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How to Fix the Drive Is Not a Valid Backup Location in Windows

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

Q: How to fix the drive is not a valid backup location in Windows?
"Various computers have been in my use for more than three years now. Recently, an issue occurred while I was making a backup of my windows on a flash drive that the drive is not a valid backup location in windows. I'm unable to make the system image, and this is irritating me a lot. This is the first time I've seen this error in windows 10. If there is any method to solve this problem, I'm desperate to know the quickest solutions in this desperate situation. I also want to know about this error in detail; it would help me to tackle it in the future."

The drive is not a valid backup location in windows is one of the most common errors all around the globe. Well, there can be multiple factors behind this error; they are discussed in detail below. Not only this, in the guide, but you will also have all the possible solutions to this problem. You just need to read the guide carefully to get all your answers. Lastly, you have the most efficient way to handle this situation with astonishing AOMEI backupper, make sure you use it properly.

Part 1: Why is my flash drive not a valid backup location Windows 10/8/7?

USB flash drive is one of the most useful storage devices in the world. This efficient data transfer tool is utilized by a vast number of people around the globe. People often use it to make a system image backup. However, some users utilize it to backup significant files and folders. The finest use of USB flash drive is to make a system image on it.

When any user strives to choose USB flash drive as the backup destination drive in windows at the option "Where do you want to save backup". Sometimes you might witness a warning in orange which state; "The drive is not a valid backup location". This restricts you from creating a system image backup on USB flash drive. This error can exist on any of the latest Windows operating system version. May it be Windows 7 file recovery or Windows 8 and 10 backup and restore utilities.

This issue can be caused due to various reasons. Like every other dilemma, this issue also has some culprits. However, it is the default limitation that Windows users can't backup system image to a USB flash drive. Other significant files and folders can be easily backed up. There are some users who utilize low storage capacity flash drives to conduct their tasks. If the flash drive storage capacity is between 1GB to 32GB, you can never create a system image backup. This is one of the most prominent reason due to which users encounter the error "The drive is not a valid backup location in Windows". With the passage of time, hard drives and USB flash drives are also increasing in storage capacity, this is the reason that this issue is reducing with time. Yet, there are few solutions mentioned below for you.


Part 2: How to fix the drive is not a valid backup location in Windows 10/8/7?

Previously, you were given the causes of this dilemma. Now, you will have proper solutions for it. Windows never stops from surprising you with diverse collection of tools. You just need to know their requirements. Follow the methods with great concern. Make sure you follow the methods one by one, jumping from one method to another without implementing it properly may lead to many disastrous results. It is obligatory to implement first method before proceeding to the second method mention in the guide below.

1. Backup Windows to a larger USB Flash drive

We will first consider the windows built-in tool to serve the purpose. So, before we jump to any other software or procedure, you have to know proper requirements to backup windows with built-in tools. As mentioned in the causes, creating system image backup on low storage capacity USB flash drive is impossible. You can tackle the troubling situation by buying a USB flash drive with minimum storage capacity of 64 Giga bytes.

A flash drive with this much storage capacity is easily recognized as backup destination by Windows backup and restore utility. You can utilize 128 Giga Bytes storage capacity USB flash drive to make system image backup more efficiently as 64 giga bytes USB flash drive does not have a whole of 64 GB free for the purpose. This is the most used solution for your problem.

2. Backup windows to USB stick with AOMEI Backupper

In case, you don't have a USB flash drive with excessive storage capacity. You can utilize AOMEI Backupper in this situation. This is one of the most effective solutions in your case of drive is not a valid backup location win Windows.

AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI backupper is one of the most astonishing software available for this purpose. It gives you multiple utilities, like support schedule backup. Support schedule backup gives the assurance of protecting your files and avoids data loss. You can schedule the file sync as daily, weekly or monthly. Furthermore, it also supports email notification, which keeps you updated about all the procedure, like completion and any errors. Lastly, AOMEI backupper also has a function of compressing your data without compromising the quality, in case your data is too large. AOMEI Backupper is an advanced backup and restore software which contains all features of the Standard edition, provides complete and reliable PC backup and restore strategies for any of the windows version. Learn the steps to backup windows to USB stick, these are the steps to do so;

Step 1: First of all, you need to download the remarkable AOMEI Backupper professional on your computer. Once you have done that, install and launch the software properly. Moving on, Click "Backup" and then the option "System backup".


Step 2: Furthermore, you need to choose USB drive as the destination storage for the system image backup. System drive and its related partition will be selected by default.


Step 3: Meanwhile, you will have multiple other options. You will have the option to do schedule system backup in daily, weekly, or monthly by choosing the option "Schedule". You can also efficiently password protect backup image. The software can also compress and split backup images. The facility of incremental and differential backup is also given by the software. The option "Scheme" allows you to auto delete old backups when backup image amount overpasses the specified value. Once you have made your changes, click "Start Backup".



It is certain that no one can afford losing their data, this is why everyone person strives to make system image backup. There are many other situations where people encounter hurdles in doing it. Well, data is vulnerable to many misadventures like virus attacks and system crashes. Making a system image is one of the finest things to do. You need to follow the methods step by step rather than jumping onto the last one. In the end, all you need is the astonishing AOMEI backupper to make all the procedures reliable and easy for you. You can also restore system image backup by using the software in the future.

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