Fix Windows Cant Find a System Image on the Computer

Fix Windows Cant Find a System Image on This Computer

Do you want to fix the ‘Windows can’t find a system image on this computer’ error completely? No worries follow this guide and you will have the applicable solutions for this irritating error.

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Q: How to fix ‘Windows Can’t find a System Image on This Computer’ Error?

“This past day, I’ve encountered the issue on my computer where I am unable to run a system image on the windows 10 system. There is this error that the system can’t find a system image on this computer. The problem is that system image backup is stored on this computer hard drive, rather than any other external drive. I want to know if there is any way to resolve this issue completely, if yes then I want to know the easiest steps to do so, plus I wish to know about the error in details.

Windows may surprise you with multiple errors that you would find really hard to deal with. Still there is no need to panic, you can surely resolve this issue and can perform a system restore on your computer. There are two primary ways to solve this error, which are mentioned in the guide. In this guide you will also have an overview of the error which will let you know about the error in details. You will certainly know some of the common reasons behind this error ‘Windows Can’t find a System Image on This Computer’. Getting aware of the error will enable you to tackle this problem in future. So, follow the guide carefully to get yourself out of this devastating situation.

Part 1: Overview of windows cannot find a system image on this computer

If you are striving to solve this problem completely, then the you first need to know this error properly. This error can occur due to multiple reasons, you need to be aware of them. Changing the folder name “WindowsImageBackup” can also result in this error. If not this, then putting this folder in another folder can also trigger this dilemma. Sometimes people add different folders into this particular folder “WindowsImageBackup” due to which errors like these, pop up. In other words, adding any other folders in the "WindowsImageBackup" folder except disk images of other computers will cause system image not to be found. So, make sure not add any other folder in the "WindowsImagebackup’. There is a list of culprits behind this error, but it is surely solvable.

Part 2: Manually fix windows system restore error

The first and foremost method is to solve this issue manually, this is the simplest method you can apply on your situation. In this method, you don’t need to apply any third party to get rid of this issue. You can just manually solve your problem, with these particular steps, follow these steps properly;

Step 1: change system image folder as “Windowsimagesbackup”

As mentioned above, the name of the folder has a lot of significance, any changing in that can result in the error. Make sure the system image folder is named as “Windowsimagebackup”. If you want to resolve this issue, change the name if it is not the one mentioned above. Once you have made the corrections, your problem will be solved, hopefully.

Step 2: Put ‘WindowsImageBackup’ folder in the Root Directory of a Drive

Not only the name, but also the wrong location of the folder can also result in the shape of this error. The system image folder must be at the top level of your hard drive on the computer. If not, then the system recover won’t be applicable as system image folder wouldn’t be at the right location. Make sure your folder is in the root directory, correct it if it isn’t there.

Step 3: Don’t change the sub-folder name

You are only required to change the name of the folder not the sub-folder, keep it as the windows has named it originally when creating the system restore. If you have made any changes, the recovery will automatically fail as windows wouldn’t find a backup for the computer.

Step 4: Don't Add Any Folders in "WindowsImageBackup" Folder

Keeping all the other precautions in mind, also keep in sight that you haven’t added any folder in the “WindowsImageBackup” folder. If yes, immediately remove the folder except the original folders present already. An unknown sub-folder in this folder can disturb the system restore.

Step 5: Make sure mediaID.bin file is saved together with your system image

If you have copied your system image on any of the external drive, either it be hard drive or USB, make sure you have copied the mediaID.bin file together with your system image. If this folder is missing, then your system image backup is useless.

If you have tried all the above steps in your dilemma, then re-check if the error still exists or not. If the error is stubborn enough to still irritate you, then follow the next method to get out of this problematic situation.

Part 3: Fix ‘Windows can’t find system image’ error with AOMEI backupper

If applying manual solutions gave you no relief, then you must try this 3rd party software to sort out your issue. AOMEI backupper is an astonishing software with diverse functions for the people all around the world. Follow these steps carefully to completely sort out the error;


There are millions of windows users all around the globe. There is no doubt that multiple errors occur when you are dealing with operating systems and storage devices. If errors like the one mentioned above occur, don’t stress out. You can solve your issue just by following some quick methods. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that keep a check on your windows health after a particular time. By doing so, you will know what errors might be heading your way, you can detect them beforehand. Keeping care of the data must be your first priority, so before jumping onto any of the methods mentioned above, just make sure you’ve made a back-up of all your important stuff. Lastly, make sure you use the finest available software as AOMEI backupper.

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