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Ways to View and Restore Firefox Cache Files

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: SD Card Solutions • Proven solutions

In everyday lives, we are sharing and losing data from our browsers and apps. Sometimes, it is the temporary data in cached images, browsing history, and downloads known as Cache. We can view and restore that tiny storage if we lose it from Firefox. Therefore, this article will provide you with methods that help solve your Firefox Cache Files.

If you delete temporary internet files Firefox mistakenly, then do not panic as we are here at your service. Just stay with us and find several tips to recover your deleted browsing history and cache files on Firefox.

Part 1: Methods to View Firefox Cache Files

Every browser is supposed to save the browsing history and images by default, right? Therefore, it will be just as easy to go backward and see the last webpage or website browsing. However, due to any reason, you are unable to view those cache files, then stick with us and get answers to your numerous questions.

Method 1: Locating the Cache Files Manually

You can view the Firefox Cache files manually by following the guidelines of this method precisely. But you have to be certain about the install location of the cache. It is essential that it is not changed. Moreover, follow the pathway directory to solve your problem.

Method 2: Using Firefox Browser

Bringing you another method to view your cache files from Firefox. The steps given below are simple and do not require any expert-level knowledge. Just follow our lead.

1. For starters, Open the Firefox browser.

2. Type "about:cache" in the URL box of the browser.

type about:cache in the search bar

3. The page will show "Information about the Network Cache Storage Service." This pop up is responsible for allowing you to view your disk, cache, and memory information.

information related to network cache displayed

4. That is the last step. You are supposed to click on "List Cache Entries." Resultantly, you can view all the cached files from Firefox in microseconds.

tap on list cache entries

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Part 2: Recover Deleted or Lost Firefox Cache Files

During our work and schooling, we are constantly losing important data. Sometimes, we lose cached data from a browser which we need the most. If you have mistakenly deleted temporary internet files from Firefox, there is zero need to get impatient and lose calm. We will be taking this from here.

Method 1: Checking the Local Drive Manually

The first method for your service allows the user to manually check the local drive and perform a background check if cache files were removed or deleted temporary internet files from Firefox. Just follow the guidelines designed for you.

1. Follow the pathway directory given below:


2. This pathway ensures that you find deleted cached files from the said browser.

However, this is also possible that you do not recover your lost files from this method. For this situation, you can hop on to the next method outlined for you.

Method 2: Restore Deleted or Lost Firefox Caches with Wondershare Recoverit File Recovery Software

The second solution brings you to a file recovery software known as Wondershare Recoverit File Recovery Software, which deals with the same nature problems. If you need to recover your deleted Firefox caches, just follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Launch the Software

First things, you need to install the software and then launch it.

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article-safe-itemSecurity Verified. 3,591,664 people have downloaded it.

Step 2: Select the location of Lost Data

After that, you are required to choose the location of the lost data. Therefore, tap on the computer's hard drive as the location of missing data and click on "Start," which you will find in the interface's bottom left corner.

select your drive location

Step 3: Scanning the Location

The system will initiate the scanning process to find the lost data. It may take some time.

scanning the drive for lost data

Step 4: Recovering Lost Data

After some time, the lost data will appear. You can choose the items that you hope to recover and then tap on "Recover" located in the bottom left corner. Save the data afterward.

recover your data

Bonus Tips to Recover Your Deleted Firefox Browsing History

This section will consider some methods that will help you recover the deleted Firefox browsing history. Therefore, without any further delay, let us do this!

Method 1: Restoring Firefox History by Using Backup Copies

The first method for the Firefox users who are in a fix due to the deleted temporary internet files on Firefox is by making use of backup copies. If you are looking for tips that will help recover your lost browsing history from Firefox, you are at the right place at the right time.

  1. Go to "Start."
  2. Tap on "Search."
  3. From the menu box that appears, select "Tools."
  4. Tap on the "Folder options" from the next menu bar.
  5. Select the "View" option and then click on "Show Hidden files and Folders."
  6. Unmark the "Hide extensions for known file types" and "Hide protected operating system files."
  7. After that, you are supposed to search in the files and folders for the lost cache data. Therefore, go to the search bar and type "index.dat."
  8. Click on search to initiate the process.
  9. Switch the index.dat file reader on and tap on the browsing history that needs to be recovered.
  10. Click on "Restore."
  11. To check, go to your Firefox browser and see the recovered browsing history.

Method 2: Using DNS Cache

Allow me to introduce you to the second method, which can be considered as a viable and workable tip to recover the deleted Firefox Browsing History. This method only works when your system is switched on. If you have to restart your system to recover the deleted temporary internet files on Firefox, then this method would not work.

  1. From the keyboard, tap Windows+R.
  2. Insert "cmd" from your keyboard.
  3. Click on "Ok" and wait for the command to act.
  4. From the Command Prompt that appears with a dialogue box, you are required to insert ipconfig /displaydns. Tap "Enter.

type ipconfig /displaydns

With this command, you can look at the lost browsing history or the items you browsed and scrolled recently.

Moreover, by following this sequence of events, you can see and copy the websites from Firefox that are important to you and paste them into your bookmarks. Pretty convenient, don't you think?


The article has covered some major methods to view the Firefox cached internet files and also comes up with solutions to recover the deleted files and browsing history of Firefox. You can use DNS cache and backup copies to solve the issue.

We hope that the article will help you and solves your problem regarding the lost cache files.

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