How to Fix a Computer that Won't Come Out of Sleep Mode

How to Fix Computer that Won't Come Out of Sleep Mode

This page guides users to fix a computer that won't come out of sleep mode.

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One of the features that many Microsoft computer users take advantage of is the Power Management. Among the number of things you can make adjustments to in Power Management is called the Sleep Mode. Laptop users make use of this to conserve energy and prolong the life of their batteries, while desktop owners benefit from it in terms of saving time as well as energy conservation. There are instances though that a computer can get stuck in Sleep Mode, and this is not uncommon to Microsoft computer owners.

How does Sleep Mode Work?

When you set your computer to sleep mode, it would stop its functions on its own, after a certain time that it does not have any activity. You will be the one to set the time for it to sleep. When you need to use the computer again, you no longer have to boot it. All you need to do is to press any key on your keyboard or move your mouse. This would wake up the computer and would let you continue with whatever you were doing before it went to sleep. Thus, the programs you previously used would be running allowing you to move on with whatever it is you were working on right then and there. When your computer gets stuck in Sleep Mode though, that's where the problem comes in.

What you need to do When Windows 10 Won't Wake Up From Sleep

Check the Battery of Your Laptop

If you are using a laptop, one of the possible reasons it is not waking up from sleep mode is that it no longer has enough battery juice. Find an outlet to plug it in and try to bring it out of sleep mode by pressing any key or moving the mouse. If the reason is a low battery, then this should wake up your computer in no time.

Look for the Sleep Mode Key

There are times when moving the mouse or pressing any key on the keyboard won't wake up the computer, especially if it is set to respond only to a specific key. This sleep-specific key is usually found at the upper part of the keyboard where you can find the function keys. Each function key usually has its symbol and the sleep mode is represented, in most cases, by a half-moon. Press the sleep mode key to bring your computer out of sleep.

The Power Button

Pressing and holding the power button down can help in waking up your computer. This workaround is usually done when the computer is completely frozen since it shuts it down. Doing this can bring your computer out of sleep mode. If it shuts it down completely, it would still be helpful, because by then, you would be able to restart it like usual. If you are using a laptop, unplug it from your power source. After this, remove its battery to completely reset your computer's system. If these troubleshooting steps do not work though, then you may need to bring it to a servicing center near you or find a technician to do home service.

Make Sure to Set Your Mouse and Keyboard To Wake Up the Computer

If you do manage to bring out your computer from the sleep mode with the use of the above workaround, there is something that you can do to ensure that this would not happen again. You have to allow your mouse and keyboard to wake up your computer from sleep mode by making some changes in your computer settings. This can be done by simply following the steps below.

Step 1: Go to your computer's Device Manager by Right-clicking on the Start button and opening its Power User menu.

Step 2: Once the Device Manager window is up, you will see a long list of devices that are connected to your computer. In most cases, you will find the Keyboards in the middle part of it. Beside the Keyboards is an arrow that you can click to expand it.

Step 3: After expanding the Keyboards, you should see many entries under it. Open each one's properties by simply double-clicking on them. This should bring you to another window where you can choose the Power Management tab.

Step 4: Under this tab, you will find a small box beside "Allow this device to wake the computer". Put a checkmark on that box by clicking it

Step 5: By doing that and by clicking OK, you are now essentially allowing the keyboard to wake up your computer when it is in sleep mode. Keep in mind that you need to do this in each of the entries you can find under the Keyboard.

Step 6: Just below the Keyboard category, you should be able to see the "Mice and other pointing devices". To set it to wake your computer from sleep mode, all you have to do is to repeat the steps you have just made in allowing the Keyboard to wake up the computer. By doing all these steps, you are making sure that you no longer have to deal with the same issue later on.

There are instances when users could not see any Power Management tab on any of the devices found under Device Manager. There are some possible reasons for this. One of which is that the computer does not have the right drivers installed or they are outdated. Another one is that the computer hardware simply does not support the function of waking up the computer from Sleep Mode.

The workarounds you see on top have time and again been able to help a lot of Microsoft computer owners just like yourself, in fixing the issue of the "computer not waking up from sleep". Therefore, it is wise to try them out if you do encounter it. If they don't work, then there must be something wrong with your computer hardware, which would require an appointment with a technician.

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