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How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Canon EOS Rebel T3i Camera

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Can I Retrieve Deleted Photos from Canon EOS Rebel T3i Camera?

Dear editor, I have a problem with my Canon EOS Rebel T3i. I stored pictures of my trip to Africa on it. Yesterday I mistakenly formatted it without removing all pictures to my computer. Now the photos are all gone. Is there any way to recover deleted photos?

Pictures on your Canon EOS Rebel T3i can be lost because of different reasons, like intentional or accidental deletion, memory card formatting, or even system problems. Can you retrieve deleted photos from Canon camera? Yes sure.

The chances of recovering photos from Canon EOS Rebel T3i are great. Before new data overwrites them, the lost photos are still on the memory card of your Canon EOS Rebel T3i. So you just need to stop using the digital camera and find trusted Canon photo recovery software to help you.

Part 1. Recoverit - The Best Canon Camera Photo Recovery Software

Recoverit Data Recovery is a reliable and effective computer program that can help you to retrieve deleted photos from Canon EOS Rebel T3i. This tool enables you to recover lost, deleted and corrupted photos from Canon EOS Rebel T3i in a few simple clicks. Other than retrieving deleted photos from the Canon DSLR camera, it is able to recover pictures, videos, and audio files from digital cameras, hard drives, USB flash drive, cell phones, and any other storage media.

Part 2. How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Canon Camera

How do I recover deleted photos from my Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera?

You do not need to Google and browse many web pages anymore. We have provided the most comprehensive solution below to help you bring back deleted photos from Canon DSLR camera, including a video tutorial and text guide.

1. Video Tutorial on Camera Memory Card Photo Recovery

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2. How to Bring Back Deleted Photos from Canon Camera

Let’s perform Canon EOS Rebel T3i photo recovery with Recoverit Data Recovery for Windows. To do camera data recovery on Macbook computer, Mac users please get the Mac version and follow the next steps too.

Now, please connect your Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera or its memory card to your computer and ensure it can be recognized as a hard drive letter.

Step 1 Select the Canon EOS Rebel T3i Camera

Make sure your Canon camera and memory card can be detected and recognized by the computer. Select it and click "Start" to scan the EOS camera memory card for lost photos.

Recoverit Camera Recovery can recover pictures from a drone camera, action cameras, and digital camera in different brands. For example, Guide to Leica Camera Photo Recovery.

select memory card to scan

Step 2 Scan your Canon camera storage

Recoverit Photo Recovery will start a quick scan. If the quick scan can't find your deleted photos, you can go to scan again with "All-around Recovery" which will deeply search more files on the Canon camera.

Scan Canon EOS Rebel T3i Camera

Step 3 Preview and recover photos

The recoverable photos will all be listed in the program window. You can preview them to check how many of your lost pictures can be recovered. Then you can select images you are going to retrieve and click the "Recover" button to bring back the data from the Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera.

Retrieve photos from Canon camera

To recover deleted photos from the DSLR camera is not so difficult as we imagine. Professional or novice, you can get your deleted photos back with consummate ease by taking advantage of Recoverit Camera Recovery.

To avoid data being lost again and overwritten, you should get a safe storage device to save your recovered photos.

Part 3. The Situations for Camera Card Photo Recovery

Just as said above, your photos on Canon EOS Rebel T3i are prone to lose due to various reasons. Knowing about the reasons can help us take certain right measures to get deleted photos back from the camera and avoid them being lost again. Here are the most common ones for the majority.

  • Reset Factory Settings: Canon EOS Rebel T3i includes the feature called Restore Factory Settings, which will empty out all data on it, important or unimportant. If you click it unintentionally, a camera photo recovery program is one of your few methods to use.
  • Accidental deletion: Mistakenly deleting all photos without any backup can always leave everyone in despair. Nothing can we do but resort to a Canon camera recovery application for photo retrieval.
  • Memory card formatting: Formatting Canon EOS Rebel T3i memory card is similar to restoring your camera to factory settings. It will also erase all your pictures captured by the Canon camera.
  • Memory card corruption: There is no memory card compatible with every camera or computer system. Memory card is vulnerable to corruption or damage if you keep connecting the same one to different systems. Consequently, the data on it will be gone.
  • Insufficient power supply: Capturing pictures when Canon EOS Rebel T3i is in the low battery may result in loss of photo files.

Apart from the situations mentioned above, there are innumerous unwanted accidents causing the deletion of photos from Canon camera. However, you don't have to be bothered in many cases as a qualified camera recovery program can help you retrieve deleted photos from Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera with several simple steps. And in this article, we prefer to recommend Recoverit Camera Recovery.

Part 4. Tips on Using Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital Camera

  • Do not unplug the memory card when it is writing and reading.
  • Back up pictures from Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera on a regular basis.
  • Verify the photo importance and quality before deleting any photos.
  • Eject the memory card properly and securely from Canon digital camera.
  • Stop using the same memory card on different cameras or computer systems.
  • Never take pictures when Canon EOS Rebel T3i is in low battery.

The Bottom Line

"Accidents will happen", just as the saying goes. Especially in the digital world, almost each of us stands a chance of accidental deletion of the photos on Canon DSLR camera. Recoverit can aid you in retrieving 700+ formats of files from a variety of storage devices including digital cameras, with 96% of recovery rate.

If you're looking for a video and audio recovery solution, Recoverit Data Recovery is still a nice choice. Check out the below pages to get the media file recovery solutions.

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