How to Restore Pictures from Canon DSLR Camera

Have you accidentally deleted photos from Canon DSLR camera or memory card damage has caused photos loss? No matter how it happens, this post will guide you on how to restore pictures from Canon DSLR camera.

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“I came from the photography walk today and began compiling photos. But, by mistake, I deleted some pictures from my Canon DSLR camera. I try to retrieve the deleted pictures back but got nothing. How can I restore my deleted photos?”

There is no denying that a Canon DSLR camera lets you capture the pictures anytime and anywhere, but the various accidental hiccups may lead to a data loss. So, how do you retrieve the deleted pictures? Firstly, stop using your camera to shoot more pictures as it might overwrite the space of the deleted data. Now, take out the camera"s SD card and recover the deleted photos.

Part 1 Can I Retrieve Deleted Photos from Canon DSLR

The answer is "Yes!" You can get back all the deleted photos from Canon DSLR camera. You might be wondering on how one can retrieve the deleted photos from the camera after deletion? Well, here"s the thing:

If the pictures are deleted, due to some unfortunate circumstances, the pictures remain intact in the device. So, ensure that you don"t click more media, as it overwrites the space that is taken by the deleted data.

Now, when the deleted media is in the camera, you can retrieve deleted photos by using Command Prompt, manually from backup, or by using photo recovery software.

Chance of Camera Photo Recovery

No matter, if you delete the photos from the camera or corrupt its memory card, the accidental photo deletion will not remove all the pictures immediately. The deleted or lost pictures remain in the device until you write new photos to the Canon memory card. This is why it is possible to perform a camera photo recovery.

Notices Before Camera Recovery

Once you discover that you have deleted or lost pictures, don't take a photo or record video with the camera. Some other notices that you need to make before camera recovery include:

Ways of Deleted Photo Recovery

Now when the deleted pictures are on your camera, you can recover them by using Command Prompt and a third-party photo recovery software. Although there are a number of photo recovery software"s available online, make sure you choose the best App to restore deleted photos.

Part 2 How to Restore Deleted Photos From Canon DSLR Camera

The photo recovery app is a simple, reliable, and an effective method to recover the deleted photos from a Canon DSLR camera. But, with the wide range of photo recovery apps available, ensure that the recovery app you choose has a simple interface, supports SD card, different photo formats, and RAW file formats.

We recommend using Recoverit Photo Recovery software for you to restore deleted photos from Canon DSLR camera. Here is an overview of the best camera photo recovery app.

1. Recoverit Photo Recovery - Best Camera Photo Recovery APP

Recoverit is a reliable camera photo recovery App that provides you with support to recover files from various digital cameras like Canon, Olympus, Sony, etc. This App comes with an Advanced Deep Scan algorithm that goes deeper into the data structure and offers a high data recovery rate of more than 96%.

Recoverit Photo Recovery is an easy to use and the best app to restore deleted photos from Canon DSLR camera safely and effectively. Compatible with Mac OS and Windows, it recovers photos from all the file systems including exFAT, FAT, HFS, NTFS, APFS, etc.

2. Video Tutorial on Photo Recovery

Recent Videos from Recoverit

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Recoverit Photo Recovery supports to restore photos from various devices with SD cards. For example: Recover deleted pictures from Samsung phone and retrieve Sony photos .

3. How to Restore Pictures from Canon DSLR Camera

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to restore pictures from Canon DSLR Camera with Recoverit Photo Recovery. To start, download and install Recoverit Camera Photo Recovery on your computer. Connect your memory card of the Canon DSLR camera to computer and make sure it is detected. Now, follow the next steps and perform deleted photos recovery.

  1. Select a location
  2. Select the storage devices where your photos were deleted. Here is the Canon DSLR camera or its memory card. Then click on the "Start" button to start scanning.

    select sd card for Canon cameras

  3. Scan the Canon DSLR camera
  4. Recoverit Photo Recovery will start scanning your picture storage device to search for the photos from your memory card or camera.

