recoverit video recovery software.

    Method 4. Restore deleted YouTube Video Original Files from PC

    Recoverit Video Recovery software is the best solution to recover deleted or lost YouTube video original files from PC computer. Free download as below and get your lost YouTube videos back in simple steps.

    best video recovery

    Recoverit Video Recovery Software

    • Recover video files from computer hard drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, mobile phone.
    • Recover lost videos due to accidental deletion, formatted card, virus attacked and devices system crashed.
    • Supported Video formats: AVI、MOV、MKV、MP4、M4V、3GP、3G2、WMV、ASF、FLV、SWF、MPG、RM/RMVB、etc.
    • Supported OS: For Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista; For MacOS X 10.14 - 10.6.

    Video Tutorial on YouTube Video Recovery

    Steps on How to Recover Deleted YouTube Video with Software

    Download and install Recoverit Video Recovery on your Windows computer, if your videos stored on the external device please connect it to the computer. For Mac user, you should download Recoverit Video Recovery for Mac and follow the similar steps as below, or you can review the guide how to recover deleted videos on Mac.

    Step 1 Launch Recoverit Video Recovery program on the PC, select a location where your videos get lost.

    Step 2 Once you selected the location, then this video recovery will start to scan the device to search your lost video files. It will take for a while to finished.

    Step 3 After the scan, all recovered video files can be rereviw on the result. Select your YouTube video and click "Recover" button to get them back.

    Get a safe device to save your all recovered video files. Also, you should keep backup the important files in regularly.

    Having your YouTube videos deleted might be a hassle, but with Recoverit video recovery software , you never have to worry about losing the file forever. This powerful data recovery tool will allow you to retrieve a copy of the video which you can re-upload again, download it and recover deleted YouTube video easily and effectively.

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