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How to Repair CR2 Files by Yourself?

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Jan 24, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Do you frequently use CR2 files? If so, you would be aware of the host of benefits they offer, which is why they are widely used. But you might also note that CR2 files often get damaged. It could be due to various reasons, ranging from improper insertion or removal of SD Cards from a camera or computer to others. In case you are wondering how to repair CR2 files, we have got some very useful tips that can indeed help your cause. But before we delve deep into the topic, let us begin by understanding what CR2 files are.

What Does a CR2 File Mean?

Putting it in simple language, CR2 is a RAW digital photography format that Canon developed. These files are based on the TIFF file specification. The format stores lossless details from the camera sensor without processing the image, which means that they are usually of high image quality.

canon cr2 raw images

However, CR2 is a completely unprocessed file. It is sent directly from the sensor without data loss or quality loss, so the file is large and contains camera information, lens information, bracketing information, white balance, and other settings. For example, compared to other image file formats (such as Jpeg) that record up to about 8 bits of RGB, CR2 files record up to 14 bits of RGB. This is different from the corresponding jpeg file, which is called the original file. Since their 350D, 20D, and 1D MarkII camera models, Canon's been using this format.

Common Reasons for CR2 File Corruption

You would find that CR2 files might sometimes get corrupted, which could be for various reasons. Knowing why they get corrupt is an essential step to repair CR2 files. So let us look at some common ones:

damaged cr2 pictures

1. Improper insertion or removal of SD card from a camera, card reader, or computer

With improper insertion or removal of SD Card from the camera, card reader, or computer CR2 files. So, beware when you insert or remove SD Cards containing CR2 files.

2. Sudden system shutdown during CR2 files transfer

Another common cause why CR2 files get damaged is when there is a sudden system shut down of the computer during file transfers. You need to take note of this and ensure that file transfers happen smoothly without any sudden shutdown.

3. A low battery in Canon camera resulting in improper saving of CR2 files

While shooting with the Canon camera, make sure it is properly charged. The reason is that the CR2 files created following the photoshoot could be destroyed with a low charge. In addition, you must make sure that the data is stored correctly.

4. Presence of bad sectors on storage drive containing CR2 files

The computer or device where the CR2 files are being stored may have certain bad sectors. This could also be a distinct risk of them getting damaged.

5. Virus or malware attacks

You must have the computer or device where you plan to store the CR2 files with proper Anti-Virus software as a common cause of CR2 files becoming corrupt is virus attacks. For example, viruses that erroneously mark one sector as bad can also lead to files getting corrupted.

6. Wrong file name/ file extension

Always make sure that you save the CR2 files with the proper file name and extension, failing which they could get corrupt.

How Can I Repair a Damaged CR2 File?

Corrupt CR2 file errors can be unpredictable and can happen when least expected. As luck would have it, there could be various ways to repair damaged or corrupted CR2 files, which could be broadly classified into manual solutions and automated solutions. Try these fixes to see if you can get to the bottom of your corrupt file error.

Manual Solution

1. Use Different Software to Open the File Instead of the Current Application

It is seen that when CR2 files get damaged, the file often may not open with the current applications. In such cases, a simple solution is trying to open them with other applications. Though with severe damages, they may not open, sometimes minor ones may open up. After that, the damaged file could get repaired and may be ready for use in a quick time. Indeed, this may not be a full-proof way to repair the corrupt CR2 files, but at the same time, you could try your luck with this solution. At times this may work.

