How to Fix Sync Issues in OneNote for Windows 10?

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I keep getting a Sync Issue when trying to access my OneNote from either the Windows 10 APP or the Mobile APP. Using OneNote 2016 does not produce the error. The error is as follows:

This section might have been deleted from the server. You can try to sync this section again or copy your notes to another section. (Error code: 0xE000006A c6fem). It seems to be syncing though because I see new additions.

Any ideas?

As we all know, OneNote is a top-notch application launched by Microsoft that takes notes, compiles research data, and organize the information you need regularly. Everything is done virtually. The application is compatible with Windows 10 devices, Android, iOS, macOS, and web. But using the desktop version for the application can sometimes end up with OneNote sync error. This sync error impedes the updating of data regularly and increases the threat of data loss. This article is all about the ways to fix OneNote sync error and also helps you to know how to sync OneNote.

Data synchronization is an important task, as it maintains the integrity of data and keeps it updated. So, in case of any potential data loss, you already have an updated copy of the secondary storage space. OneNote is famous for its note keeping, scheduling, and syncing data with cloud storage. But due to certain OneNote sync errors, you may confront an error message i.e. OneNote not syncing, or OneNote won’t sync. This article would be explaining all the possible ways i.e. how to sync OneNote along with a third-party software solution. Here are the topics that would be discussed in detail.

Part 1: Overview of OneNote

Like other digital applications of Microsoft, here is this OneNote acting as a digital notebook that automatically syncs the notes you save on them. All you have to do is to create notes or you can import them from other applications and web pages. It is a space where you can write down important routine tasks for work and with all the in-built features, you can highlight them for follow up. As it is a cloud-based note-keeping platform, you can collaborate with others to share your notebook. Another feature is the access it gives you from all devices. Not just restricted to written notes, you can use this app to save the drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries.

You can use this application via macOS, Windows 10, iOS, and Android. Apart from the application, it also comes in the form of a web-based version that can be used by OneDrive and Office. You can access the notebook via the web and you can edit the data saved on it.

Part 2: How to Fix Notebook Not Syncing on OneNote?

After these deep insights about the application i.e. OneNote, now it’s time to come back to the topic, OneNote sync error. To resolve this OneNote not syncing error and to give an answer about how to sync OneNote, this part of the article will explain some built-in utilities that can help you to fix the issue. So, let’s get started!

Here is a blog teaching methods to backup and restore OneNote.

1 Checking notebook on the web:

For OneNote not syncing, you can access the notebook via a web browser. How? Here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch OneNote and click on File. Select the option of Info on the list.

Step 2: In the window of info, copy the link. Select the option of a copy link to the notebook.


Step 3: Now open the web browser and in the search bar, paste the link. Click enter to continue.


If the notebook opens on the web, then there exists an error in the desktop version.

2 Reopening a notebook:

Sometimes, if OneNote is not opening, then it may be a condition due to the OneNote sync error. So reopening a notebook can resolve the issue i.e. OneNote not syncing. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch the notebook and in the ribbon, select the option of file. In the file window, select the option of info from the list.

Step 2: In the Info, select the option of settings followed by selecting close in the dropdown.


Step 3: Again, click on files and select open. Here selects the notebook you want to open.


If the OneNote not syncing error is resolved, the notebook would start to sync again after reopening.

3 Checking sync status

To answer why is OneNote not syncing, you have to go for checking the sync status. This status will reveal whether or not OneNote sync is working properly. If you open a notebook via the web, you won’t see any change. But in the application, check the status to fix the OneNote sync error.

Step 1: Launch OneNote and in the main ribbon, click the option of the file followed by selecting info.

Step 2: In the window of Info, click the option of view sync status.


Step 3: In case of any issue, go for troubleshooting and click get help to continue.


Here you will get to know about the error working in the background and you can use the Windows central forum to get technical help for resolving the error.

4 Checking service status

Approaching OneNote via web and notebook is not opening? Then for sure, there is some problem linked to OneDrive services. For this, you can check the service status. You can easily access the OneDrive service via internet explorer or Microsoft edge. If OneDrive services are up and running, then you may contact Microsoft support to see why OneNote is not syncing or working.


Part 3: How to Fix Storage Sync Errors on OneNote?

In the above section, all the linked conditions and causes are mentioned that may end up in OneNote sync error. Here are some of the ways with which you can fix the OneNote not syncing i.e. error 0xE00015E0. This particular sync error occurs in case there is low space on the device to save the synced version or when the notebook is too big to be synced. Here are some quick fixes for resolving the error.

1 Optimizing file

Optimizing the space used by the synced files can resolve the OneNote sync error. Here is how you can do this.

Step 1: Launch OneNote and in the main ribbon, click files. Select options in the list.

Step 2: In the next window, select the option of saving and backup.

Step 3: In the option of optimizing files, click on optimize all files now. Click ok to proceed.


2 Reducing automatic backups

Creating automatic backups for already existing backups consumes huge space and leaves no room for the new ones. This probably ends up in OneNote not syncing. Here are the steps to follow to reduce the automatic backups.

Step 1: Launch OneNote and in the main menu, select the option of files followed by selecting options in the list.

Step 2: Select the option of Save and backup. In the backup window, reduce the number via the number of backup copies to keep. Adjust the number of copies according to space. Click ok to continue.


