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How to Fix Code 19 “Windows cannot start this hardware device” Error

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

Owning a PC means having to deal with a multitude of errors that you or you may not understand. This is true if you’re just an average computer user who relies on their computers for day-to-day use, whether at work or school. Computers contain drivers within. These drivers are files within the system that make sure that your PC’s operating system smoothly communicates and works well with your hardware devices (these are devices usually externally connected like a mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, etc.).

If you own a PC, you probably own at least one of these hardware devices. Sometimes, these drivers fail, and this is problematic for the users. External devices can no longer function well because the communication between the device and the PC’s OS is somehow cut off. When this happens, this would be shown to you as Code 19 Error.

Part 1. Overview of Code 19 Error

Code 19 Error usually results from an error with the configuration information. This eventually leads to the failure of hardware devices from functioning along with the operating system. Changes within the registry could also affect the drivers. If you’ve recently installed or uninstalled a new operating system or performed an update, then notice the change within your PC thereafter; it may be the cause. You might also notice the error pop up multiple times when a particular hardware device is connected to your computer. This error could also be seen when your computer becomes sluggish or freezes upon the click of the mouse or a press on the keyboard.

The recommended fix of Windows for this error is to uninstall then reinstall the drivers. But there are also other existing ways to go about this problem. Keep on reading to find out how you can fix Windows Error Code 19.

Part 2. How to Fix Code 19 “Windows Cannot Start This Hardware Device Error?

Have a look below at 6 methods that can help you fix the code 19 error.

Method 1. Reboot Your System

Rebooting your system can solve a lot of issues that you usually face on your PC. So, if you are coming across Code 19 error on your PC, then you must try to resolve it by rebooting your system. Though Rebooting is a straightforward process, but still, we have listed below the steps that will help you with “How to Reboot Your System”!

To reboot your system, you need to:

Step 1. Go to the Start button on your desktop, which is represented by a Windows icon.

Step 2. Now, click on the Power button, and here you will see a list of options.

Step 3. From the pop-up list, click on the Restart option and wait until your PC turns on again.


When your PC turns on, check whether you are still facing the same issue or not. If the problem is fixed, then your PC is good to go, but if the issue still persists, try resolving it with the next method.

Method 2. Use System Restore

System Restore is a built-in feature created by Windows. This unique tool allows users to backup their system at a certain point in time. This way, if ever something goes wrong, they can always go back to a previous state of the system at a certain point in time. This is essential when doing troubleshooting on your computer. If ever something goes wrong, you can revert your system to an earlier version.

Step 1. Launch Run by typing it in the Search bar or pressing Windows + R on your keyboard. In the Run box, type in regedit and press OK. This will launch the Registry Editor.

Step 2. Find and click on Computer in the Registry Editor.

Step 3. At the top portion of the window, click File on the toolbar. Then, select Import. Choose the location where you stored a previous backup.

Step 4. Click on the Open button. This will restore the system to its original state at a certain point in time.

Method 3. Use Registry Editor

Step 1. Press Windows + R on your keyboard. This will launch Run. Type in regedit in the Run box and press OK. This will open Registry Editor.


Step 2. Now, the Registry Editor window will open.

Look for the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder. Under that folder, find System. Then, click on the CurrentControlSet folder. Now, go to the Control folder. Expand the folder and select Class. Then, click on {4d36e965-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}


Step 3. Locate the files named UpperFilters, LowerFilters. Make a right-click on the icons and click Delete in the drop-down menu.

Step 4. Exit Registry Editor and perform a reboot of your computer.

Method 4. Uninstall Faulty Drivers

Uninstalling and reinstalling faulty drivers could be the solution to your problem. Follow the instructions below to perform this:

Step 1. Press Windows + R on your keyboard to launch Run. Or simply type it in the search bar or look for it in the Start menu.

Step 2. The run box will now launch. Type in devmgmt.msc and click OK to open Device Manager.


Step 3. Look for the files with a warning sign on the icon (yellow exclamation point). Right-click on the files and click on Uninstall in the drop-down menu.


Step 4. Confirm the uninstallation by clicking Yes.

Step 5. Do the same steps to uninstall the other files with the warning signs.

Step 6. On the toolbar of Device Manager, click on Action. Then, select Scan for hardware changes. This will reinstall the device drivers upon the next startup.

Step 7. Reboot your computer.

Method 5. Check if iTunes Is Causing the Issue

iTunes is one of the most popular utilities from Apple that can be used to listen to songs and audios. Though it is an Apple application, you can even download it on your Windows PC. Despite being a great software, iTunes has been known to cause pretty a mess in the registry. So, if you have iTunes software downloaded on your PC, then this might cause the Code 19 error, and you need to fix it. For this, you must follow a series of steps that involve:

Step 1. Go to Search Box and enter Control Panel to open it.

Step 2. To the top-right corner of your screen, switch to Large Icons view and click on Programs and Features.

Step 3. Under Programs and Features, find iTunes and tap on the Repair button from the top toolbar. Now, follow the wizard until the end and finally Reboot your device.

By the end of Step 3, your issue of Code 19 will be solved if iTunes software was the real reason behind it! But if the iTunes software is not the reason, you can try resolving the error by switching to the next method.

Method 6. Run a Hardware & Device Troubleshooter

Sometimes, the Code 19 error may occur due to a hardware issue in your PC. So, in order to fix it, you must run the Hardware & Device Troubleshooter. It is basically a built-in troubleshooting utility of Windows that helps you resolve any issue with the hardware or external drives of the computer. For running a Hardware & Device Troubleshooter, you need to:

Step 1. Press Windows + I key. This will open up the Settings app on your screen.

Step 2. Now, navigate to Update & Security and then move to Troubleshoot.

Step 3. On the right panel, find the Hardware and Devices option and tap on Run the Troubleshooter, as shown below.



As always, create a system restore point or backup for your device before proceeding with any troubleshooting methods. This will avoid the unnecessary stress of any errors you might create when you attempt to fix the issue.

Your computer contains a lot of drivers to run your hardware devices. Sometimes, they become corrupt or go missing. This is usually from a system crash or a recent update or upgrade of your PC’s operating system. This may seem frustrating because it will disable you from taking control of your external device. Any of the methods above should help you fix this issue.

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