Solved: AVI/MP4/MKV Cannot Render the File!

Solved: AVI/MP4/MKV Cannot Render the File

Stuck with the “Cannot Render the File” error on your Media Player Classic? You’ll find everything from why you’re getting this error to the various ways of fixing it in this post. Other common video file issues are also included in this post.

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"All the files I try to play all fail with the message 'Cannot render the file'. They are dozens of files and they all have the same bug."

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Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (MPC-HC) is a pretty nice media player. Though it doesn't support a wide range of video formats/MIME types like bigger media players (such as VLC) do, it does support a variety of media formats. "Media Player Classic Cannot render file" error is thrown when Media Player Classic encounters a video format it doesn't recognize or one it cannot play/handle. While this error may be from the MPC-HC software itself, it could also be that your video file is corrupt. If the cause of the error is from MPC, it might have been from a tiny misconfiguration or improper installation –which can be easily fixed from within the software. However, the fault can also lie with/in the video file itself.

In the article, you'll learn the various cause of this error; the way forward for fixing the error, and alternatives to Media Player Classic too of course!

Part 1. Possible Causes of Cannot Render The AVI/MP4/MKV File in Media Player Classic or Other Players

Here are the major reasons why Media Player Classic and other players wouldn't open your media file;

1. Wrong Configuration

This is usually the case with Media Player Classic. Every video player comes with certain files they must access before playing your media files. This includes, but is not limited to codec files. Depending on the way the media player in question stored these files on your device, they may no longer be able to access such files which will lead to errors. The inability of your media player to access configuration files may be as a result of you knowingly or unknowingly tempering.

Fix? Yes. Usually resetting the configuration of the media player could be the fix you've been looking for or uninstalling and reinstalling.

2. Improper Installation

Most media players, for example, on the Windows Operating System, come with an installer. Software applications implement this measure to prevent future difficulties that could be faced by their esteemed users/customers. During installation, various configurations are made and paths set. If the software misses this, then you're bound to run into issues.

Fix? Yes. You should try uninstalling and reinstalling the media player. Maybe the software will get it right on your next installation.

3. Unavailable Video Codec

Although MPC-HC does not officially support third-party codec files, this is one of the top causes of video errors —not just with MPC but with the majority of other media players.

Fix? Yes. While you can automatically update codec files on some media players via the menu -> settings, some don't come with that option, so you'll have to manually install codec files.

4. Corrupt Media Files

When you encounter this error, at first, it is almost not obvious that your media file is corrupt. Especially if you discover that other media files play the same 'corrupt' file. But file corruption is the top cause of media player errors.

Fix? Yes. You can simply use a dedicated video repair tool (like the one mentioned below) to easily fix almost every possible video file error while sparing yourself the troubles.

5. Virus Infection

Of all the causes of media player error, virus infections are the most misunderstood and annoying of all! Sometimes you'll remember playing the same file with the same player some time ago but suddenly your play throws a "Cannot Render The File error". If that's your case then its almost definitely a virus at work!

Fix? Um... Yes. This one is kind of tricky as some malware/virus could be a real pain in the butt. So, apart from using good antivirus software to scan your device, you should also consider updating your operating system's software. Make this a habit.

Part 2. Fix AVI/MP4/MKV Cannot Render The File Error with Recoverit Video Repair

To spare yourself your precious time and energy —most especially, prevent frustration. You should always turn to a reliable Video Repair Tool such as the Recoverit Video Repair Software. Video Repair Tools are verbose and could be pretty amazing —fixing unimaginable errors without you even having to know the cause of the corruption in the first place.

Please follow the steps outlined below to use the Recoverit Video Repair Tool to fix your video.

Step 1: Launch Recoverit Video Repair.

Step 2: Next, open the location of the corrupt video file, and then you drag the video from the location and paste it on the space provided.

add videos

Step 3: Check/Select the videos you want to repair.

scan videos

If your video wasn't fixed by the Recoverit "Quick Repair Mode", you should probably try the Advanced repair mode offered by Recoverit.

For advanced repair mode:


Step 1: Click "Advanced Repair" found in red behind the file that wasn't fixed.

advance repair

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Upload a working file created by the same device.

add sample videos

Step 2: Select save paths.

save videos path

That's all. Preview and save!

Part 3. Other Common Issues When Playing Video

There are numerous causes of error you could encounter when playing video files. What's more, suppressing it that these errors are not uncommon. Some of these are:


In the end, it doesn't matter the media player you use to play your video files as long as it provides audible and clear sounds and visuals respectively. You can spare yourself hours of frustration trying to fix certain video errors by simply installing an alternative software. VLC is one of the most amazing media players that currently exists. However, if you are the DIY kind of person, this article was aimed at cutting the frustrating time usually spent in fixing these errors... So, whatever pleases you. Hope this tutorial was of help to you.

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