How to Clone USB Drive to Another USB Drive

How to Clone USB Drive

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Clone usb external hard drive to another?

Hi, I have two USB Hard Drives; one Western Digital 1.5 TB and a Samsung 2 TB. I would like to know if there is any way i can clone the 1.5 TB to the 2 TB.  My dilemma is that they are both via usb so i don't think a program would be able to detect them. How do I do it?

If there is no siecial or boot file on your USB, you can simply copy and paste the whole data from your USB to the 2 TB one. But if it's a bootable USB containing boot or special files, you can't copy it like this, because it will make your boot files useless. You need to use a special USB cloning tool to help.

Part 1. Clone USB Drive in 3 Simple Step

Such as AOMEI Backupper, it's a great utility to clone USB or other hard drives between partitions or disks without any data loss or damage. It is really a good toolkit for every computer.

Now, plug your usb drives into the computer, and run the program. Enter to the "Disk Clone" menu and you'll get the interface as follow. Then choose the "Clone Entire Disk", which allows you to clone entire disk to another.


Step 1 Select the source usb drive

Select your usb drive which you wan to clone and go to "Next".


Step 2 Choose the destination usb drive

Choose the other USB as a destination disk (Make sure the usb drive you select here has larger capacity than the source one, or you'll not be allowed to proceed).


Step 3 Start the USB clone

Here you'll get a message reminding you that your next operation will overwrite the content of your destination usb drive. If you agree to continue, hit "Yes". The USB cloning begins.


When the cloning work finishes, there will be a "Successfully Cloned!" message, and you are done!

Part 2. Video Tutorial of Clone USB Drive

Part 3. How to Recover Data from USB Drive

Sometimes, when the process of cloning USB drive caused to lost your important data from your USB drive, or the data have been formatted, overwritten. Under these circumstances, you need a data recovery software to recover your lost data back. Recoverit data recovery can help you recover all lost data from USB drive ,hard drive, flash dirve, memory card,etc. More details as below:

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