What Is a TXT File | How to open, convert, and create it?

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Files are created on computers and mobile devices for storing different kinds of data and information. For example, PNG files store images, MP4 files store videos, MP3 files store audio, and TXT files or Plain Text files store text data. These files can store sequences of characters representing real-life plain text or writing.

What Is a TXT File?

what is txt file

TXT is an abbreviation of Text File. Text files have the extension of .txt, and these are used to save written languages. In simple words, TXT files are used to store human-readable text data on computers. Text data includes alphabets, digits, and special symbols.

1. Types of TXT Files

There are various types of TEXT files, and we are providing you with the names of famous ones:

  • .TXT (File that stores Plain Text)
  • .RTF (Rich Text Format file)
  • .DOC and .DOCX (Microsoft Word Text Files)
  • .PDF (PDF file that cannot be edited directly)
  • .WPD (WordPerfect Document file)
  • .ODT (OpenOffice Writer Document file)

2. Uses of TXT Files

  • A Method of Storing Text

After the creation of computers, scientists wanted to replace noise-making typewriters. They also wanted to communicate in human languages. TXT files were the only solution, as these files can store text that can be shared or transferred as well.

  • Documentation

We create most of our documents in the form of TXT files, and these documents include letters, curriculum vitae, portfolios, questionnaires, reports, articles, poetry and writings, and so on.

  • Advertisement

Advanced TEXT files allow you to make flyers and brochures using colorful graphics, images of your product, and stylized fonts.

  • Graphics, Images, and Videos Links

Advanced text files like .DOCX can store graphics, images, and video links along with the Text. It makes text files kind of universal files.

3. Features of TXT Files

  • Processed by AI

TXT files can be processed by the AI to underline the spelling and grammar mistakes easily. These files can also be processed to find out the feelings and emotions of the writer and the summary as well.

  • Shareable over the Internet and LAN

You can easily share TXT files over the internet, even as it is, or make an archive. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) helps you transfer TEXT files using different networks.

  • Highly Collaborative

Multiple people can share and work on a single TXT file, so it makes them very collaborative.

  • Font Styles and Colors

You can change font families and interfaces of fonts as you wish. You can also change the color of the font and the background of the font.

4. Advantages and Disadvantages of TXT Files


Operating Systems have default applications for creating and editing TXT files.

TXT files have very small sizes. They can contain plenty of details within KBs.

TXT files can easily be shared on the internet via email or other methods.

Heavy application suites are not required to open TXT files.


These files contain plain text and cannot import images.

How to Create a TXT File?

Create TEXT Files on Windows

For creating a TXT file on Windows, you need to follow the simple steps:

  1. Right-click on a blank space and select "New > Text Document."
select creating a new text document
  1. Rename the TXT file and press enter twice to open it.
  2. Type something and press Ctrl+S to save it.
rename the txt file
  1. Congratulations! You've created a TXT file that includes your Text.

Create TEXT Files on macOS

If you are a Mac user, then follow these steps for creating a TXT file on your Mac computer:

  1. Find and open TextEdit app.
  2. Open the File Menu and create a new text file.
  3. Type something and choose "File > Save."
  4. Good Job! You've created a TXT file on your Mac.

How to Open a TXT File?

Open a TEXT File on Windows PC

For opening a TXT file in Windows, just double-click it with the LMB (Left Mouse Button) of your mouse. You can also right-click on the TXT file you want to open and select "Open." Highlighting the TEXT file with the left mouse button and pressing Enter will also open your text file.

Open a TEXT File on macOS

  1. If you press Command-I on your TXT file, then you will have Open With options.
  2. You can select the TextEdit App or some other app to open the TXT file.

Open a TEXT File on a Mobile Phone

Every mobile phone has a built-in application for opening text files. But you can still install other applications for opening text files. WPS Office Lite is a famous app nowadays that supports multiple formats of TEXT files.

Unable to Open a TXT File?

If you are having problems opening TXT files, then you should consider the followings:

  • Lest the extension of the TXT file should be changed. In this case, just rename the file and type .txt in the end, i.e., my Text File.txt.
  • You might be trying to open the .txt file in an app that does not support TXT files.
  • The app for opening TXT files may be corrupted and need reinstallation.

How to Convert a TXT File?

By converting a TXT file, you can open it in other advanced applications like Microsoft Office and WPS Office. There are plenty of online and offline methods for converting a TXT file into other formats such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, etc.:

Just follow the given procedure to convert your TEXT or TXT file into a PDF:

  1. Go to the link on the top and choose your TXT file after pressing the "CHOOSE FILE" button.
add txt file to the txt to pdf converter
  1. Select your TXT file and press the "Open" button to open it.
open txt file
  1. Your file will be converted in seconds. Just press the "DOWNLOAD FILE" button to have it on your computer.
covert txt file to pdf

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This article is a simple and easy guideline that includes many aspects of TXT files. In this article, your concept about TXT files will be cleared. You will also learn to create, open for editing, and convert these text files into other formats. In the end, we have provided you with a link to the software that will help you recover your TXT files for free.

People Also Ask

The application that produces files with a .txt extension is Notepad on Windows. On macOS, you will find TextEdit as the application for producing and editing TXT files.

TXT stands for"Text Document,"and the extension of the TXT text file is .txt. It is a simple document file that is mostly used to write plain text.

The TXT file contains plain Text, including alphabets, digits, and special symbols. On the other hand, the DOC file not only contains the stylized and colored Text, but also the images and links to the videos and emails.

Microsoft Notepad and WordPad can open TXT files in Windows. The TextEdit app on macOS can also open TXT files.