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Backup Microsoft Office Before Reformatting Hard Drive

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

The Microsoft Office suite offers programs that are used by millions of users daily, who enjoy a wide range of software that helps them to perform office automation tasks such as design, writing, databases, etc. Many users work with a myriad of documents, which need to be backed up, as the fact that, if accidentally lost or deleted, can result in a headache. Here you will see several alternatives on how to make a backup so that all your Office files are safe and without risk of being deleted, even if you format your hard drive.

Backup Microsoft Office Before Reformatting Hard Drive

Q: My hard drive is not working correctly, and I need to back up a lot of Microsoft Office files. Which are the ways to make a backup?

Most users are not used to making a backup of their files because it is not a common practice for them and they place their trust in the disk where the information is stored, which is understandable because this type of device has a useful life of quite a few years. On the other hand, they forget that hard drives can fail at any time due to various factors, so it is highly recommended and almost protocol-based, to back up all your files, and backup Microsoft Office files.

Why Do You Need to Backup Microsoft Office?

How to Backup Microsoft Office Before Reformatting Hard Drive?

If you need to format your hard drive, your Microsoft Office documents may be the main concern since they will be deleted after completing the process, therefore, you need to make a backup. Next, I will mention to you the different backups you can do so that your Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint documents, and the rest of Microsoft Office applications are safe:

Backup Microsoft Office Before Reformatting Hard Drive on Windows 10

Step 1 Launch Wondershare UBackit

First, you need download and install UBackit on your computer. Then launch the app, and click Create New from the main screen followed by File Backup.

launch ubackit

Step 2 Select Microsoft Office Folder from Hard Drive

You may need to find where the Microsoft Office folder is saved in advance, then select the folder here to backup. And click Select to continue.

select microsoft office folder from hard drive

Step 3 Choose Backup Destination

After that, UBackit will ask you to choose the destination where you want to save the backups. You can select the local disk, or external hard drive, like USB flash drive, etc. Then click Select to start the backup process.

choose backup destination

Step 4 Set Automatic Backup

It will take a few seconds or minutes to complete the backup process. Once it finishes, you can click the Schedule option to backup your Microsoft Office software daily, weekly, monthly or even in real time.

set automatic backup

Tips of 3-2-1 Data Backup Strategy

Although they are reliable, no storage method turns out to be 100% safe, since technical or computer failures can arise, leaving your files at risk. Next, I will mention a strategy that will help you a lot to keep all your information safe, this is called "Tips 3-2-1 Data Backup Strategy" and I will tell you what it is about.


Formatting a drive is an excellent way to keep your computer in good health, but you must remember that this process will delete all the information that is stored in it and for this reason, you must back up your information before carrying out this process. Backing up your information is quite simple and you can do it in various ways, however, by using specialized software such as Wondershare UBackit you will be able to schedule automatic backup processes for the folders you want, minimizing the risk of information loss and data corruption, while keeping your information well organized.

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