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How to Format SD Card for GoPro Without Losing Data

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: SD Card Solutions • Proven solutions

GoPro camera is one of the most widely used cameras. But it comes with a problem. It doesn't contain inbuilt storage. As a result, it demands an external SD card. So formatting an SD card becomes an issue. Now how to format an SD card for GoPro is presented here.

You must be probably wondering about whether I need to format an SD card for GoPro? Well, from both personal experience as well as expert reviews, I will definitely go for it. You must go for it too, as it keeps the file system healthy. Moreover, it minimizes the risk of errors, thus give you an ability to capture pictures and videos like a pro.

Does SD Card Matter for GoPro?

There are many who don't pay attention to the SD card. Here you must know that whatever you are capturing with your GoPro, all is going to be stored in an SD card. It means if you got any error within your SD card, you can't access your captured videos or images.

What Does It Mean to Format your SD Card?

Formatting an SD card for GoPro means to clear data from the SD card. It means, to destroy entries of existing data. Once this operation is performed, you will not be able to access data from your SD card anymore.

Why Do You Need to Format Your GoPro SD Card?

What Format Should SD Card Be for GoPro?

When it comes to the right formatting for GoPro, FAT32 is a suitable format for 32GB SD cards. If you are using a 64GB or above, exFAT is the right format.

Method 1. Format GoPro SD Card on Computer

One of the ways to format the GoPro SD card is to take the help of a Windows computer or Mac. It is an easy and efficient way. Moreover, it takes less time.

Format GoPro SD Card on Windows Computer

Before beginning with the process of formatting insert your SD card in the micro SD adapter. Now plug the adapter to the card reader and plug it into the USB port of Your computer.

Step 1: Go to "My PC" and click. Now you have to select your SD card. It will be under "Devices and drives".

select your sd card

Step 2: Now right-click on the SD card and choose "Format" from the given options as shown.


Step 3: Now, if your card is 32GB or less, go with FAT32. If it is 64GB or above go with exFAT. Now select "Quick Format" and click on "Start". This will begin the process of formatting. Once completed, you are done.

click on

Format GoPro SD Card on Mac

If you are using a Mac, No worries. Here are some simple steps to format the GoPro SD card on Mac.

Step 1: Go to the "disk utility" and click on it to open.

go to disk utility

Step 2: Now select your SD card from the left panel, under the option "External".

select your sd card

Step 3: Now choose the format. If your SD card is of 32GB or below, choose FAT. If your SD card is 64GB or above go with exFAT. Once selected, click on" Erase". This will initiate the process of formatting. Once you receive the message of successful formatting, you are done.

select erase

Method 2. Format GoPro SD Card on Mobile Devices

Although you can use your computer for formatting the GoPro SD card. There are several instances when you are required to format your card on an immediate basis. In this case, if you are not having a computer, you can take the help of your mobile device. For this just follow some of the simple steps.

Step 1: Insert GoPro SD card in your mobile device and go to "Settings". Now choose "Device Care" from the given options. Now select "Storage"

select storage

Step 2: Now select "Advanced". Tap on your Sd card

select sd card

Step 3: Now tap on the "Format". On selecting "Format" a pop-up message will appear. Click on "Format SD card". This will start the process of formatting.

click on

Method 3. Format an SD Card in GoPro Camera

There are many instances when you need to format the GoPro SD card. It is one of the best options to clear your SD card from all data. The formatting makes sure that the filesystem is fine enough for the GoPro camera to write data effectively and rapidly. There are a lot of options available for the same.

You can take the help of a computer or your mobile device to format your GoPro SD card. You can select the GoPro SD card format type as per need. For this, you can go with a FAT32 format for 32GB and below. On the other hand, if you are using an SD card of 64GB or above, you are recommended to go with the exFAT format.

But you are advised to use a GoPro camera for this purpose. It will not only clear all data from the GoPro SD card, but also set the filesystem exactly the way it wants. It will also add folders to the SD card. This reduces the risk of stray files that usually cause issues.

Moreover, you need not remove the SD card from GoPro. It also provides you with both speed and accuracy.

So, if you want to Format GoPro SD card using GoPro camera but don't know the exact method. Here is a step by step procedure on how to format the SD card on GoPro.

Note: Before proceeding with the process of formatting, you are advised to copy necessary data from your GoPro SD card. Once the process of formatting is completed you will not be able to access your data.

When it comes to GoPro, there are many options Like GoPro Hero 2, GoPro Hero 3, GoPro Hero 4, and so on. The difference starts arriving when we make a transition from GoPro hero 4 to Go Pro Hero 5. Taking this thing into account we are providing you with both options. This means It doesn't matter which GoPro you are currently using, You can easily format your SD card using GoPro hero 4 and below, as well as GoPro Hero 5 and above.

Step 1: If you are using a GoPro 4 or below, turn on your GoPro Hero and press the front mode repeatedly. Continue pressing until you find "Setup" Now click the shutter button. This will make you enter the Setup menu. Once you reach the Setup menu, Continue pressing the mode until you reach the trash can icon. One reached, click on the shutter button to select it.

If you are using advanced models like GoPro Hero 5 or above like GoPro Hero 6 or GoPro Hero 7. You are required to swipe down on the touchscreen until you reach "preferences" as shown in the image.

select preferences

Step 2: For GoPro hero 4 and below, click the mode button to select "ALL/FORMAT". Once selected, press "DELETE" from the menu and you are done.

