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How to Repair Unreadable JPEG?

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Losing your files to viruses or carelessness or even a damaged storage device can be scary especially if you are in the profession of using these files for your customers or clients. Let's look at it this way. You are a lawyer and somehow you get a photo which is supposed to vindicate your client and in the morning of the day that photo is supposed to appear in court, you find out that it's unreadable. Despair utter despair would be your case, right? Well if you as much as a stick to this page for a little while, your ignorance about despairing because of an unreadable JPEG file will be seriously damaged. Let's look at why it became unreadable and how to repair unreadable JPEG files.

Part 1. Why Unreadable JPEG Happens?

JPEG files that become unreadable almost always present themselves in a distorted or broken format which when clicked on will pop up an error message saying the file cannot open is damaged, or cannot be read. Sometimes when you try to move them or copy them, you find out that you can't because of the system, the file no longer exists. This doesn't mean that the file is lost forever. It only means that the normal arrangement of that file which your system could read earlier had been scattered and so the system can't start searching through the disarranged files to look for whatever file you are looking for and so it lazily tells you that it can't find it.

Most JPEG files become unreadable because of various reasons: These reasons include:

SD cards can get damaged if exposed to extreme atmospheric conditions. This tends to distort or damage the card and so if a picture is taken and saved to this card it might get damaged too. Another way an SD card corrupts a file is if the card is weak and photos get stored in it. How do I mean? Most storage cards that are close to their expiry date are sold for cheap prices and so we get them instead of the original ones at a higher price. You probably think "well they're both storage cards why go for one so expensive when I can do the same thing with the cheap one". If your pictures are really important to you then take this advice. Go to the good stores and get those expensive ones. They will ensure that your photos are kept safe.

Most storage devices get corrupted or pick up the virus when inserted in a virus-laden system and so if you have photographers saved in it, the virus might gain entrance into your SD card and while trying to spread its tentacles in this new home corrupts your files in the process causing them to appear damaged and become unreadable when you try to open it.

This makes the file originally corrupted and so won't open if you tried to read it.

The presence of bad sectors on your storage devices or incompatibility of the file that you are trying to open with your system. Also, accidental deletion can leave behind a trace of the file especially if it had a short cut created from the main file. Depending on what reason is behind your JPEG files being unreadable, there are various solutions to it.

Your files can be restored by just doing the following:

  1. Downloading the file again probably from a different site this time. A site you know is corrupt free.
  2. Renaming the file can help to get your unreadable files back to life.
  3. Another way you can get back your files is by changing the format of the JPEG file.BMP and some other different file extensions. You can decide to repair the photo through the image editors you have in your system.
  4. Another sure bet of regaining your files is retrieving it from your backup drive if you have one. This only works if you had earlier backed up your files to an external hard drive or using cloud storage.
  5. A lot of times after trying these different ways to get back your photos, you will find out that you still can gain access to the JPEG files that are unreadable. Now one other method of retrieving that has not failed to repair files even if it is severely damaged is the use of Wondershare Repairit Software to repair and recover your photo. Now you’re at a loss of what this software does but not to worry, it is not a bogus claim to say that software like that exists.

Part 2. Repair JPEG Files with Wondershare Repairit

It might interest you to know that your corrupt photo or lost photos can be recovered using Wondershare Repairit, as it is your second best bet after backup files. Yeah, you can repair corrupted jpeg online. It works on any case of damaged or inaccessible JPEG files. It goes as far as recovering and then extracting the thumbnail of the corrupted image therefore not just recovering but also repairing it. it is efficient and reliable. Its graphic user interface is user friendly due to its intuitive nature, therefore, making it easy to use. Gliding through in the interface you can immediately spot out what next step to follow while running a recovery operation without being told.

It is free to use and so aids your DIY repair operation. Remember, so that you do not damage your pictures further or your hardware on your system during a recovery process, you have to make sure that the software you are using is virus-free and trustworthy. Wondershare Repairit here has proven to be reliable hence its global preference. It is a great software that is trusted to repair jpg online. Now you are thirsty for the steps to bring back to life your pictures, well here you go.

Part 3. How to Repair Unreadable JPEG from Wondershare Repairit

Any JPEG file can go unreadable when it becomes corrupted but the jpeg repair tool from Wondershare Repairit repairs it and makes it readable in less time than you even expect. This is how it works its magic.

    1. Download the Wondershare Repairit on your system and have it installed
    1. Now, insert your storage device if the JPEG file that you want to repair is stored on an external drive but if it’s in the system then just highlight the file ready to be scanned and run it on using the software.

launch Repairit

    1. The software scans through the storage device and pops up files that are corrupted. Now highlight the JPEG file and click on Add file to selectively scan the file.

scan files for repair

    1. Click on repair and a screen will pop up showing you a preview of the now corrupted file whose images must have been repaired now for you to check it for inconsistencies.
    2. Once the pictures are all repaired, click on save and it will ask you to choose a location different from where it was before. Once you’ve chosen your desired location, then your pictures are just as good as new.

repair files

Part 4. Tips on JPEG Files

Now you have been taught a lesson and now that you are no longer freaked out, you can now look at the following precautions. This will save you the stress of going through the repair process again.

  • Always have your files backed up. That is you don’t have to save your files on just one storage device. If your sort of profession deals with pictures and designs in JPEG format, you do not have to go through this sort of panic every time. Just back it all up.
  • Ensure to get storage cards that are of good quality and make sure not to store them under harsh atmospheric conditions.
  • Use a reliable JPEG photo recovery software so as not to damage your hardware when running the software on your system.
  • Make sure you do not corrupt your images by yourself by taking pictures with a low battery while using your digital camera.
  • Ensure that you do not introduce viruses into your system by downloading from suspicious sites.
  • Avoid damaging your pictures by interrupting the saving process.
  • Whenever you notice that your photos are corrupted or are inaccessible, do not utilize that storage media to store more files as the photos might get damaged too and the other ones which have been there might get severely damaged.
  • Do not panic when you notice that the photos you need are showing up broken or are not even accessible as panic might make you frantically press every button in a bid to restore the photos or forcefully open them. this might also end up damaging them even more so take a chill pill, a deep breath, and properly find out which of the reasons listed above caused your photos or JPEG files to go unreadable.

Once you’ve adhered to all these you can go about with less worry on your mind knowing that no matter what happens, you can get your photos back.

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