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How to Auto Sync USB Drive When Plugged in

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

Q: How to auto sync a USB drive when plugged in?

"Hello friends, is there any way that I can auto-sync my USB? I often take photos and forget to backup them. So, it would be helpful for me if I could find any solution to auto sync USB drive when plugged in."

At times, there is a need to transfer data to and from a PC, and in this case, a USB drive will help. Well, what is a USB drive? It is a small external storage that is popularly used due to its convenience. Since they do not have moving parts, they tend to be quite durable, they are multi-functional and portable. You can carry them anywhere, connect them to different devices, and use them for longer.

Many users sync USB drives to different PCs and have more than one of these gadgets. There has been a need and demand for syncing files between flash drives and computers. Syncing is critically important when you only use the USB stick to store documents. The hard drive could fail, but if the files are synced to a PC, you can still access them.

Part 1: The Benefits of Syncing a USB Drive When Plugged In

Data security is enhanced when files from a computer are synced to a USB drive. You should not take chances with important files and with a flash drive, you can transfer files between PCs in different locations. Syncing a USB drive comes with numerous benefits that we will see below.

1) To sync files automatically

People store important data in their computers and different folders believing its completely secure. The data ranger from crucial documents, photos, financial records, licenses, insurances, music files, and videos among others. By plugging in your USB drive, the backup will be automatic. You do not have to worry about when you need to back up next.

2) To save time and energy

Initially, most people would copy-and-paste important folders from their computer to the USB drive. That is how they auto sync USB drives to their PCs to protect their data. This option is not only exhausting, but it is also time-consuming. Folders need to be properly copied and this might be a challenge when you choose the manual process. To copy folders correctly and save time especially with large folders, the most convenient way is to sync the USB drive automatically.

3) To keep data safe

Things can be unpredictable and your desktop or laptop goes off while you are working on a document. It is frustrating as it is very likely you will lose important folders and files. To prevent this from happening and keep your data safe, you should sync your USB drive. With this option, no need for an intermediate server to keep the files. Again, you will have both your original and backed up data.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose different locations to sync folders and files. However, most people prefer to sync their data to a USB drive and this keeps data safe regardless of their location.

The first thing that you are required to do is insert the flash drive into the PC and ensure it is detected. Once you confirm this, it is time to install and run Wondershare UBackit. Below are two ways that you can use to sync files to and fro USB drive.

Part 2: How to Auto Sync a USB Drive with UBackit Data Backup?

To make syncing easier, you must choose a reliable file sync software. If you are using Windows 10/8/7, UBackit Data Backup is useful in this. That is because it is a backup and sync software that is used with these Windows versions. Copying and moving data should not be a problem as this is something you can accomplish with a few clicks. It is made possible by its intuitive interface.

Besides performing a backup task, this USB flash drive software helps automatically back the drive when connects with an Automatic File Backup. Auto backup is highly recommended if you keep copying files that are regularly used. UBackit is the best option to auto sync USB drive automatically. The latest version of Wondershare UBackit will back up any external drive automatically, including a USB flash drive when it is the secondary connection with UBackit.

At times, things can happen and you lose important data. Due to this, auto backup is highly preferred. It helps in creating an extra copy that will come in handy in such scenarios.

Step 1: Installing the Software

The first step is to install and then launch Wondershare UBackit. It is fully free to use for the first 30 day for new users.

Step 2: Sync the USB Flash Drive

Click "Create New" in the main console and click on the "Disk Backup" option.


Step 3: Select Drive to Backup

Now, here you need to select the USB flash drive to backup. All the files saved in this drive will be backed up in this process. If you prefer to backup one folder in the drive, you could select File Backup in the former step. Then, click Select to continue.


Step 4: Choosing the Destination

You need to choose your destination path to save the backup files. Then click Select to get the backup process started.

choose backup destination

Step 5: Scheduling the Task

Once the backup process completes, you will find the Schedule option at the bottom of the backup folder. To set how often the syncing should be done, select "Schedule." Choose daily, weekly, or monthly depending on how often you want to sync your files. Next time the USB flash drive gets connected to the computer, UBackit will start automatic data sync.

complete process

backup schedule

Part 3: How to Sync Files between PC and USB Drive with SyncToy?

If you own a USB drive and also use it often to keep documents and files between the office and your home, then you may miss out on copying some files. It happens often but you do not have to worry about it. Synchronizing data between folders and drives daily should not be a challenge. SyncToy by Microsoft allows you to do so easily and you do not have to miss out on it.

Step 1: To sync your data while you start using SyncToy, you are required to create a new folder pair. You can choose these folder pairs from external drives, the computer you are using, or over a network. For this, select "Create New Folder Pair."


Step 2: The next step is to check where the folders you want to be synced are located. In the computer, the folder on the right will be "My USB drive" while the one on the left will be "My folder."


Step 3: You need to choose what you want to do next between the two folders. If "synchronize" is already checked, this should not be a problem. Below are the differences in the action options as per the SyncToy help file.


Step 4: You can give your synced folders any name before clicking "Finish."


Step 5: At this step, you have successfully synced your data and you can see the details including changing options. Check whether all is in order before clicking the "Run" button.


Step 6: A button telling me that the sync is successful will pop up if everything is in order.

The good thing is that you can create your preferred amount of folder repairs needed to be synced. You can sync a USB drive, or synchronize two folders on the same computer or external hard drives.


File synchronization or File Sync is a utility that helps in synchronizing multiple files and folders. The two advantages of it are that you can quickly update two folders in different locations, and it is also user friendly. Additionally, it is free of charge when you want to back up and sync files. It works on desktops, laptops, external storage devices. It is an UBackit Data Backup feature that is considered to be one of the best.

Whether it is digital pictures, emails, or MP3 among other data that you want to sync and backup, this utility makes it easy. These are easy ways on how to run programs automatically when USB is plugged in. Just a few clicks and you are done and with this, you do not have to worry about losing data.

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