For higher models like GoPro Hero 5 and above, scroll down to reach "Format SD card". Once reached, simply click on it as shown in the image. You will be asked, whether you want to delete all of your files and want to reformat. Select "DELETE"/" FORMAT". This will begin the process of formatting. It will take some time to completely format your SD card. Once the process is completed, you are done.

Now your SD card is factory ready for usage. You will enjoy both speed and accuracy without encountering any error.

select  format sd card

Method 4. Fix the GoPro SD Card Not Formatting Error

There are many instances when you try to format the GoPro SD card and you encounter an error. In this case, you will not be able to empty your SD card for fresh usage even after deleting data.

Why Can't You Format an SD Card?

There are several reasons behind the same. Some of the most common are,

  1. SD card is write-protected. In this case, you can only read data but are not permitted to write anything.
  2. SD card contains a bad sector so the system is unable to access it properly.
  3. Virus infection is another factor in which the virus prevents general operations to function properly. This can be the reason for non-formatting.
  4. The sudden halt of GoPro SD card operations can corrupt system files. It becomes difficult for the device to read these files.
  5. Regular SD card formatting can cause severe damage to a GoPro SD card. SD cards have a limited life.
  6. Physical Damage can cause the SD card to behave abruptly. In this case, you can't access your files.
  7. Removal of the GoPro SD card in a wrong manner can damage a GoPro SD card.

Solutions to "GoPro SD Card Can't Be Formatted"

To fix this issue, several techniques are available. The most common and effective are.

Windows Disk Management:

Windows Disk Management is one of the effective techniques to format your GoPro SD card. In some of the cases, you can't able to format your GoPro SD card using Windows Explorer. Here Disk management can do a job for you. You just need to follow some simple steps and you will get your GoPro SD card formatted, quickly.

Step 1: Go for "Windows + X" to open Disk Management. Now right-click on the memory card and choose format.

Step 2: Once chosen, set Volume label, File System, and Allocation unit size as shown. Once select just click on "OK" to start the process of formatting.

click on  ok

Run Diskpart:

Diskpart is another option to clean your GoPro SD card properly. You can apply this technique when you are not able to format your SD card by various general techniques. For this just follow few steps.

Step 1: Use the "Windows + R" key. A Run command box will appear. Type "cmd" in the box and hit "Enter". This will open the command prompt for you.

Step 2: Type Diskpart as shown in the image. This will run the Diskpart utility.

type diskpart

Step 3: Now type "list disk". This will list the drives on the computer.

type list  disk

Step 4: Now type "select disk X", where X is the number of the disk that you want to select for formatting. In the image below, "select disk 2" is shown in the box.


Step 5: Now type "clean". This will run the clean utility.

type clean

Step 6: Now type "create partition memory". This will create a new partition on your GoPro SD card.

type create partition memory

Step 7: Now type the format. You can go with "format fs=ntfs" or "format fs=fat32" as per your requirement. This will format the partition to the desired file system. Once the process completed, you are ready to go.

type format fs

Method 5. Recover and Repair GoPro Files Safely

There are several instances when your GoPro files got corrupted, lost, or deleted. In this case, it is essential to carefully handle the process of recovery. If at any stage an error occurs, there is a maximum possibility that you will lose your GoPro files forever.

Recover Deleted or Lost GoPro Files

There are various scenarios when you have to format your GoPro SD card. These scenarios are,

If you want to recover deleted or lost GoPro files safely, You can go with "Wondershare-Recoverit data recovery" software. This software enables you to recover deleted files from Windows computers, Mac devices, SD cards, and other storage media. For this just follow 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Select the location

Connect your GoPro SD to your PC. Now launch "Wondershare - Recoverit data recovery" and select your SD card. It will be under "External Devices". Once selected click on "Start" to continue.

select the location

Step 2: Scan the location

Here Recoverit will start an all-around scan and will provide you with all the available files. This process will take some time which solely depends upon the size of the files. You can also pinpoint the files during the process of scanning. You can also pause or stop the process of scanning.

scan the location

Step 3: Preview and Recover Files

Recoverit provides you the ability to preview your files before proceeding with the final recovery. Once you are done with the preview and are satisfied with the results, just click on "Recover" and you are done.

preview and recover files

Repair Corrupted GoPro Videos

Your GoPro videos got corrupted, No worries. "Wondershare - Recoverit video recovery" carries an ability to repair corrupted videos effectively and rapidly. It can repair your GoPro videos on both Mac and Windows. The biggest advantage is, It can repair many videos at a single time. You just need to follow some simple steps.

Although you can attach your GoPro camera directly to your PC, for better efficiency you are advised to insert an SD card into your PC using a card reader. Now launch Wondershare Recoverit data recovery on your PC. Now select "Video repair". It is present under the "Advanced Recovery". Now click on "Start".

select video repair

Step 1: Add corrupted video

You can add corrupted videos by drag and drop or by going through the add button. Once added, click on "Repair".

click on repair

Step 2: Repair corrupt videos

Clicking on the "Repair" button will simply start the process of repairing. Once this process is completed you can preview the repaired video.

preview the repaired video

Step 3: Save the repaired videos

Once you are satisfied with the quality of repair, You can save the videos at the desired location. You can also create a new folder to save videos.

Note: Avoid saving videos on the same SD card.

Tips for Formatting GoPro SD Card Without Losing Data

Closing Words:

Formatting a GoPro SD card is not as tricky as a process as it seems to be. It just requires some trusted and tested techniques to get the work done easily and quickly. Some of these techniques are presented to you. So, take advantage of formatting the GoPro SD card without losing data.

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