How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows

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Temporary files are stored in the Temp folder in Windows. These files are required only by the operating system for a temporary time period after which they remain on the system for no reason. The temp files occupy a considerable amount of space on your hard drive that can be used for other purposes. Thus, it is best that you delete temp files and utilize the space that frees up for storing something of value. Before you get to erase these temporary files, you need to locate the Temp folder in which they are present. The location of this Temp folder varies from PC to PC. Once the Temp folder is located, you can clean them out pretty easily and within a short period of time.

Part 1. How to Delete Temp File in Windows

It is not that difficult to delete temp files in Windows. You need to follow a few simple steps for erasing the temporary files from the system permanently.

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut for opening the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R keys together.
  2. Open the Temp folder by entering the %temp% command into the Run dialog box.
  3. Select all of the temp files present in the Temp folder by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A after selecting a single file.
  4. Delete the selected temp files by clicking the Delete option located on the menu labeled Home or your keyboard’s Delete key.
  5. In case you get a warning like ‘File or Folder in Use’ then choose the Skip option.
  6. Wait for the temp file deletion process to complete which might take a few minutes depending on the number of temp files you have in the Temp folder and then close the Temp folder.
  7. Go to the Recycle Bin and click the option labeled ‘Empty Recycle Bin’ located on the top bar of the window. Click Yes to confirm the deletion and completely remove the temp files from your system.

Part 2. How to Clear Temp Files Using Disk Cleanup

The following are the instructions that you need to follow in order to clear temp files using Disk Cleanup utility.

  1. Shutdown all running programs.
  2. Click on My Computer.
  3. Select the system drive and right-click on it. Now, choose the Properties option in the menu that appears.
  4. In the Properties dialog box, click the option Disk Cleanup which is located under the General tab.
  5. Check the box in front of Temporary Files by scrolling down the list labeled Files to Delete.
  6. To confirm the deletion, first click OK and then the Yes button.
  7. Close the Properties window.

Part 3. How to Erase Temporary Files in Windows

While the abovementioned methods can delete temp files with ease, they can’t ensure that the temporary files will be deleted completely from the system. These temp files could still be occupying the blocks on the hard drive and there is only way to make sure that they are erased forever. It is to make use of a data erasure tool. This tool would be able to erase any kind of data including temp files from the system permanently, leaving no trace of them behind. However, it is important to make use of a quality data erasure tool for accomplishing this task. Stellar BitRaser for File is the best such tool available in the market. It has the capability to clear temp files permanently from the hard disk.

Step 1. Free download Stellar BitRaser for File on your Windows computer and launch it.

Step 2. Go to select the "Windows Temporary Files" option

erase windows temporary files

Step 3. Click "Erase Now" button to start erase the temporary files in Windows.

While a single pass is enough for Stellar BitRaser for File to erase temporary files, you might find it hard to believe. To clear your doubts regarding the persistence of the temp files on your system, you can take a couple of extra passes. It will definitely ensure that the temporary files are erased from the computer forever.

Simply put, the temporary files are not required after the passage of a certain period of time. You can boost your hard drive space by deleting them from your system. The temporary files are present in the Temp folder whose location varies from PC to PC. You can delete temp files in Windows using a number of different methods including Disk Cleanup utility. However, it can’t ensure that the temp files are permanently deleted from the system. The only way you can erase temporary files with no scope of recovery is to delete them using a data erasure tool like Stellar BitRaser for File.

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