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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Micro SD Card

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Aug 16, 2023 • Filed to: SD Card Solutions • Proven solutions

Help! I lost photos on the SD card

My son deleted some photos from my digital camera accidentally. They were the pictures on a Micro SD card. I am here asking how to recover deleted photos from the SD card because I need those pictures. Many thanks.

Can you recover deleted photos from the SD card?

An SD card is usually used for such electronic devices as a digital camera or Android cell phone to free up internal storage, store meaningful digital photos, and back up important data. However, what if the stored photos get lost of a sudden? Take it easy! The deleted, lost or formatted photos aren't gone forever as long as you do not read and write data on the SD card. When your photos are deleted from the SD card, the file system marks the space as "available for new data". So it is still possible to recover lost photos from SD card.

What to do to restore SD card photos?

When you lost photos on the SD card, the first thing is to take out your Micro SD card from your digital camera and keep it safe. If you keep using your digital camera with the memory card, the deleted images will be overwritten and lost for good. So stop using it instantaneously. Then you should get a powerful photo recovery software to help you recover deleted images from the SD card. In the next guide, we will show you how to retrieve photos from the SD card with the Recoverit Photo Recovery program.

Part 1. The Best Memory Card Deleted Photo Recovery Software

Recoverit Photo Recovery Software is one of the best memory card deleted photo recovery programs. It can easily recover deleted or lost photos from the Micro SD card. Also, it supports recovery of photos from formatted, damaged, or corrupted SD cards.

  • Recover deleted photos from Micro SD Card easily, effectively, safely, and completely.
  • Recover photos due to accidental deletion or lost, formatted, SD card corrupted and damaged, virus attacked.
  • Recover lost photos from SD card or memory card, USB drive, flash drive, and computer hard disk drive.
  • Supported OS: Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista and Mac OS X 10.10 - macOS 13 (Ventura).

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Photos from Micro SD Card

Looking around for "How do I recover pictures from my SD card"? Here, we offer you the best solution with video and text versions. Read a little further and get the feasible method.

1. Video Tutorial on How to Recover Files from SD Card

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2. How to Recover Deleted Pictures from SD Card

Free Download and install Recoverit Photo Recovery on your Windows computer, if you are working on a Mac computer, please download Recoverit Photo Recovery for Mac. Connect your Micro SD card to the computer and detected it. Follow the next specific steps to perform Micro SD card photo recovery.

Step 1 Select a Location to Scan Data.

  1. Launch the memory card deleted photo recovery software to restore SD card photos.
  2. Make sure your Micro SD card has been connected to and detected by the computer.
  3. Here, you just need to select the drive letter of your Micro SD card and click "Start" to continue.

select micro sd card to recover photos from sd card

Step 2 Scan SD Card to Find Lost Photos

The SD card recovery software will start an all-around scan. You can get as many results of lost photos as possible. It searches for more lost photos from your SD Card

scan data and recover lost photos from micro sd card

Step 3 Preview and Restore SD Card Photos

memory card deleted photo recovery

Part 3. 5 Habits to Avoid Camera SD Card Errors

Losing photos can always happen. But if you keep some good habits of using a digital camera or cell phone SD card, the stored photos seldom get lost.

If you want to keep all the stored data like photos and videos safe all the time, you need to purchase a high-quality memory card and card reader. Bad ones can easily result in digital camera SD card errors and usually photo loss.

Every time you insert an SD card in a new or different digital camera, it is necessary to format the memory card before shooting photos. It is better if you keep using an SD card only in the specific camera.

No matter what kind of storage devices you unplug the Micro SD card from, you should eject it safely to avoid data corruption or card issues. To eject the SD card from the computer, you need to follow the notes every time. To remove the memory card from the digital camera is to eject it after turning off the camera.

When you find the SD card of a digital camera is almost full or its battery is run out of, you should stop shooting any photos with the digital camera, otherwise, you are at risk of losing photos recently captured or memory card corruption.

Unqualified memory card deleted photo recovery software will further damage your SD card data and even other well-stored data on your computer. One of the most well-recognized SD card recovery software around the world is Recoverit Photo Recovery. It is your loyal assistant in recovering photos from SD card.

Apart from recovering deleted pics from SD card, Recoverit Photo Recovery software is capable of recovering photos, audio, and videos from computers, cell phones, external hard drives, USB flash drives, digital cameras, and many other storage devices.

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