2. Get a Hex Editor to Fix

The next manual solution you could use to open or repair the CR2 files is using the Hex-Editor. Simply, it is a particular type of editor used to open any file type. The good thing about it is that this editor displays the contents of the file byte by byte. You need to note that when you open any file, you will see the program's interpretation of the file's contents. As a result, much information about the file is revealed. The result of this handy feature can come in handy when information is needed about the CR2 files, even when they are damaged. Once you know the exact cause of the damage using the hex editor, repairing the same becomes easy. It is another common manual solution used to repair CR2 files.

hex editor to repair cr2 files

3. Run SFC/Scannow to repair corrupted CR2 files

You would be happy to know that operating systems like Windows have certain inbuilt utilities that can help repair corrupted system files. Another common solution used to fix CR2 files by many users is using SFC/Scannow by Windows. If you have some damaged CR2 files by running the SFC/Scannow on Windows, follow the steps:

  • Go to the "command prompt" which is available under the windows button;
  • Type the command SFC/scannow in the command prompt and press the enter key;

After this, you just wait because Windows can do a great job of repairing the damaged CR2 files.

input scannow to repair

Automatic Solution

In addition, there will be some automatic solutions for you to choose from below. However, as the CR2 format is exclusive to Canon cameras only, finding reliable photo repair tools will be a better choice.

1. Wondershare Repairit

When repairing damaged CR2 files, you can leverage Wondershare Repairit to fix them. The software repairs any errors and corruptions in CR2 files and saves you from photo loss, which is highly fast and effective.

  • Repairs distorted, blurry, pixelated, and greyed-out CR2 images;
  • Fixes corrupt header and invalid image file structure;
  • Extracts thumbnails of severely corrupt CR2 files;
  • Repairs severely corrupt CR2 photos by using sample files;
  • Removing the card from a device during data transfer.

Let's begin with the step by step process to repair CR2 files

Step 1: Free Download and install Wondershare Repairit on your PC.

Step 2: Launch the software and click' Add file' on the main user interface.

add file

Step 3: You need to specify the CR2 files which need to be repaired. Click "Repair." Wait for some time until the file repair process takes place.

repair cr2 files

Step 4: The file gets repaired, and after that, you will be able to save the repaired CR2 file to your desired location.

save repaired images

It is that easy. And all repaired CR2 files are saved with their original names and the number of thumbnails repaired per image. In the current web scenario, it is one of the most effective and thus popular. Therefore, if you are currently having trouble fixing CR2 photos, feel free to have a try of Repairit.

2. Recoverit Photo Recovery

The other automatic solution you could use to repair CR2 files is Recoverit Photo Recovery. It is another very reliable and effective solution that you could use. However, you should be aware that this software is used to recover the historical version from your computer. It is based on whether you have ever had the corresponding photo on your computer and without damage.

  • An ease-to-use photograph restoration software for Photos, Movies, Videos, Music, and Audios;
  • Quick and All-Around scan modes are optional, with deep scan to do a thorough search for all CR2 photos everywhere;
  • Provide thumbnails of image files and support a preview of recoverable data, restoring CR2 and other images selectively;
  • Repairs severely corrupt CR2 photos by using sample files;
  • Removing the card from a device during data transfer.

The following are simple steps you can use to repair CR2 files.

Step 1: Download the Software on your PC. Scan the location on the computer where the damaged files are located, and Recoverit will start to scan them.

select damaged cr2 pictures

Step 2: Give the command to recover the damaged CR2 files. Following this, it would get repaired, and you can preview them.

fix corrupted cr2 files

The most important thing when you save is that you should get a safety device for your recovered files if your files get corrupted again or overwritten.

The program works well with Windows as well as Mac systems. Among all the photo recovery tools, it is the only one that offers the highest scanning and recovery speed. With it, you will get a PC file scan and preview options. We tested the software for various data loss or corrupted situations. It does a great job and can retrieve the desired data. So, it is worth trying and even buying as you will be able to get back CR2 files and all your lost data irrespective of the data loss or damaged situation.


To conclude, we can say that this blog will help you to repair CR2 files on your PC successfully. Whether using manual or automatic ways, select the corrupted CR2 files, try different software, get a Hex Editor to fix, run SFC/Scannow to repair, etc. There are multiple ways to resolve issues with CR2 files. If none of the above methods work, try Wondershare Repairit to repair your corrupt CR2 files, as they have high performance compared with their counterparts. Download and try it free now!

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