How to Recover Deleted Videos on Laptop [All-Around]

All-Around Methods to Recover Videos on Laptop

Losing important and memorable videos is the most frustrating situation. But the happiest part is that you can easily recover deleted videos on a laptop with this comprehensive guide.

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There are chances that your laptop crashes or the screen go blank that may also lead to loss of data, including your files. If you also experience the same, this guide tells you how to recover deleted videos on a laptop.

Several simple methods will help you restore your files and videos that don't have any backup and are permanently deleted. Let us learn more about video recovery.

Two Cases of Deleting Videos on Laptop

Losing your videos from your system is a frustrating situation. This is because some of your videos are very important to you as they may be needed for work or might be valuable for personal reasons. Deleted videos may be lost permanently, or they may be in your laptop's recycle bin.

1. What do permanently deleted videos mean?

Videos are permanently deleted from the system when the recycle bin is cleared, and there is no backup available. A video gets deleted generally because of these reasons:

2. What do recently deleted videos mean?

A recently deleted video generally goes to the recycle bin. When you delete a particular video from a drive, it is not permanently deleted and goes to the recycle bin.

You can either delete the video permanently from there, or you can restore the video. Restoring the video will bring the video back to its original location.

Case 1. Restore Permanently Deleted Videos on Laptop

If you have recently lost some videos on your laptop, there is no need to worry as the lost videos can be restored.

Solution 1: Recoverit Data Recovery Software

Recoverit provides reliable data recovery for both Windows and Mac. Data can be recovered from all scenarios and all file types, including videos, documents, photos, etc. It can also get photos off a broken laptop.

You need to download and run the Recoverit data recovery software and choose the data loss scenario. It is an efficient software with advanced file recovery that can restore deleted files within minutes. Let us know how to use the Recoverit software on your laptop.

Download the Recoverit data recovery software on your laptop to restore lost videos and files with the below steps

Step 1. Select the location to start the recovery

You must remember the drive or the location from where you lost the video or other data. You need to choose that location to begin the process.

Look under the Hard Disk Drives tab and select any of the hard disks. You can even choose the desktop from the 'select location' tab. After choosing the desired location, you can click on 'Start' to begin the scanning.

location selection

Step 2. Scan the desired location

A scan will start after you give the command. Usually, it takes a few minutes, but if many large files are there, the scanning process may take up a few hours.

You can even click on Advanced Video Recovery that performs a deep scan to find large videos. Recoverit will let you pinpoint files for the scanning process. Choose the file path and the file type to narrow down your search and remove irrelevant data from the scan.

Moreover, you can pause the scan anytime and stop it altogether when you find the files you were looking for.

scan running

Step 3. Preview the files after the scan

You can click on the file or videos to see a preview. A thumbnail will appear on the right side when you click on the file. When you click on the Preview button, a window will appear that will also display information regarding the file name, size, location, and the modified date. All common file types like videos, images, audios, documents, etc. can be previewed with Recoverit.

preview recovered files

After you check the scan results and preview the files and videos that come up, select the files you like to restore. Choose a location to save the restored files and click on the Recover button to recover all the videos and files you require.

Solution 2: Make Use Of Backup to Restore Videos

If you use Windows Backup, check the recent backups and use them to restore recently deleted videos on your laptop.

Step 1. Open the Control Panel

Step 2. Open the System and Maintenance and then select Backup and Restore

Step 3. Then click on Restore my files and follow the restore wizard.

If the Restore my files option is not visible, then click on 'Select another backup to restore files from' and follow the wizard to restore deleted videos.

Use Windows Backup to restore videos

Solution 3: Restore Videos from File History Backup

This method is also considered as a replacement for Backup and Restore. It is present in previous operating systems that help in the recovery of video files that are deleted permanently.

You can proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Click on "Start" and type "restore files" to look for folders where deleted files are saved

Step 2: Click on restore to save all the deleted files to their previous location.

restore option highlighted

Here if you are unable to see the folders where deleted files are saved, it is because your "File History" is not "On."

Case 2. Recover Recently Deleted Videos on Laptop

If you have recently deleted some videos on your laptop by mistake and want to restore them, it is possible. It is common to delete the wrong files, and sometimes crashes and bugs also delete videos and files. You should know how to bring back deleted videos so that you do not lose your valuable files and videos forever.

Solution 1: Recover Videos from Laptop's Recycle Bin

When you accidentally or deliberately delete a file, it goes to the recycle bin and stays there until you clear it out. One can quickly restore the deleted files from your system's recycle bin.

Step 1. Double-click on the recycle bin icon to open it.

Step 2. Check the files and videos present there and select the ones that you like to restore.

Step 3. Once you select the desired videos, right-click and press the Restore button. The deleted videos will be restored to their original location.

If you do not remember the original location of the videos, right-click on it and open the Properties. Here you can view the location of the video.

Restore videos from recycle bin

Solution 2: Recover Previous Versions of the Files or Videos

You can make use of File History to recover recently deleted videos on your laptop.

Step 1. Right-click on the folder that stored the deleted videos or files.

Step 2. Click on 'Restore previous versions.'

Step 3. You will see multiple versions. Choose the one that was there when the videos were present.

Step 4. Click on Restore, and the version you choose can be saved at any location.

Make sure you save the videos at a new location and not at the same one from where it was deleted beforehand.

Restore previous versions of the video

Tips for Protecting Your Videos on Laptop

No one likes losing their valuable data. Be it files, photos, documents, videos, etc. Although it is possible to restore deleted videos and other files, one should try that valuable data doesn't get deleted in the first place.

It may be possible that sometimes you are not able to retrieve lost videos, so it is better to stay protected. You must be aware of the different ways of how to recover deleted videos. But you should try your best that the videos are safe, and you don't have to restore them. You can take certain steps that help to protect the videos better and reduce the threat of data loss

Closing Words

Sometimes your data and videos can get deleted unknowingly. It is you who can make a mistake and delete it, or it can get deleted due to system crashes or other bugs. No one wants to lose their invaluable videos.

If any of your videos have recently got deleted, do not panic because you can get them back. In the above article, we read about how to recover deleted videos on your laptop. Follow the various steps, and you will recover your lost videos and data in no time.

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