    Canon DSLR camera recovery

  5. Preview and recover photos
  6. After the scan, check all the recovered photos. Preview them, and click on the "Recover" button to save the recovered photos to a safe storage device. However, make sure that you do not save any recovered data to the device or memory card from which it got lost before.

    Canon camera photo recovery

If you are using a Mac OS, download and launch Recoverit Mac Data Recovery, and follow the same steps, as mentioned above.

So, irrespective of how the files got deleted, all you need is to launch the Recoverit Camera Photo Recovery app on your computer, follow the above steps, and restore the photos.

Part 3How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Command Prompt

A command prompt, also known as cmd or cmd.exe is a command line interpreter on Windows CE, NT, OS/2, and React OS operating system. It is mainly used to issue various commands and allows the users to move, copy, delete, and create folders with a GUI. Moreover, there are commands, which can recover your deleted files.

Here are the steps on how to retrieve deleted photos from Command Prompt:

  1. To open cmd, press the Windows key and R at the same time. Type in cmd and press Enter.
  2. In the cmd window, type chkdsk "drive name"/f (chkdsk D:/f), and press Enter.
  3. recover photos with CMD

  4. Enter "Y," until the command lines start again. Now, type the drive letter (D :\), and hit Enter. With this, the command line will go back to start.
  5. Type D: \ > attrib –h –r –s /s /d *.* as it will recover all the files in the storage drive. Now, a new folder with all the recovered photos will be in your Canon SD card. Copy them and save at a new location.
  6. cmd photo recovery

Most probably, all the recovered files will be in ".CHK" format. Change the format and then save them, as per your preferences.

Part 4 Something About Canon DSLR Camera

Canon DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera is an auto focus, single lens reflex, and mirrorless camera series by Canon Inc. Digital implies that it is a digital camera. Single lens means that the camera uses one lens, and Reflex refers to the design, which includes a mirror inside the camera. The mirror allows the light to enter the camera viewfinder or the digital sensor. As of 2017, Canon has released 70 EOS DSLR models, starting with the introduction of EOS 650 in 1987.

1. File Formats of Canon Camera

The file formats that a Canon Camera generally supports include:

If you find the videos can't be opened or played, follow the solutions to repair corrupted videos.
- 3 minutes to read it.

2. Models of Canon DSLR Camera

Whether you are a beginner, photography enthusiast or a professional, here are all the models of Canon DSLR camera.

Regardless of which camera model you use and your experience, Recoverit Photo Recovery supports the recovery of all the Canon DSLR models.

3. Precautions Against DSLR Camera Photo Loss

Although you can recover the lost or deleted photos from Canon DSLR camera by using a command prompt or photo recovery software, the best approach is to take precautions against photo loss. Here are some important tips that you can use on your Canon DSLR camera to avoid photo loss.

  • Do not remove the USB cable or the SD card of the DSLR camera during the file transfer process.
  • Do not try to click photos from Canon DSLR camera when the battery is low.
  • Avoid using a single Canon SD card on multiple devices.
  • Ensure that you have installed an anti-virus on your system before you connect Canon camera or its SD card to it.
  • Handle the SD card carefully to prevent any physical damage.

Along with following all the above tips, never use the damaged or formatted SD card, once the issue is detected to avoid re-writing of the data. If you follow the above precautions, the chances of your photos getting lost or deleted are quite less.

Closing Words

So, whether the Canon DSLR photos get deleted due to some accidental circumstance, memory card damage, or a formatted SD card, you can always restore them.

The photo recovery methods include using a Photo Recovery Software or Command Prompt (cmd). But, if you want to recover them without using the complicated technical jargon, look no further than Recoverit Photo Recovery Software.

This photo recovery App supports more than 550 data formats and is sure to give you the best recovery results. Moreover, you can preview all the scanned photos, before you save them.

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