Fix WD Smartware Software Not Compatible for Windows 10

How to Fix WD Smartware Software Not Compatible for Windows 10

If not wrong, then you must be wondering about a number of questions i.e. what is WD Smartware? And how this WD smartware software works? If this western digital smartware windows 10 is meant for windows 10, then what makes it incompatible for it? This article is going to answer all your queries regarding WD smartware software.

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I have two computers. A new one with Windows 10 installed and an old one where I did Windows 10 upgrade.

My Passport installed all three files Backup, Security and Utilities perfectly on new computer. Icons are on start page.

They work. I was able to handle this easily.

But the old computer will only install Security and Utilities. (Icons on home screen) but will not install WD Backup.

I have uninstalled everything, restarted my computer, and updated windows (unnecessary).

But it still won’t install WD Backup.

What’s the problem? I use Norton Cloud backup right now, but trying to get off the cloud. Help!

If this WD smartware software is meant to work for windows 10, then what makes it incompatible to work for the operating system? For sure there must be an error working in background. This western digital smartware windows 10 is a backup solution that helps to protect the data against any potential data loss under circumstance of system failure or disasters. This article would explain about WD smartware software and how to fix WD smartware software not compatible for windows 10.

As mentioned above, WD smartware software is a potential backup solution that protects the data from damage and saves it on the WD drive acting as the primary storage. The data or backups stored on the WD drive are the on premise backups whereas the off-premise backups are stored on the cloud acting as secondary storage space. This software is compatible with windows 10/8/7. But sometimes, while using the software, one can face an error i.e. WD backup not working. This error is due to two particular reasons i.e. either files cannot be backed up or WD Backup does not see my drive. This article will explain all about the WD smartware software along with a third party solution to fix WD Smartware software not compatible for Windows 10. Here are the topics that would be discussed in detail.

Part 1: What Is WD Smartware Software?

As mentioned above, WD smartware software is an effective backup solution for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and Vista. It stands for western digital smartware windows 1. With the help of this WD smartware software, you can automatically backup the files, folders, documents, media and all the data present on disk or system. In this backup process, the WD drive (WD devices) act as a primary storage and backups created are termed as on premise whereas the off-premise backups are stored to the clouds, acting as the secondary storages. How you can access the software? Just like others, you need to go for WD smartware download windows 10 and once it is installed on the device, it is ready to use.

Though this WD smartware software is meant to work for windows 10, but sometimes, while using the software, you may confront an error message saying smartware software not compatible for windows 10. This is probably due to an error working in background, making the software to not function appropriately. Here mentioned are some of the common issues that may cause the error.

  1. WD SmartWare Software is not compatible with Windows 10. The compatibility issues may be related to the versions of the software i.e. there may be any update that needs to be downloaded too for making this software work on windows 10.
  2. WD Smartware can only backup files, Windows operating system and the applications are not supported. Sometimes, the software fails to backup the system, it only backup files and folders but fails to create system backup images.
  3. WD Smartware backup might be stuck, failed or not work due to some errors. This may occur due to faulty installation of the software drivers or any corrupted file for the software. In this case, the only solution left is to uninstall the software and reinstall from reliable source.

Part 2: What Are Limitations of WD Smartware?

While using a third party application software, you need to keep an eye on all its pros and cons. Associated to this particular software i.e. WD smartware software, there are certain limitations that somehow makes this software bit difficult to opt for creating massive backups. Here are the limitations.

Part 3: Try to Take Backup with AOMEI Backupper

If the WD smartware software fails to create the desired backups for your device due to any of the above mentioned short comes, the its time to switch to another third party application software. It is one of the easiest fix for WD Backup not working issue.

In this regard, AOMEI bcakupper is a top notch third party backup software which helps to create your backups professionally. Be it the file backup, disk backup, system backup or restore functionalities, this software won’t leave you out of conviction. It is compatible for Windows 10/8/7/XP/Visa. Along with other features, the software offers a great deal in terms of scheduling the backups to dates whenever you want. How to use AOMEI backupper professional?

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Start the process with downloading followed by installing the software on the device.

Step 2: Once properly installed, launch the software and in the main interface, select the option of backup. In the next window, select file backup from the list displayed.


Step 3: In the window of file backup, you have to select the targeted file and folders for backup along with the destination drive to save the newly created backup.


Step 4: You can schedule the backup to automatically run the backup operation. In the left lower corner, select the option of schedule to configure the settings accordingly. Once the scheduling is completed, click ok to continue.


Step 5: In the next window, click start backup to complete the process.


Hence, there are number of third party application software that works for creating backups. In this stream, there is a name WD smartware software. It is claimed to work for windows 10/8/7/Vista, but unfortunately it shows incompatibility for windows 10. Making a list of counter issues with WD smartware software, it says, software is not compatible with Windows 10, WD Smartware can only backup files and WD Smartware backup might be stuck, failed or not work due to some errors. All these issues may be due to uninstalled updates, faulty drivers, and faulty installation of software from unreliable source. This article also mentioned further limitations of confronted while using the software. The only quick fix for resolving the issue associated while using this software is to shift to using another backup software. In this regard, AOMEI backupper is the best alternate for creating backups for your data to protect it against the potential data loss.

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