The Best Free SanDisk Data Recovery Software

This article we'll introduce the best image recovery software to help you recover deleted or lost photos from computer, digital camera, memory card etc.

Finding the best solution to help you recover data from Sandisk storage? The following guide we all talk about the best free SanDisk data recovery software, also with the specific steps to help you recover deleted or lost data from SanDisk SD card.

SanDisk SD Card is fast and reliable storage device use for digital camera, but some plausible scenarios that usually cause SD card data failure. You will get some error message told you that all your data on SD card cannot be accessed. Data failure issues can be caused by deleted, formatted or other SD card RAW error. Before you start to recovering data, you should stop using your SanDisk SD card and do not save any new data on it. It can be the data be overwritten. To get the powerful Recoverit Free Data Recovery program to help you recover data from SanDisk SD card.

Part 1. The Best Free SanDisk Data Recovery Software

The powerful and reliable SanDisk Recovery Software, we recommended Recoverit Data Recovery Software. It can easily and effectively to help you recover deleted data from SanDisk SD card like photos, office documents, music, email and other file types.

sandisk data recovery

Recoverit Data Recovery - Best Free SanDisk Data Recovery Software

  • Recover Data from SanDisk Device like SD card, USB flash drive effectively, safely and completely.
  • Recover data due to accidental deletion or lost, formatted SanDisk Card, virus attacked or device damaged.
  • Recover any data and file types with high success rate and without any quality loss.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS 10.13, macOS 10.12, OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Data from SanDisk SD Card

Part 2. How to Recover Data from SanDisk SD Card

Download and install Recoverit SanDisk Recovery Software on your computer. Please connect your SanDisk SD card to the computer, launch Recoverit Data Recovery and follow the next guide to recover deleted data from SanDisk SD card. (This guide we will focus on SanDisk data recovery on Windows computer, if you are using Mac, please get download Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac.)

Step 1. Select "External Devices Recovery" Mode

Launch Recoverit Data Recovery software. To recover deleted or lost data from SanDisk, you need select "External Devices Recovery" mode to get started.

sandisk memory card recovery-1

Step 2. Select your SanDisk SD Card

Make sure your Sandisk card have detected by the computer. Select the disk of SanDisk SD card and click "Start" to begin SanDisk data recovery.

sandisk recovery-2

Step 3. Scanning your SanDisk SD card

Recoverit Data Recovery will start a quick scan. If the quick scan can't find your lost data, go to deep scan with "All-around Recovery" mode which will search more files from SanDisk SD card. While it will take more time.

sandisk data recovery-3

Step 4. Preview and Recover Data from SanDisk Card

After the scan, you'll get a scan result as follow. You can preview some recovered photos. Click "Recover" to save them all on your computer with one click.

sandisk memory card recovery-4

Note: When recovering files, don't save them on the same partition or device where you lost them before. Choose another partition or disk to store them. If you want to recover files later after the scan, remember to save the scan result and you can directly recover them by importing it instead of rescan.

Part 3. How to Fix Corrupted or Damaged SanDisk Device

1. Fix Corrupt SanDisk SD card using Command Prompt

Hopefully, after the repairing process is completed, your memory card will be again usable.

2. Change Drive Letter on Disk Management

Another method is changing the Drive Letter using the Windows Disk Management Utility.

Now, if the operation was successful, your memory card should open up. However, if your memory card is still unavailable after applying these two methods, you must use a recovery software to recover damaged SanDisk SD card.

Part 4. SanDisk Mantain Tips and Tricks

Having a reliable SanDisk recovery tool or applying any other decent alternative method is a prerequisite for any successful recovery attempt session. What you could do to prevent data loss or get some awesome maintenance tips for SanDisk SD card.

Part 5. More Info About SanDisk Device

SanDisk, previously named SanDisk back then when it was founded in 1988, was the pioneer company that invented and patented the flash memory back in the 1999. At first, they were radicalized by the industry, but finally they proved everyone wrong. Today flash memory technology is used in almost any smart device from cameras, to smartphones, computers, game consoles, music players and so on.

Standardized Format using Flash Technology Memory Cards were introduced by the company in 1994. What makes this company so popular is products superiority and reliability. Who’d you go for a high-quality product other to the inventor itself, especially because of this company’s successful history in patenting more than 120 patents and having developed 16th generation of the flash technology?

Today SanDisk is the thirst largest manufacturer of flash memory products including sd cards, card readers, USB flash drives, solid state drives and other similar products. SanDisk products were more than just mere storage data. SanDisk was a revolution starter that helped dramatically reduce the overall cost of storage that was exorbitant back then in the 90s. The increase in Internet usage was the perfect catalyst for propagating this new technology and getting the market ready for it.

Finally, with Recoverit SanDisk SD Card Recovery to recover your data back easily. Download Recoverit Free Data Recovery and try it or now.

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