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What and How to Backup on PC?

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

You are working on your PC; suddenly, your system turns off and fails to restart! What if you ever come across this situation? Regular backups can help you in this scenario. This article will guide you about how to backup files on pc and what files should be backed up.

Continue reading to collect all the important information.

What Should Be Backed up Before Format on Computer?

Any manual error, virus, or any other malfunction can lead to the loss of your valuable documents. It is recommended to keep your data safeguarded with regular backups. But before that, you must know what files you need to backup.

From full system image to backup of some important folders and files, we recommend keeping a copy of everything for future reference. At any time, if you are not able to restart your system, you can heave a sigh of relief as you have a backup of your system stored at a secure place. Let us see which files to backup.

Personal files

Follow the path C:\Users\*** (*** is user account name) to look for all your saved personal files. All your downloaded files, music folders, pictures, videos, and other desktop folders are saved here by default.

Also, look for any saved offline copies on Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Some users also use iTunes, and you can also check the music library here to look for any saved music file.


If you are working on any desktop email client, a backup of emails is also recommended. This is necessary because emails are saved on your system in few locations, and any malfunction in it can lead to the loss of important emails.


AppData folder in C:\Users\*** (*** is user account name) stores all your user-specific settings of apps. Depending on your requirement, you can backup the user-specific configuration of the important apps. Although you can backup the entire folder, it may confuse you while restoring the backup files.


If you are using your system to create some creative projects, then regular backups of your projects is crucial. This is necessary to avoid any loss of information, and this may end up wasting all your hard work and raises the chances of rework. So a backup of especially ongoing projects is vital.

Other Important Files

You might have saved some of the important folders or files on other drives. It is beneficial to keep a copy of those in the form of backup.

How to Backup the Files on PC?

If you are looking for different methods to backup your PC data, then continue reading. Here are the methods for you.

Method 1: Backup through Simple Copy and Paste

You can create a copy of important data on some other drive or externally connected device. Right-click on the folder, copy it and paste it at your desired location. However, while doing so, if any of the files is open, you won’t be able to copy it.

Moreover, here if you have files to backup before formatting the C drive, you cannot copy registry files. Without it your copied C drive data will be useless.

If you wish to backup files and directories user right you can try the second method.

Method 2: Backup Using Wondershare UBackit

When you are thinking how to backup files on my PC, Wondershare UBackit is the ideal tool that can help you to backup your important data or memories. The automatic backup tool comes with a user-friendly interface and provides intelligent notification to users.

The software supports all file formats, and you can easily schedule automatic backups with its simple operation.

You can use this seamless solution with these easy steps:

Step 1: Select the drive data, folders, and files

Launch the Wondershare UBackit application on your PC and proceed to the option “Backup and Restore.” After selecting it tap on “Start.” When prompted, select the files, folders, or drive you wish to backup. You can even look for the specific folder through the search option, which is at the top.

backup source

Step 2: Select backup destination

Now the application will prompt you to choose the location where you need to save the backup. You can select any external or internal drive that is connected to your PC.

backup destination

Image name: how-to-backup-files-on-pc-2

Alt: backup destination

Step 3: Set automatic backup

You can set the tool to backup data automatically at the set frequency. You can set it to backup daily, weekly, or monthly. However, you can even set it to non-stop backup. You can even backup without setting any schedule.

set backup schedule

Image name: how-to-backup-files-on-pc-3

Alt: backup weekly

Step 4: Backup Starts

Now, wait till the backup completes. The progress is visible at the on-screen indicator. Once the complete backup is taken, UBackit will notify you. Now you can restore it when you feel like doing so.

backup manager


To lose your data due to any unexpected error or virus, backup is extremely useful. In the above post, we have discussed which files to backup and how to backup files on pc. Follow the methods discussed above and keep your files and folders secure. We recommend using Wondershare UBackit and restore data whenever you need it.

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