How to Get Deleted Photos Back from Laptop | Solutions, Tips & FAQs

Accidentally deleted photos from laptop? No worries! The following tutorial will walk you through how to get deleted photos back from laptop and also give you some tips.

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How do I recover deleted photos on my laptop Windows 10?

Hi, I flipped through my photos on my laptop. To move them to another path, I selected all photos, but I clicked "Delete" button. I went to recycle bin for retrieving my photos back. But, sucks! I accidentally emptied the recycle bin! Oh, how can I recover all my deleted photos back?

Many Laptop users might ever suffer from the same dilemma: accidentally deleted photos. After the accidental deletion, can you recover deleted photos? Obviously, you can. Even if you emptied your recycle bin, the deleted photos won't be gone forever and you can get them back actually.

But the important thing is, please stop using your laptop to save any new data. Otherwise, the deleted files will be overwritten. Next, you should find a reliable deleted photos recovery software to help you return deleted photos.

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted Photos from Laptop

Can you retrieve deleted photos? Is there an app to help me retrieve my photos?

Accidentally deleted your important photos from Laptop or SD card? Don't be panic! By using a piece of professional and secure deleted photo recovery software, you can recover old deleted photos with consummate ease.

Recoverit - Trusted Deleted Photos Recovery Software

However, when you search for "how to retrieve pictures" on a browser, a number of uneven programs are listed. For those who know little about bringing back deleted photos, it is likely to download a unqualified one which can further damage your Laptop data.

Thus, we recommend you Recoverit Data Recovery that is absolutely reliable and professional. It can help you return deleted photos back from laptop, digital camera, memory card and other storage devices. It only takes you 3 steps to get your old deleted photos back.

If you're the person with little data extraction knowledge, Recoverit is a nice option. After running it on your computer, it can help scan, analyze and dig out all data deeply hidden on your device. This is a versatile deleted photo recovery app without any limit in file size, file type, image format, device type and even data loss scenarios.

Those asking "how do I retrieve deleted photos" can read through the following video and text guides and get to know how to restore deleted pics from Windows or Mac Laptop.

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

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How to Bring Back Deleted Photos from Laptop

Free download and install the photo recovery software on your laptop. It takes only four steps to return deleted photos from laptop, or recover lost phots from memory card or other storage devices.

This guide shows you how to recover deleted photos from Laptop windows 7/8/10. If you are working with Mac, you can get the Mac version and follow this guide - how to recover photos on Mac.

Step 1 Select a specific location

select a location to bring back deleted photos

Step 2 Start scanning your deleted photos

Recoverit deleted photo recovery software will start to scan your laptop hard disk drive. The scanning will be completed in a few minutes. You can preview recovered photos and get them back.

scanning hard disk drive for photo recovery

Step 3 Preview and return deleted photos

recover photos back

It is quite easy and effective to retrieve your deleted photos back from laptop with the steps above. Free download the data recovery software and recover deleted photos.

Part 2. Tips to Avoid Photo Loss on Window/Mac

Now, the guide on how to get back pictures you deleted has come to an end. Following the steps above, you can find all pictures on hard drive and get lost photos. Next time, if someone asks you, "is it possible to retrieve deleted photos", you can proudly give him or her a yes answer. But do you know how to avoid another photo loss on Laptop? There are many tips that you should know. Here, we introduce the three most important ones for you.

  • 1. Backup your data strategically. When your important get loss, you will realize that the important of backup data. You can copy your data to another storage device like CD/DVD, USB flash drive or cloud. What if you accidentally deleted or lost your data, then you can direct retrieve your data back from backup. The easier way to backup your data with data backup software would be the best choice.
  • 2. Install anti-virus software. Download and install a reliable anti-virus software on your computer and keep it updated. Virus attack will cause your data loss and deleted like malicious computer viruses, trojan.
  • 3. Beware of user errors. As mentioned at the beginning, you accidentally deleted your photos and emptied recycle bin. It totally can be avoided like this error. Mistaken operation is the common reason for data loss. Just clam down and think twice before your next step.

Part 3. FAQs on Laptop Deleted Photos

On top of that, we also provide the answers to some frequently asked questions from our users on the issue.

Q: Can deleted pictures be recovered?

Your pictures may be deleted by Delete clicking, Shift+Delete combination, emptying recycle bin, virus removal, etc. But as long as you do not write or edit data in the device, the chance are that you can retrieve deleted pictures from laptop. All you need is a piece of professional data recovery software like Recoverit.

Q: How can I recover deleted pictures from my laptop Windows 10 for free?

If you just need to recover a very small number of files with the limit of image type and format, you have a few free choices. And Recoverit also provides a free tiral version, which allows you to recover 100 MB of files for free without the limit of data type and format.

Nevertheless, if you want to recover a large amount of data without any limit, you have to handpick a reliable tool and upgrade it to the pro version. Generally speaking, the pro version enables you to restore different types of data from any device in various situations.

Q: How do I recover photos after formatting?

After formatting the laptop hard drive or external device, you must need to stop using the media immediately, if you still want to recover formatted data. By continue the opeartions on the media, it is highly likely that your data will be overwritten. And thus, the possibility of photo recovery will be rare.

Q: How do I recover permanently deleted pictures?

What does it mean to delete a picture permanently? For example, if you remove your images through the "Shift" and "Delete" buttons, it is impossible for you to get deleted photo back by yourself. So many of us thought that the photo is deleted permanently. Actually, it is not totally right.

Unless your images are cleared by few workable data cleaners, they aren't deleted forever as you imagine. A reliable file recovery program is the mighty weapon to defend your data. If you yourself think that pictures are deleted, we sincerely suggest that you should have a try third-party utilities.

Q: When a picture is deleted Where does it go?

How to See Deleted Photos? Many of us might have the same puzzle. Where are all my photos on computer? Generally speaking, when we delete the photos on Laptop, they will go to the Recycle Bin. Open it, make some filters, and you can see deleted photos on Laptop. The guide on how to restore recently deleted photos is also very simple, 2 steps. Right click the deleted pictures, and choose the option of "Restore". Hence, the recently deleted photos can be restored.

However, if you emptied the Recycle Bin as said above, you're unable to see deleted photos on it. And the deleted photos will be inaccessible on hard drive. To find deleted photos, you need resrot to Recoverit Data Recovery. It can help you get back deleted photos from Laptop. Looking around how to restore permanently deleted photos? Download Recoverit Photo Recovery and follow the detailed steps in the page: How to Recover Pictures on PC.

The Bottom Line:

Keep your data safe and backup in regularly. Even if the data gets loss, check your backup and recycle bin first. If you permanently deleted your photos from computer, you should be get the powerful data recovery software to help you. Now free download Recoverit Data Recovery and get your deleted photos back.

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