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How to Fix Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) Issue

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: USB Recovery • Proven solutions

Nowadays, computers have become quite unavoidable. Almost every career or work would require you to use a computer. So it is important to have basic knowledge about using a computer. But since there are a countless number of things to learn as far as a computer is concerned, there would be numerous times when an error would pop up. Lack of knowledge about these errors would slow you down. So make sure that you use the internet to learn about the error. Solutions would also be available on the net. One of the most common errors is the Unknown USB device error. This article would help you out when it comes to solving the issue.

What is the unknown USB device error? Sometimes, when you insert your USB Flash Drive into the computer, this error code may occur on your screen. If the error persists, then your USB device would not be recognized by Windows 10. When and if you open the device manager, then you would receive an Unknown USD device(USB device_descriptor_failure) along with the other bus controllers' names. A yellow triangle would be shown along with the error.

[5 Solutions] How to Fix the USB Device_Descriptor_Failure Windows 10 Error?

There are two basic troubleshooting methods:

The detailed steps to follow for solving the problem:

Solution 1: Replug the Power Supply

remove the power supply from the computer and then restart the computer. Once this is done, insert the device for one more time. Then insert the power supply. If the problem is related to some sort of background program or something related to software that has been used, then the device would get detected perfectly.

Solution 2: Reinstalling USB Driver

The next step would be to uninstall the USB device driver. Open the device manager and then right-click on the name of the error. This would bring up an uninstall option. Click on this option and the device driver would be uninstalled from the computer. Now that the driver is not present in the computer, restart the computer. When the computer boots up, the computer would reinstall the driver on its own.

uninstall unknown usb device

Solution 3: Disable the Fast Startup Option

Step 1. Press the Windows key and the letter R together.

Step 2. Type 'control' in the Run dialog box that appears. The Control panel will show up.

open control panel

Step 3. Choose the power options.

power options

Step 4. Click on "Choose what the power buttons do".

Step 5. Click the option chance settings that are currently unavailable.

change settings that are currently unavailable

Step 6. Uncheck the box right next to the Turn on fast startup. Save the changes that you just made.

uncheck fast startup

Solution 4: Change the USB Selective Suspend Settings

Follow the previous steps up to open the control panel.

Step 1. Click power options and choose the option 'Show additional plans'.

show additional plans

Step 2. Click on "change settings that are currently unavailable".

change settings that are currently unavailable

Step 3. Choose the high performance and then click the 'change plan settings'.

change plan settings

Step 4. Choose "Change advanced power settings".

change advanced power settings

Step 5. Click 'change settings that are currently unavailable'

change settings that are currently unavailable

Step 6. Locate the USB settings and click on it. Expand the USB Selective suspend settings. Disable On battery and plugged in.

disable usb selective suspend

Ensure that you apply the settings. The settings would only come into effect after the computer is restarted.

Solution 5: Keeping the Drivers Up to Date Would Also Help

when it comes to solving the driver issue, updating the driver software is the most effective solution. This can be done manually from the device manager. But if you find this difficult, there are numerous application software that can be used to ensure that drivers are always kept updated. One such software is Driver Easy. 

Once Driver Easy is installed, scan your PC using the software. It would find out all the drivers existing on the computer. It would also check whether all the drivers are updated or not.

Once the scan is complete, click the drivers that are flagged. Click the update icon, this would update the driver quite easily. Also, there would be an option 'update all'. This would be useful if you want to update all the drivers on the computer without any effort. Also, the software would notify you if a new update is available for the drivers on your computer.


driver easy software screenshot


Unknown USB device error is a very common error. Make sure that you follow all the steps given above carefully. If the problem persists, even after these steps then it would be wise to consult an expert. If your data get lost, unfortunately, we sincerely recommend you try Wondershare Recoverit to recover lost data from a broken USB drive.


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