How to Delete Junk Files on Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone

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Junk file from your devices with Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone, keeps your space occupied and in most of cases it is about unwanted junk. Regardless of the type of junk files, they slow down the activity of your device. The cache of your browser's could have so many junk small files that you are wondering many times "why my browser is opening so slow?". The unwanted files could be temporary files, old program setup files, cached thumbnails, all stored on your device, computer, laptop, tablet, phone. You will be surprised to find out that junk files could occupy a lot of GB into your system.

Part 1How to delete junk files on Windows

In order to get rid of junk files from your Windows computer, use the tool Disk Cleanup included in the operating system. There you have the possibility to delete all data that you do not need anymore, like temporary files, files from recycle bin and more.

Follow these simple steps to clean junk files from Windows:

1. Open Disk Cleanup utility

Go to Start menu to search for Accessories and then System tools. There you will find the Disk Cleanup utility. Click on it and you will delete all unwanted files.

How to delete junk files on iPhone

2. Delete junk files

Select all files that you wish to delete and click on “Delete Files”.

How to delete junk files on Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone

Part 2 How to delete junk files on Mac

Use the tool Disk Utility from your iOS Mac. It is very easy to find it in Applications. Just follow these steps:

1. Open Disk Utility

Go to Applications and look after Utilities. There you will find the tool Disk Utility. Also, you can find it through Spotlight. Tap Disk Utility and then First Aid.

How to delete junk files on Android

2. Use First Air / Erase

In order to do a proper cleanup, you can verify the disk permissions. In any case, the Disk Utility will clean up, and erase your junk files from Mac.

How to delete junk files on Mac

Part 3 How to delete junk files on Android

Your Android device has several junk files due the apps (even after you uninstall them), in your browser's cache, and a lot of files like pictures that you don't need anymore. In order to clean up the junk files from your Android device, go to Settings, General and Storage. On the Storage space you will see all your total space and the space size used for your Apps, Pictures, Audio, Downloads, Cached data. If you wish to clear the junk files, tap on every feature and you will be prompted with the option to clear the data.

How to delete junk files on PC

Part 4 How to delete junk files on iPhone

Your iPhone could have a lot of junk file in the Safari's cache, or even unwanted files remained from apps.

Follow the steps below in order to cleanup the junk files from your iPhone:

1) Delete data stored by apps

You can delete the data stored by apps with the Usage option from Setting by following these steps:

Go to the Settings and search for General usage. After, tap Manage Storage and tap items from Documents and Data. Check items that you do not want anymore and tap Delete. In order to remove all app's data, tap Edit and then, Delete All.

2) Delete the cache from the browser Safari

The memory cache of your browser has certainly some files, as websites let cockies in your browser in order to give you a better experience at next visits. Follow the steps below in order to clean up Safari's cache:

1. Search Safari under Settings

Tap Settings on your iPhone and search for Safari. Next, tap Clear History and Website Data. The final step is to tap Clear History and Data.

Delete junk files on Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone

2. Clear Safari`s cache, cookies

If you agree on accepting cookies, you will have a lot of cookies into your browser. You can delete them now, properly.

How to delete junk files on Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone

Part 5 Things we need to take care of when deleting junk files

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