3 Removing unnecessary backups

Instead of reducing the number of backups, the other way you can deal with the OneNote sync error is to remove the unnecessary backups. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Press Windows key + R simultaneously to run the command.

Step 2: In the command prompt box, type the command i.e. %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneNote\. And click ok to continue.

Step 3: Click the folder of version number and then double click the backup folder. Here in this folder, you can delete the backup files.


4 Wrapping things up

Another outlook about the error i.e. OneNote not syncing is an issue with the program itself. Sometimes, using an outdated version of the application may also end up showing sync errors. So, it is important to keep the application updated by installing the updates. For checking the updates, here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch OneNote, and in the main menu, select the option of Files.

Step 2: In the file menu, select the account followed by selecting office options. Here you can click on the update now button to install updates if any.

Other issues related to this OneNote sync error may be the faulty internet connection.

Part 4: How to Fix Section Not Syncing on OneNote?

Sometimes, it is not the whole application that is the cause for OneNote sync error, rather it is that one particular section working as a potential reason to show up the error. Here are the solutions to fix the section not syncing on OneNote.

1 Syncing section manually

The foremost way to resolve the error is by manually syncing the section. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch OneNote, and in the main menu, select the option of File followed by clicking the option of Info.

Step 2: In the next window, View the sync status.


Step 3: In the option of shared notebook synchronization, click sync now for running manual sync.


2 Copying pages to a new section

If manual syncing fails to resolve the OneNote won’t sync error, then copying the pages to a new section is your task. Copy the pages and delete the problematic section.

Step 1: Launch OneNote and in the main menu, select create a new section.

Step 2: Add a descriptive name for the section.


Step 3: Head towards the errored section and right-click to select the option of move or copy in the drop-down menu.


Step 4: Select the new section as a destination and click copy to proceed.


Once all the notes are copied to the new section, delete the older section with an error. Probably now you can operate the OneNote sync automatically.

3 Emptying OneNote recycle bin

Low space is always a major issue that implies the sync error and in this case to the OneNote sync error. In this regard, emptying the OneNote recycling it is also significant. It will help to get rid of the deleted notes and sections and creates a room to save the new one.

Step 1: Launch OneNote and select the option of History.

Step 2: In the next window, click the notebook recycle bin.


Step 3: Right-click the option and select delete in the drop-down menu.


Part 5: How to Fix Content Sync Conflict on OneNote?

Apart from the storage issues, one of the causes for OneNote not syncing is the real-time collaboration. In case you are sharing the document or note in real-time with another person and both of you are trying to edit the note, then it would end up in a synchronization error. It happens because OneNote detects a conflict. To rule it out, the application creates two copies for the same note and an error message pops up in a yellow box indicating the OneNote sync error. To resolve the issue, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch OneNote and click on the yellow error message appearing at the top of the page.

Step 2: Copy the notes from the page showing error and paste it to a primary destination. Be it the desktop.


Step 3: Now right-click the page showing error, and in the drop-down menu, click delete.


Once you delete the page showing error, you can the OneNote sync error that would be ruled out. For next time, make sure that at a time only one user should be editing the document/note to avoid the conflict error.

Part 6: How to Fix Misplaced Sections on OneNote?

Sometimes while sharing the section among users in real-time, OneNote sync changes but if it fails to find the section, it would end up in showing the OneNote sync error representing it as a misplaced section. Here are two of the easy solution to cope up with this problem.

1 Moving the misplaced section to another notebook

In case of a misplaced section, you can manually change its position i.e. move it to another notebook. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch OneNote and in the main menu, right-click the misplaced section. In the drop-down menu, select the option of Move or copy.


Step 2: In the Move and copy window, select the option of the target notebook. Once selected, click Move or copy according to the targeted action.


2 Deleting misplaced section from the notebook

Another way to tackle the error is to delete the misplaced section from the notebook.

Step 1: Launch OneNote and in the list of notebooks, click the option of misplaced sections.

Step 2: Select the particular section and right-click to select delete in the dropdown.


Part 7: How to Backup OneNote with AOMEI Backupper?

Apart from all other built-in utility mechanisms, third party software solution is always there to rule out the technical errors confronted by the users. In this context, AOMEI Backupper is a top-notch software solution to deal with OneNote sync error. Its absolute sync feature makes it the best choice to eradicate the sync errors and run smooth sync. Here are the steps for using the software.

Step 1: Initiate the process with downloading and then appropriately installing the software on the device.

Step 2: In the main interface, select the option of backup followed by selecting file sync.


Step 3: In the next window, add the folder that you want to sync.


Step 4: As you are targeting the cloud-based application i.e. OneNote, select the cloud drive (OneDrive) as the destination drive for saving the synced data. Click ok to continue.


Once the process is completed, the newly synced data would be saved on OneDrive.

Hence, dealing with sync errors on OneNote? This article is all about OneNote as an application and its reasons along with a solution for OneNote won’t sync error. It could be due to several reasons. This article explained every reason in detail. It could be low space or corrupted files. Along with the reasons, there are built-in utility solutions that can be sued to rule out OneNote sync error. Apart from these built-in solutions, there is third-party application support to resolve the error. AOMEI Backupper is the best software to fix OneNote not syncing.

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