How to Get Photos off a Broken Laptop

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"I was working on my laptop and suddenly it is not responding anymore! Can someone tell me how can I get pictures off a dead computer?"

Get Photos Off Broken Laptop

It might sound surprising, but I get a lot of queries like this from people who are not able to retrieve their pictures from a dead laptop. Well, let's be honest, there could be different reasons for your computer to malfunction. Though, just because it isn't working in an ideal way, it doesn't mean we can't retrieve its stored data. In this post, I will let you know how to get photos off a broken laptop with some tried and tested methods.

Part 1: Can I Recover Pictures from a Dead Laptop

Before I answer how can I get files off my broken laptop, I want to cover some basics. For instance, you might be thinking can you retrieve pictures from a broken laptop? In this case, it would entirely depend on the present condition of your laptop.

Therefore, yes – you can recover pictures from a broken or dead laptop, but it would depend on the degree of its damage.

Part 2: How to Get Photos Off A Laptop That Won't Turn On?

If you wish to learn how can I get pictures off a dead computer, then I would recommend following this section. Let's consider that your computer has crashed, and now it is not functioning well. This means, there is a firmware-related issue with it and you can't boot it the usual way. To fix it, I would recommend using Recoverit Data Recovery, which is an exceptional data recovery tool trusted by experts. It will let you create a bootable Windows disc that you can use to run on a dead computer and perform data recovery on it.

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To learn how to get photos off a broken laptop that is not able to boot, you can try Recoverit and follow these steps:

Step 1: Initiate the crash computer recovery

Firstly, you need to install and launch Recoverit Data Recovery on another working computer. From the provided options on its home, select the "Recover from Crash Computer" feature.

crash computer recovery

Step 2: Select the type of bootable media to create

Now, connect a source like a USB drive or a CD/DVD to your system and click on the "Start" button on Recoverit's interface.

Firstly, you need to select whether you have connected a USB drive or a CD/DVD. Also, mark the source drive from the dropdown and click on the "Create" button to continue.

create usb bootable drive

Step 3: Create a bootable media

Since the process will erase the existing data on your USB drive or CD/DVD, the interface will let you know the same. Click on the "Format" button to erase the source and start the process.

format this disk now

Now, wait for a while as Recoverit will download the firmware to create the Windows Preinstallation Environment. Eventually, it will just format the USB drive (or CD/DVD) and will convert it to bootable media. Just be patient and make sure that your system is connected to a stable internet connection.

download firmware

Once the process is completed, Recoverit will let you know so that you can safely remove the newly created Windows bootable media.

bootable drive created

Step 4: Change the BIOS settings on your system

Now, connect the bootable media to your system and turn it on. As it would boot, press and hold the BIOS key to enter its BIOS settings. The BIOS key can be DEL, F2, F10, F12, etc. as it would differ from one system to another.

enter bios settings

After entering the BIOS settings, navigate to the Boot tab and use the arrow keys to change the booting sequence. Make sure that you place the bootable media as a priority before saving these changes.

Step 5: Perform data recovery on your computer

Once you exit the BIOS settings, your system will be restarted and boot the Windows Preinstallation Environment. Eventually, you will get the screen of Recoverit from where you can choose to perform data recovery on your computer. You can either copy data from your hard disk or perform recovery on any partition.

 Part 3: How to Fix a Broken or Dead Computer/Laptop?

Now when you know how to get pictures off my computer that won't turn on, you would be able to get your data back. Besides that, if you want to fix your dead or malfunctioning computer and get the photos back, then I would recommend the following solutions.

Method 1: Perform a Soft Reset on your System

In other words, a soft reset is just a forceful restarting of your system. Since it would reset its present power cycle, chances are that it can fix your malfunctioning computer.

laptop battery remove

Method 2: Remove the Hard Drive and Use an External Enclosure

This method allows you to access the hard drive of a non-functional laptop as an external USB drive on another computer, enabling the retrieval of stored pictures.

how to get pictures off old laptop that won't turn on

Method 3: Perform a System Restore or Image Recovery

If you have already maintained a system image or a restore point of your computer, then you can take their assistance as well. Needless to say, it will only work if you have a prior restore point or image saved. While a system image will only retrieve your Windows firmware, a system restore would get back the saved content of your computer as well.

To do this, just perform an Advanced Startup on your system. Just turn in on and hold the startup key (like Power or F8) to get the startup options. Now, browse to its Troubleshooting > Advanced Options and choose to perform a system restore or image recovery. Please connect the external source where the restore point is saved and make the appropriate selection from the wizard.

system restore wizard

Alternatively, you can also choose to reset your system from the advanced startup options. This will let you restore your settings or get rid of everything from your system as well.

reset windows computer

Method 4: Restart your system in the safe mode

If there is an issue with your system's network, peripheral devices, applications, etc. then you can just restart it in the safe mode. This will only load the essential windows environment without any unwanted processes. To do that, just restart your system and press the F8 key a few times to get its advanced startup options. From here, you can just choose to boot your system in the safe mode.

boot windows safe mode

Method 5: Perform Automatic System Repair

If nothing else seems to work, then you can also perform an automatic system repair on your Windows. In case there is a minor issue with your Windows, then it would be able to fix it. Otherwise, it will provide the relevant suggestions in the end (like using the Windows installing disc to reinstall the firmware).

Step 1. Firstly, turn on your system and press the Power or the F8 key to interrupt its booting and provide the startup options. The exact startup key might differ among various systems.

Step 2. Once the startup options are displayed, navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options and click on the "Startup Repair" feature.

windows startup repair

Step 3. This will launch a dedicated command-line interface that you can follow to fix your system. Simply choose to launch Startup Repair from here and wait as Windows would try to repair the issue.

launch startup repair

Method 6: Disassemble it and connect your hard drive to another system

In case if your system has been physically damaged, but you think that its hard drive is still working, then you can follow this drill. Carefully disassemble the laptop and make sure it is not plugged into a power source. Now, remove the hard drive in such a way that you won't damage its bus or connectors. Later, you can connect it to any other computer or use an internal to external drive case to test its functioning.

disassemble laptop repair

Needless to say, if nothing else would work, then it means there is a more prominent issue with your computer. In this case, you won't be able to learn how to get photos off a broken laptop on your own, and visiting an expert might help you.

Part 4: How to Prevent your Laptop/Computer from Crashing

After sharing my experience of how can I get files off my broken laptop, you would be able to resolve your situation. Though, if you don't want to encounter a similar scenario again, then I would consider following these suggestions.

That's a wrap, folks! I hope that I was able to resolve your queries like can you retrieve pictures from a broken laptop or how to get photos off a broken laptop now. As you can see, Recoverit Data Recovery provides a seamless solution to create bootable media. It can later be used to recover your lost or inaccessible data from a malfunctioning system. Feel free to keep the tool handy as it can save the day during any emergency data-loss scenario.

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